Orchestre Philharmonique de Nice, Homero Francesch, Klaus Weise – Mozart: Piano Concertos No 23 & 24 (KON 32199)

Kontrapunkt 32199 Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: Piano Concertos Nos. 23 & 24 Homero Francesch piano Orchestre Philharmonique de Nice Klaus Weise conductor 1. Concerto No. 23 A Major (KV 488) 2. Concerto No. 24 C Minor (KV 382) 3. Rondo D Major (KV 491) total playing time: 66:40 recorded “live” at Opera de Nice 1991 Pianist Homero Francesch (b. 1947 in Montevideo, Uruguay) is best known for his numerous recordings for Deutsche Grammophon Gesellschaft for which he was awarded the Deutscher Schallplattenpreis of 1978. In 1991 Francesch performed all of Mozart’s sonatas in several recitals and recorded them for Kontrapunkt (KPT 32092/96). In the same year he also performed and recorded … Continue reading

Ole Schmidt, Søren K Hansen – Gade, Abrahamsen, Hornemann, Nørgård: Danish Orchestral Works (KON 32194)

Kontrapunkt 32194 Niels W. Gade: Ossian-Overture (1840)* Hans Abrahamsen: Symphony (1974)* C.F.E. Horneman: Gurre Suite (1902)** Per Nørgård: Twilight (1976)** The Orchestra Of The Royal Academy Of Music, Aarhus Ole Schmidt conductor* Søren K. Hansen conductor** total playing time: 60:05 recorded October 1993 & April 1994 The general title of this CD, though not mentioned on the cover, is “Danish Orchestral Music”. Not only it showcases some of the best of Danish music from the romantic school to the contemporary but also it is showing off the extraordinary level of the conservatoire orchestra of Aarhus city. 1. Ossian-Overture (Niels Wilhelm Gade)2. Symphony: Allegro (Hans Abrahamsen)3. Symphony: Sostenuto calmo (Hans Abrahamsen)4. … Continue reading

Odense Symphony Orchestra, Edward Serov – Nielsen: Symphony No. 4 Op. 29, Pan og Syrinx Op. 49, Saga-Drøm Op. 39, Ved En Ung Kunstners Båre (KON 32193)

Kontrapunkt 32193 Carl Nielsen : Symphony No. 4 Op. 29 “The Inextinguishable” Pan And Syrinx Op.49 At The Bier Of A Young Artist Saga-Dream (The Dream Of Gunner) Op. 39 Odense Symphony Orchestra Edward Serov conductor This fourth release of the Nielsen symphony series includes the first recording of At The Bier Of A Young Artist (Andante lamentoso) in orchestral version. Odense Symphony Orchestra has recently finished recording a hitherto unknown Nielsen orchestral work called “Dyrehave musikken” which we plan to release later this year. 1. Symphony No. 4 The Inextinguishable Op. 29: Allegro (Carl Nielsen)2. Symphony No. 4 The Inextinguishable Op. 29: Poco allegretto (Carl Nielsen)3. Symphony No. 4 … Continue reading

Tove Lønskov, Rodolfo Llambias – Schubert: Complete Works For Four Hands, Volume 2 (KON 32192)

Kontrapunkt 32192 Franz Schubert: Works For Four Hands vol. 2 Tove Lønskov piano Rodolfo Llambias piano 1. LEBENSSTÜRME Op. posth 144, D 947 2. SIX GRANDES MARCHES ET TRIOS Op. 40, D 819 total playing time 79:55 recorded July 22, 23 & 24, 1994 The second volume of Schubert’s Four Hand series by the popular piano duo Lønskov & Llambias includes rarely recorded Lebensstürme, a very original work published after Schubert’s death. Danish Tove Lønskov and her Argentinean husband Rodolfo Llambias, both students of Wilhelm Kempff and Guido Agosti, are presently working on a Tchaikovsky project. 1. Lebensstürme Op. Posth 144, D.947 (Franz Schubert)2. Six Grandes marches et trios Op. … Continue reading

The Copenhagen Trio, Søren Elbæk, Morten Mogensen, Troels Svane, The Carl Nielsen Quartet, Jørgen Larsen, Svend Windsløv, Bjarne Boie Rasmussen, Peder Elbæk – Syberg: Chamber Music, Volume 1, String Quartets, Trio (KON 32191)

Kontrapunkt 32191 Franz Syberg: Chamber Music vol. 1 The Carl Nielsen Quartet Peder Elbæk violin, Jørgen Larsen violin Bjarne Boie Rasmussen viola , Svend Winsløv cello The Copenhagen Trio Søren Elbæk violin , Troels Svane Hermansen cello Morten Mogensen piano 1. Quartet (1927) 2. Quartet (1930) 3. Trio. Allegro moderato total playing time 57:18 recorded March – May, 1994 Franz Syberg was born, like Carl Nielsen, on the Danish island of Fyn (Funen). His parents were talented painters. The portrait on the CD cover is by the hands of his father Fritz. Though Syberg studied in Leipzig in the 20s when the influence of Hindemith, Bartok, Stravinsky and Schoenberg were … Continue reading

