Signe Asmussen, Adam Riis, Christian Westergaard – Nørholm: Songs Of Their Times (KON 32341)

Denmark’s leading composer Ib Nørholm is undoubtedly one of the most documented – both in printed music and recorded music – composers of our time. This latest production is a collection of his art songs in the last three decades. “… products of the composer’s search for an accommodation between the modernist and traditionalist approaches – a compositional third way which keeps faith with the noble tradition of Scandinavian art song without any compromising of an individualist approach .” (Geoff Thomason – from the linernotes) 1. Frase – Parafrase Op. 81: Du kan begynde her (Ib Nørholm)2. Frase – Parafrase Op. 81: Sociabiliteten (Ib Nørholm)3. Frase – Parafrase Op. 81: … Continue reading

Michiyo Honma – Nørholm, Andersen, Nordstrøm, Lewkovitch: Contemporary Music For Harpsichord (KON 32340)

Michiyo Honma is one of the leading performers of modern harpsichord on the international scene. She has commissioned several works with the Danish composers during the last few years and has compiled here a collection of world premier recordings. The composers involved in this project unanimously praise Honma’s performance as outstanding. 1. Tempus fugit op.179 (Ib Nørholm)2. Fugitive encounter in the form of a sort of scherzo (Bo Andersen)3. Kobberstik (Gravures en taille-douce): Adagio (Hans-Henrik Nordstrøm)4. Kobberstik (Gravures en taille-douce): Moderato (Hans-Henrik Nordstrøm)5. Kobberstik (Gravures en taille-douce): Largo (Hans-Henrik Nordstrøm)6. Kobberstik (Gravures en taille-douce): Largo (Hans-Henrik Nordstrøm)7. Kobberstik (Gravures en taille-douce): Vivace (Hans-Henrik Nordstrøm)8. Kobberstik (Gravures en taille-douce): Andante (Hans-Henrik … Continue reading

Elena Denisova, Jens E. Christensen, Mikhail Kollontay – Kollontay: Six Biblical Sonatas Op. 28, The Blessed Citizens Of The Heavenly Kingdom Op. 29 (KON 32339)

Mikhail Kollontay, prize-winning pianist/composer out of postwar Russia has been on forefront of the intriguing modern Russian contemporary music. His works represent fascinating melting spot of traditional Russian music and radical modern Western music. 1. Six Biblical Sonatas Op. 28. The Lamb (Mikhail Kollontay)2. Six Biblical Sonatas Op. 28. Korah's Rebellion (Mikhail Kollontay)3. Six Biblical Sonatas Op. 28. The Calling Of The Child Samuel (Mikhail Kollontay)4. Six Biblical Sonatas Op. 28. "Wherefore Came I Forth Of The Womb" (Mikhail Kollontay)5. Six Biblical Sonatas Op. 28. The Walking On The Water (Mikhail Kollontay)6. Six Biblical Sonatas Op. 28. Autumn (Mikhail Kollontay)7. The Blessed Citizens Of The Heavenly Kingdom Op. 29. The … Continue reading

Bill Gerhardt – All That I Have (SCCD 31661)

Following two successful albums (SCCD 31629 Stained Glass and SCCD 31643 Thrive ) with his inventive group Cotangent, Bill Gerhardt on this new CD is at the Fazioli grand piano all by himself to offer us an immensely attractive solo recital. 1. Patchwork (Bill Gerhardt)2. Bud Powell (Chick Corea)3. Not Forgetting (Ron Brendle)4. Darn That Dream (Jimmy Van Heusen)5. Contrast (Bill Gerhardt)6. Only Trust Your Heart (Benny Carter)7. Synesthesia (Bill Gerhardt)8. All That I Have (Bill Gerhardt)9. I'm Old Fashioned (Jerome Kern)10. Last Peace (Bill Gerhardt) UPC/EAN: 716043166121 … Continue reading

Steve Davis, Conrad Herwig, Rich Perry – Jam Session Vol. 28 (SCCD 31660)

