Dexter Gordon – Billie’s Bounce (SCCD 36028)

SCCD 36028 Billie's Bounce / Dexter Gordon Quartet Dexter In Radioland vol. 7 The seventh and last volume of live transmission from the 60’s captures the exuberant atmosphere of the legendary ‘Dexter nights’ at Montmartre. “… The music here, recorded for Danish radio. all comes form 1964, when Dexter was at…the zenith of his career and probably the happiest time of his life …” (Steve Voce, Jazz FM) 1. Introduction ()2. Billie's bounce (Charlie Parker)3. Satin doll (Duke Ellington)4. Soul sister (Dexter Gordon)5. A Night in Tunesia (Dizzy Gillespie) UPC/EAN: 716043602827 … Continue reading

Phineas Newborn – Stockholm Jam Session, Vol. 1 (SCCD 36025)

SCCD 36025 Stockholm Jam Session Vol. 1 / Phineas Newborn Pianist Phineas Newborn (1931 – 1989), despite his enormous talent characterised by his prodigious technique and extraordinary speed � la Art Tatum, remained in a relative obscurity throughout his professional life due to his illness. Fortunately for this overlooked and under-recorded genius, a private recording made during his visit to Sweden in 1958 survived. “ Expertly cleaned up by Nils Winther, they sound fresh and bright enough to counterbalance the vagaries of a single-mike recording and a ropy piano. The music is of an unexpectedly high quality for a spontaneous session ….” (The Penguin Guide To JAZZ) 1. I'll remember … Continue reading

Dexter Gordon – It’s You Or No One (SCCD 36022)

SCCD 36022 It's You Or No One / Dexter Gordon Quartet Dexter In Radioland vol. 6 With his favourite rhythm section, Dexter leads the proceedings of this sixth volume of live transmission from the 60’s European jazz Mecca Montmartre . “ This excellent series of records which starts with Montmartre Jazzhus live date from 1962 documents the way in which Gordon was playing when he arrived in Europe … They prove that he was playing very well at the time …” (Barry McRae, Jazz Journal International) 1. Introduction ()2. Just friends (Klenner/Lewis)3. Three o'clock in the morning (Roblero/Terriss)4. Where are you? (Jimmy McHugh)5. It's you or no one (Jule Styne) … Continue reading

Dexter Gordon – Love For Sale (SCCD 36018)

SCCD 36018 Love For Sale / Dexter Gordon Quartet Dexter In Radioland vol. 5 This fifth volume finds Dexter with his best rhythm section. “… This collection of recordings from the Montmartre Club in Copenhagen in the Sixties…captures Gordon in full bloom….when Gordon hits his stride, as he does on the blues choruses of “Soul Sister”, there is every reason to join in the cheering of the audience. Remember him this way .” (Clive Davis, The Arts) 1. Introduction (Dexter Gordon)2. Love for sale (Cole Porter)3. I guess I'll hang my tears out to dry (Jule Styne)4. Big fat butterfly (Tony Malaby)5. Soul sister (Dexter Gordon)6. Cherokee (Ray Noble) UPC/EAN: … Continue reading

Dexter Gordon – I Want More (SCCD 36015)

SCCD 36015 I Want More / Dexter Gordon Quartet Dexter In Radioland vol. 4 “… This music here, recorded for Danish radio, all comes from 1964, when Dexter was at what we see with hindsight to have been both the zenith of his career and probably the happiest time of his life….” (Steve Voce, JAZZ FM) 1. Introduction ()2. I want more (Dexter Gordon)3. Come rain or come shine (Harry Arlen)4. Where are you? (Jimmy McHugh)5. I want to blow now (Benny Green)6. Second balcony jump (Jerry Valentine) UPC/EAN: 716043601523 … Continue reading

Archie Shepp, Lars Gullin – The House I Live In (SCCD 36013)

