Toke Lund Christiansen, Lars Ulrik Mortensen, Finn Hansen – Leclair: 5 Sonatas For Flute (KON 32006)

1. Opus 2 No. 3 C Major: 1. Andante – 2. Allegro – 3. Largo – 4. Giga (Jean-Marie Leclair)2. Opus 2 No. 5 G Major: 1. Andante – 2. Allegro Ma Poco – 3. Gavotta – 4. Allegro Assai (Jean-Marie Leclair)3. Opus 2 No. 11 B Minor: 1. Adagio – 2. Allegro – 3. Aria. Gratioso (Jean-Marie Leclair)4. Opus 9 No. 2 E Minor: 1. Andante. Dolce – 2. Allemanda – 3. Sarabanda – 4. Menuetto (Jean-Marie Leclair)5. Opus 9 No. 7 G Major: 1. Dolce. Andante – 2. Allegro Ma Non Troppo – 3. Aria. Affetuoso – 4. Giga. Allegro Moderat (Jean-Marie Leclair) UPC/EAN: 716043200627

The Danish Radio Symphony Orchestra, Michael Schønwandt, Jan Latham-Koenig, Tamas Vetö – Nørholm: Symphony 5, Hearing Andersen, The Shadow (KON 32005)

1. Hearing Andersen Op. 104: Prelude (Ib Nørholm)2. Hearing Andersen Op. 104: Intermezzo (Ib Nørholm)3. Hearing Andersen Op. 104: The Escape (Ib Nørholm)4. Hearing Andersen Op. 104: The Ascent (Ib Nørholm)5. Hearing Andersen Op. 104: The Returning (Ib Nørholm)6. Hearing Andersen Op. 104: Postlude (Ib Nørholm)7. The Shadow Op. 59: 1. In The South (Ib Nørholm)8. The Shadow Op. 59: 2. The Poet and His M… (Ib Nørholm)9. The Shadow Op. 59: 3. Waltz Of The Princess (Ib Nørholm)10. The Shadow Op. 59: 4. The Triumph Of The Sh (Ib Nørholm)11. Symphony No. 5 Op. 80: 1. Allegro Leggiero (Ib Nørholm)12. Symphony No. 5 Op. 80: 2. Con Sforza (Ib … Continue reading

Lars Ulrik Mortensen – Haydn: 5 Sonatas For Harpsichord (KON 32004)

1. Sonata No. 24 D Major: 1 Allegro – 2 Adagio – 3 Finale. Presto (Franz Joseph Haydn)2. Sonata No. 31 E Major: 1 Moderato – 2 Allegretto – 3 Finale. Presto (Franz Joseph Haydn)3. Sonata No. 32 B Minor: 1 Allegro Moderato – 2 Menuet – 3 Finale. Presto (Franz Joseph Haydn)4. Sonata No. 20 C Minor: 1 Moderato – 2 Andante Con Moto – 3 Finale. Allegro (Franz Joseph Haydn)5. Sonata No. 37 D Major: 1 Allegro Con Brio – 2 Largo E Sostenuto – 3 Finale. Presto Ma Non (Franz Joseph Haydn) UPC/EAN: 716043200429

Esbjerg Ensemble – Nielsen, Cage, Barber: Summer Music (KON 32002)

1. Oliver Knussen: Three Little Fantasies: I. – II. – III. (Oliver Knussen)2. Irving Fine: Partita for Wind Quintet: I. Introduction & Theme – II. Variation – III. Interlude – Iv. Gigue – V. Coda (Irving Fine)3. Samuel Barber: Summer Music (Samuel Barber)4. John Cage: Music for Wind Instruments: I. Trio – II. Duet – III. Quintet (John Cage)5. Carl Nielsen: Quintet, I. Allegro Ben Moderato – II. Menuet – III. Preludium – Tema Con Variazioni – 1. Var. – 2. Var. – 3. Var. – 4. Var. – 5. Var. – 6. Var. – 7. Var. – 8. Var. – 9. Var. – 10. Var. – 11. Var. – … Continue reading

Paul Bley – Live Again (SCCD 31230)

