Dexter Gordon – Stella By Starlight (SCCD 36036)

Montmartre Jazzhus 1966 The final programme of Montmartre broadcast series from 1965/66 finds Dexter Gordon in the company of his old friend from his Californian days Pony Poindexter. “ This broadcast makes for an impressive souvenir of the fleeting combination of Little Pony and Long Tall Dexter, and shows how fluently and engagingly they performed together. The stuff of their brief collaboration, 6,000 miles from where they first combined on a bandstand, emphasises that more than 20 years after the bop revolution, men like these continued to explore the possibilities of the idiom, but with a greater maturity than in their earlier work.” (Mark Gardner) 1. Stella By Starlight (Young, … Continue reading

Dexter Gordon – Ladybird (SCCD 36035)

SCCD 36035 Ladybird / Dexter Gordon Quintet Montmartre Jazzhus 1965 The fifth and the last volume of “Montmartre Jazzhus 1965” Series turned out to be a reunion of Blue Note’s 1964 release “One Flight Up” team. Dexter Gordon was apparently enjoying the presence of the younger trumpeter Donald Byrd one year after their first encounter in a Paris studio. “ … Dexter and Donald again achieved an excellent blend and a relaxed outing …The two horns made for a nice contrast, with Byrd’s bright, melodic lines set beside Gordon’s robust outpourings .” (Mark Gardner) 1. Ladybird (Tadd Dameron)2. So What (Miles Davis)3. Who Can I Turn To ()4. Blues By … Continue reading

Dexter Gordon – Heartaches (SCCD 36034)

SCCD 36034 Heartaches / Dexter Gordon Quartet Montmartre Jazzhus 1965 Jazzhus Montmartre in the summer of 1965 Dexter Gordon spent most of his evenings performing at Jazzhus Montmartre packed with his loyal fans. This is the fourth volume from those unforgettable five evenings taped by the Danish Radio and made available for the broader audience for the first time by SteepleChase. “…. absolutely essential live transcriptions …” (Mark Gardner) 1. Heartaches (Hoffmann-Klenner)2. Devilette (Ben Tucker)3. You've Changed (Fischer-Carey)4. Introduction ()5. So What (Miles Davis) UPC/EAN: 716043603428 … Continue reading

Søren Elbæk, Morten Mogensen – Kreisler, Massenet, Schubert etc: Classical Violin Pearls (KON 32335)

32335 Classical Violin Pearls: Søren Elbæk To close the 2004 Kontrapunkt releases Denmark’s leading violinist Søren Elbæk joined by Morten Mogensen on piano presents the “ultimate violin recital”. From the Heifetz arrangement of Manuel Ponce’s “Estrellita” to Massenet’s “Thaïs – méditation” the CD is packed with the famous melodies brilliantly performed. 1. Estrellita (Juan Ponce)2. Liebeslied (Fritz Kreisler)3. La Gitana (Fritz Kreisler)4. Thaïs (Jules Massenet)5. Romance 1 (Egil Harder)6. Romance 2 (Egil Harder)7. Nigun (Ernest Bloch)8. Tonerna (Carl Sjöberg)9. Nocturne (Frédéric Chopin)10. Cantabile (Niccolò Paganini)11. Ave Maria (Franz Schubert)12. Mélodie (Jules Massenet)13. Praeludium and allegro (Fritz Kreisler) UPC/EAN: 716043233526 … Continue reading

Toke Lund Christiansen, Mikael Beier – Kuhlau: Six Duos opus 39 & opus 87 (KON 32333/34)

32333/34 Friedrich Kuhlau: Six duos World’s first complete recording of Kuhlau’s flute music comes to the finale with this double CD of the Grande Duos opuses 39 & 87. The series was embarked on by Denmark’s leading flautist Toke Lund Christiansen 14 years ago and encompasses 16 CD of about 20 hours of music. On the last volume Toke Lund Christiansen teamed up again with the young virtuoso Mikael Beier to crown this monumental project with perfection. 1. Grand Duo Concertante Op. 87 No. 1: Allegro (Friedrich Kunlau)1. Grand Duo Op. 39 No. 1: Allegro assai con molto fuoco (Friedrich Kunlau)2. Grand Duo Concertante Op. 87 No. 1: Andante (Friedrich … Continue reading

