Freddie Redd – Music For You (SCCD 31796)

SCCD 31796 Freddie Redd “Music For You” Due to his sporadic career Freddie Redd has kept a low profile for the last several decades. His name, however, stayed in people’s memory as the composer for the haunting music that accompanied The Connection (1959), a controversial play written by Jack Gelber. One of the last of classic bop generation, Freddie Redd  at the age of 86, fragile yet debonair, still performs with lyrical clarity and sensitivity on this superb trio recording. There’ll Never Be Another You Blues For You How High The Moon All The Things You Are Cherokee Round About Midnight Perdido Lover Man I’ll Remember April UPC/EAN: 716043179626 … Continue reading

Jack Walrath – Unsafe At Any Speed (SCCD 31795)

SCCD 31795 Jack Walrath “Unsafe At Any Speed” Francis Lo Kee of All About Jazz sums up what Jack Walrath is all about in his review of SCCD 31650 “Ballroom”: “Jack Walrath not only displays tremendous trumpet playing, a rich and varied approach to composition and wonderful band, he also puts something into this fantastic CD that’s missing from too much new jazz: a sense of fun and humor. That’s not to say that it isn’t sensitive and touching at times—”An Hour Blessed” is arguably as gorgeous as anything ever recorded….Musical food for thought with amazing jazz playing, this recording can’t be praised highly enough.” Jack Walrath shares his inner … Continue reading