“ In the jazz tradition, the jam session played and continues to play a vital role in the musical community. In that spirit, Steeplechase, a label built on tradition, has come up with a jam session series, pairing veteran players with up-and-comers as a way of spreading the word about musicians on the label .” (Matthew Miller/allaboutjazz –on Vol. 19) 1. Why Do I Love You? (Jerome Kern)2. Help Is On The Way (Andy LaVerne)3. Skylark (Hoagy Carmichael)4. Come Rain Or Come Shine (Harry Arlen)5. I Fall In Love Too Easily (Jule Styne)6. Jamboree (Andy LaVerne)7. Two And One (Andy LaVerne)8. Birdlike (Freddie Hubbard) UPC/EAN: 716043166022 … Continue reading

Danny Walsh, Charlie Pillow, Tim Ries – Jam Session Vol. 27 (SCCD 31659)

“ As long as there is jazz, jam sessions will continue to be the glue that holds the art form together. It’s a dyed-in-the-wool tradition in the music and a primary means by which it evolves. These conclaves of like-minded players draw enthusiastically on the best traits of the practice. The days when giants like Bean, Bags, Jaws and Jug frequented after hours haunts, blowing just for the fun of it and honing their craft into a distinctly American art form are past, but the vernaculars they shaped live on in these men and show that the handed down torch is definitely still burning bright .” (Derek Taylor /allabout jazz … Continue reading

Dick Oatts, Jerry Bergonzi – Saxology (SCCD 31658)

“Dick Oatts and Jerry Bergonzi have stacked up a formidable total of 67 years of playing experience on the highly competitive New York scene, and that wealth of nous is evident in this rousing collaboration…..” (Mark Gardner – from the linernotes) 1. Cheapo Steaks (Dave Santoro)2. Cranial Bypass (Dave Santoro)3. King Henry (Dick Oatts)4. L. W. (Dave Santoro)5. In Passing (Dick Oatts)6. Mobius (Dave Santoro)7. Flight Of The Dodo (Dave Santoro) UPC/EAN: 716043165827 … Continue reading

Dick Oatts – Gratitude (SCCD 31653)

In this long-waited leader album in six years Dick Oatts again reveals himself as an uncompromising and phenomenal jazz musician. In reviewing Oatts’ previous release “South Paw” (SCCD 31511) Owen Cordle of JazzTimes wrote, “ … Longtime lead alto man with the Vanguard Jazz Orchestra, Oatts comes from the Paul Desmond-Lee Konitz school of saxophone playing. But a sweet sound and a cerebral approach to improvising comprise only part of his style. There's also a trim muscularity in his tone and lines. And the lines can be quite angular and oblique at times. I don't hear any other alto man playing with all these qualities these days . …” 1. … Continue reading

Pierre Dørge, New Jungle Orchestra – Whispering Elephants (SCCD 31652)

Since Pierre Dørge and his New Jungle Orchestra made an impressive “home coming “ CD (Jazz Is Like A Banana SCCD 31636) last November, the orchestra has been touring extensively and energetically through different continents. The experience gave Pierre’s imaginative pen to put together “…… another typical potpourri of the unexpected from a soloist, arranger, composer and band conductor beyond category. His musicians are loyal to his cause because they love his music…” 1. A Night In Hong Kong (Pierre Dørge) 2. From The Same Tribe (Pierre Dørge) 3. Whispering Elephants (Pierre Dørge) 4. Oda Eugenia (Pierre Dørge) 5. Moonlight In The Woods (Pierre Dørge) 6. Malamin Jobarteh (Pierre Dørge) … Continue reading

Makaya Ntshoko – Happy House (SCCD 31651)

Drummer Makaya Ntshoko was born in 1939 in South Africa and had been an integral part of the famed Cape Town jazz scene before he moved to Switzerland in 1962, Since then Makaya has performed all over the world with a host of jazz luminaries such as Dexter Gordon, Don Cherry, Hugh Masakela, Dollar Brand, Weather Report, to mention a few. “ Here is a magnificent milestone on Makaya’s lifetime journey through rhythm .” (Mark Gardner – from the linernotes) 1. Humpty Dumpty (Ornette Coleman)2. Open Or Close (Ornette Coleman)3. Morning Song (Ornette Coleman)4. One World (Makaya Ntshoko)5. I'm Your Pal (Steve Swallow)6. Bebbi (Makaya Ntshoko)7. Happy House (Ornette Coleman) … Continue reading