SCCD 31230 Live Again / Paul Bley & Jesper Lundgaard “ Triumph de la formule piano-basse….Essentiel .” (Pierre Schavey, The Lion en francais) “… The beautifully clear recording captures Bley’s incisive touch to perfection…recommended to both confirmed Bley addicts and anyone in need of a representative introduction to the startlingly focused genius of the most lucid of romantics .” (Michael Tucker, Jazz Journal International) 1. Ictus (Carla Bley)2. Pent-up house (Sonny Rollins)3. Diane (Rapee)4. If I'm lucky (J. Myrow/E. DeLange)5. Blues waltz (Paul Bley)6. Rebecca (Paul Bley)7. All the things you are (Jerome Kern)8. If I loved you (Richard Rodgers)9. What'll I do? (Irving Berlin)10. Willow weep for me (Ann … Continue reading

Bob Rockwell – On The Natch (SCCD 31229)

SCCD 31229 On The Natch / Bob Rockwell Quartet “ Bob Rockwell is a warm-toned tenor player whose love of Coltrane becomes most apparent at higher intensity levels…His soprano playing demonstrates exceptional control of that notorious instrument… the whole affair well recorded using a full digital process. Playing time is the maximum possible on CD …” (John Robert Brown, Jazz Journal International) 1. Nightrider (Butch Lacy/Bob Rockwell)2. For all we know (S/Coots Lewis)3. Built in (Bob Rockwell)4. Prisoner of love (Columbo/Robin/Gaskill)5. On the natch (Bob Rockwell/JukkisUotila)6. Away (Butch Lacy/Bob Rockwell)7. The downside (Butch Lacy)8. For all we know (S/Coots Lewis) UPC/EAN: 716043122929 … Continue reading

Pierre Dørge, New Jungle Orchestra – Johnny Lives (SCCD 31228)

SCCD 31228 Johnny Lives / Pierre Dørge & New Jungle Orchestra As its name suggests the undertone of this almost big band is African music, for which the South African bassist Johnny Mbizo Dyani had been a great contributor. A few months after Dyani’s untimely death, the guitarist/bandleader Dørge dedicated this recording to the bassist. “… In Pierre Dørge and Jungle Orchestra, jazz and the world music meet in harmony…the best band in today’s universal jazz …” (Jens Gjedsted, Det Fri Aktuelt) 1. Flying out with SAS (Pierre Dørge) 2. Smiling at the foot of the ladder (Pierre Dørge) 3. Lilli goes to town (Pierre Dørge) 4. Manila, Manila (Pierre … Continue reading

Joe Bonner – The Lost Melody (SCCD 31227)

SCCD 31227 The Lost Melody / Joe Bonner Quartet "… The Lost Melody is a good group session, marked by strong charts …." (The Penguin Guide to JAZZ) "… one cannot but admire the fluency and precision, the dexterous right hand…the diversity in his play is a mark of a great pianist… " (Jean-Paul Ricard, Diapason) 1. You and the night and the music (Schwartz/Dietz)2. Easy living (Rubin/Rainger)3. Vibeke (Joe Bonner)4. Have you met Miss Jones? (Richard Rodgers)5. The lost melody (Joe Bonner)6. The song is you (Jerome Kern)7. Manuella (Joe Bonner) UPC/EAN: 716043122721 … Continue reading

Tom Harrell – Open Air (SCCD 31220)

SCCD 31220 Open Air / Tom Harrell Quintet Trumpeter Tom Harrell (b. Urbana, IL. June 16, 1946) recorded this album in Copenhagen during the European tour with Phil Woods. Tom Harrell is best known for his association with Horace Silver. He has also worked with Cecil Payne, Bill Evans, Lee Konitz before he joined the Phil Woods Quintet. On this CD, Harrell not only plays beautifully, logically and expressively as usual but also shows off his extraordinary talent as composer, arranger and leader of the band. 1. Terrestris (Tom Harrell)2. The touch of your lips (Ray Noble)3. Tricotism (Oscar Pettiford)4. Lover (Richard Rodgers)5. Open air (Tom Harrell)6. Bouquet (Tom Harrell)7. … Continue reading