Ron Chen-Zion, Roglit Ishay – Reger: Complete Works For Clarinet And Piano (KON 32190)

Kontrapunkt 32190 Max Reger: Complete Works For Clarinet & Piano Ron Chen-Zion clarinet Roglit Ishay piano 1. SONATA Op. 49, No. 1 A flat major (1900) 2. SONATA Op. 49, No. 2 F sharp minor (1900) 3. SONATA Op. 107, B flat major (1908 – 9) 4. ALBUMBLATT, E flat major 5. TARANTELLA, G minor total playing time 71:42 recorded June 12 – 15, 1994 Australian born, Israeli by nationality, clarinettist Ron Chen-Zion has been a member of the premier Danish chamber group Esbjerg Ensemble since 1991. Chen-Zion is a graduate of the New England Conservatory and was appointed principal clarinettist of the State of Mexico Symphony Orchestra in 1990. … Continue reading

Orchestre Philharmonique de Nice, Homero Francesch, Klaus Weise – Mozart: Piano Concertos No 21 & 22 (KON 32189)

Kontrapunkt 32189 Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: Piano Concertos Nos. 21 & 22 Homero Francesch piano Orchestre Philharmonique de Nice Klaus Weise conductor 1. Concerto No. 22, E Flat Major (KV 482) 2. Concerto No. 21, C Major (KV 467) total playing time: 60:27 recorded “live” at Opera de Nice 1991 This is the seventh volume of our Mozart piano concerto series recorded during the Mozart year in Nice, France. Nice Philharmonic Orchestra dedicated the whole 1991 season for the entire piano concertos. Uruguayan Homero Francesch is one of the most popular pianists in Europe and has made numerous recordings for Deutsche Grammophon. Among the many Mozart concerti recordings, INTUNE magazine chose … Continue reading

Odense Symphony Orchestra, Tamas Vetö, Henriette Bonde-Hansen, Lars Thodberg Bertelsen – Nielsen: Hagbarty og Signe, Sankt Hans-Aftens Spil, Ebbe Skammelsen (KON 32188)

World premier recording! Kontrapunkt 32188 Carl Nielsen: Hagbarth Og Signe, Ebbe Skammelsen, Sankt Hans-Aftens Spil Odense Symphony Orchestra Henriette Bonde-Hansen soprano Lars Thodberg Bertelsen baritone Odense Philharmonic Choir Children’s choir of the Funen Academy of Music Tamás Vetö conductor 1. Hagbarth Og Signe (1910) 2. Ebbe Skammelsen (1925) 3. Sankt Hans-Aftens Spil (1913) total playing time 66:14 recorded June 1994 In the summer of 1910 Carl Nielsen was asked to write incidental music for the inauguration of Denmark’s first open-air theatre in the royal deer park (Dyrehavbakken) just north of Copenhagen. This theatre was in use for about three decades and Nielsen composed for a few dramas for this theatre. … Continue reading

The Copenhagen Trio, Søren Elbæk, Morten Mogensen, Troels Svane – Rachmaninov: Piano Trios (KON 32187)

Kontrapunkt 32187 Sergei Rachmaninov: Piano Trios “élégiaques” Op. posth. & Op. 9 The Copenhagen Trio: Søren Elbæk violin Troels Svane Hermansen cello Morten Mogensen piano 1Trio Élégiaque G Minor Op. posth. (1892) 2Trio Élégiaque D Minor Op. 9 (1893) total playing time 65:02 recorded Feb. 6 & May 21-22, 1994 Though they are still in their late 20s, The Copenhagen Trio is celebrating its 10th anniversary next year. Started playing together as teen-agers while still at the Royal Danish Academy of Music in Copenhagen, their extraordinary talent was soon recognized by the critics and the public alike. The Copenhagen Trio has been active in giving concerts in major cities of … Continue reading

Toke Lund Christiansen, Per Salo – Bozza, Fauré, Lalo, Massenet: La Flûte Parisienne (KON 32186)

1. Agrestride Op. 44 (Eugène Bozza)2. Fantasie Op. 79 (Gabriel Fauré)3. Morceau De Concours (Gabriel Fauré)4. Introduction Et Allegretto (Edouard Lalo)5. Morceau (Jules Massenet)6. Morceau (Jules Massenet)7. Scherzetto (César Cui)8. Cantabile Et Presto (Georges Enesco)9. Variations Sur Un Thème De Mozart (Raynaldo Hahn)10. Sicilienne-etude Op. 7 (Paul Taffanel)11. Berceuse (Philippe Gaubert)12. Pièce En Forme De Habanera (Maurice Ravel)13. Syrinx (Claude Debussy)14. Fantasie (Georges Hüe) UPC/EAN: 716043218622 … Continue reading