SCCD 36013 The House I Live In / Archie Shepp/Lars Gullin Quintet Saxophonist and playwright Archie Shepp (b. May 24, 1937 in Fort Lauderdale. FL) then 26 years old visited Copenhagen in the fall of 1963 as a member of the famed New York Contemporary Five. Though Shepp at that time was the passionate practitioner of Free jazz, this recording in which he shared the bandstand with Sweden’s legendary baritone sax Gullin is something quite different from what one normally expects from Shepp in the 60s. It is Shepp playing straight jazz with audible enjoyment showing off his broad range of expression. 1. You stepped out of a dream (Brown/Kahn)2. … Continue reading

Dexter Gordon – King Neptune (SCCD 36012)

SCCD 36012 King Neptune / Dexter Gordon Quartet Dexter In Radioland vol. 3 “ Those were the nights in the summer of 64, sitting home in your pad turning the dial on the radio, and suddenly the mighty Dexter Gordon is on the air. You are in Radioland with one of the godfathers of bebop …”(Ib Skovgaard – from the linernotes.) “…. an impressive document of the time .” (Barry McRae, Jazz Journal International November 1990) 1. Introduction ()2. King Neptune (Dexter Gordon)3. Satin doll (Duke Ellington)4. Body and soul (Johnny Green)5. I want to blow now (Benny Green) UPC/EAN: 716043601226 … Continue reading

Odense Symphony Orchestra, Edward Serov – Nørholm: Symphony 2 Opus 50 (KON 32182)

Kontrapunkt 32182 Ib Nørholm: Symphony No. 2 Op. 50 “Isola Bella” (1968-71) Odense Symphony Orchestra Anders Nyborg narrator Edward Serov conductor 1. I Vision Calmo ma espansivo 2. II Terrace 1 Poco fluente 3. III Terrace 2 & 3 Adagio 4. IV Terrace 4 Moderato ma espansivo 5. V Fiction Allegro total playing time: 56:43 recorded December 1993 Ib Nørholm’s Symphony No. 2 “Isola Bella” was first performed in 1972 by the Danish National Radio Symphony Orchestra. It has since been considered as of paramount importance among Nørholm’s symphonic works. Odense Symphony Orchestra and the chief conductor Edward Serov gave their superb rendition of this ambitious work inspired by the … Continue reading

Berliner Sinfonie-Orchester, Schønwandt – Schumann: Manfred (KON 32181)

Kontrapunkt 32181 Robert Schumann: “Manfred” Op. 115 A dramatic poem by Lord Byron for soli, chorus & orchestra Berliner Sinfonie-Orchester Michael Schønwandt conductor Jörg Gudzuhn narrator (Manfred) Rundfunkchor Berlin Dietrich Knothe chorus master total playing time: 72:31 recorded October 1993 Kontrapunkt is proud to announce the release of Robert Schumann’s incidental music “Manfred” in the complete form. This is probably the only complete “Manfred” (digital) recording available on CD presently. The text used here is in German, revised by Dr. Dietrich Steinbeck for this recording. BSO’s Chief conductor Michael Schønwandt is Danish and just turned 40. Despite of his youth, Schønwandt has conducted most major orchestras in the world. He … Continue reading

Sønderjyllands Symphony Orchestra, D151, Frans Rasmussen – Gade: Comala Op. 12 (KON 32180)

Kontrapunkt 32180 Niels W. Gade: “COMALA” The Canzone Choir Sønderjylland’s Symphony Orchestra Anne Margrethe Dahl soprano Elisabeth Halling mezzo soprano Hitomi Katagiri alto Johannes Mannov baritone Frans Rasmussen conductor This is the fourth release (two more to come) of N.W. Gade’s Cantata Series. Earlier releases (KPT 32070 “Elverskud”, KPT 32072 “Kalanus”, KPT 32148“Zion, Die Heilige Nacht, Gefion”) have been received with enormous interest throughout the world and generated quite an excitement around this composer who has unjustly been placed more or less in the shadow of Carl Nielsen. “Comala” is Gade’s first attempt in his orchestra/chorus works which he called “Concert Pieces” composed in 1846 in Leipzig where he was … Continue reading