Euterpe Ensemble, Curt Kollavik-Jensen, Helle Kristensen, Jan Lund, Ricardo Odriozola, Otto Andersen – Nørholm: Chamber Music 4 (KON 32332)

The long and fruitful collaboration between Denmark’s leading composer Ib Nørholm and Euterpe Ensemble has culminated in this CD of seven delightful chamber music. Euterpe Ensemble with its unique instrumentation of recorder/violin/cello/guitar has been a great incentive and inspiration for the composer. 1. Ludite Op. 135: II Andantino (Ib Nørholm)2. Ludite Op. 135: I Allegro (Ib Nørholm)3. Tribute Op. 138 (Ib Nørholm)4. The Shadow Of Medusa Op. 105: I (Ib Nørholm)5. The Shadow Of Medusa Op. 105: II (Ib Nørholm)6. The Shadow Of Medusa Op. 105: III (Ib Nørholm)7. Whispers Of Heavenly Death Op. 103 (Ib Nørholm)8. Summer Music Op. 163: I (Ib Nørholm)9. Summer Music Op. 163: II (Ib … Continue reading

Jens E Christensen, Anne-Lise Gabold, Jeanette Balland, Frans Hansen – Werner: Visse Vejrdage, Seven Postludes (KON 32331)

One of the central figures of Denmark’s contemporary composers Sven Erik Werner has often been associated with church music or more precisely organ music. Visse vejrdage (roughly translated as “Certain Everyday”) was composed during the late summer of 1998, for the 300th anniversary of the installation of the organ in the Church of Our Saviour, Copenhagen, Denmark. Texts are taken from the diary notes by Danish writer Villy Sørensen whose delightful feat of wordplay lends a rich inspirational source to the composer. Denmark’s foremost organist Jens E. Christensen, besides his post as the organist of ”Our Saviour’s Church” of Copenhagen and as the teacher at the Royal Academy Of Music … Continue reading

Rich Perry, Larry Schneider, Igor Butman – Jam Session Vol. 12 (SCCD 31567)

Volume 12 finds the familiar format of three-tenor front line in Rich Perry, Larry Schneider -both long respected members of the American jazz scene and Igor Butman, one of the most prominent from the Russian jazz scene. “… This seemed to be yet another of those magical dates where everything fell into place and a co-operative atmosphere prevailed so that nothing got in the way of the music . ..” (Mark Gardner – linernotes) 1. Witch Hunt (Wayne Shorter)2. Blue Bossa (Kenny Dorham)3. Have You Met Miss Jones? (Richard Rodgers)4. These Foolish Things (Marvell-Strachey)5. Once In A While (Edwards-Green)6. When I Fall In Love (Victor Young)7. Good To Go (Andy … Continue reading

Charles Sullivan, Conrad Herwig, Steve Slagle, Gary Smulyan – Jam Session Vol. 11 (SCCD 31566)

SteepleChase’ ongoing series of jam sessions expands its format on this 11 th volume to septet with two brass and two reeds. Among the featured soloists Charles Sullivan (aka Kamau Muata Adilifu) may need a spherical mentioning here as this is one of his rare recording appearances.since the late 80s. On previous SteepleChase Jam Session series, CD Review’s Rick Finlay wrote, “… SteepleChase’s series of jam sessions drawing together the cream of the contemporary jazz world makes a refreshing change these days. ….highly recommended .” 1. First Born (Conrad Herwig)2. Step Lightly (Joe Henderson)3. Chick's Tune (Chuck Corea)4. Song For My Father (Horace Silver)5. I've Just Seen Her (Duke Ellington)6. … Continue reading

Sila Cevikce – A New Abode (SCCD 31565)

To conclude 2004 releases SteepleChase is proud to introduce a debut album by composer/pianist Ms. Sila Cevikce. Sila was born in Ankara, Turkey and has lived in the past 10 years in USA. She studied jazz composition and performance at the Berklee College of Music and University of South Florida. When she embarked on her professional career in NYC several years ago, her enormous talent was immediately recognized. Sila has since established herself as a respected and admired member of the highly competitive New York jazz scene. “… a bright and adventurous talent with much to offer as writer and performer .” (Mark Gardner) 1. Desperate Measures (Sila Cevikce)2. In … Continue reading