Greg Burk “Clean Spring” (SCCD 33124)

SCCD 33124 Greg Burk “Clean Spring” On January 3rd this year one of the greatest contemporary jazz pianists Paul Bley passed away. Bley left a younger generation of inspired artists behind. Greg Burk is one of them, not that he plays like Bley who was his mentor/teacher but he inherited Bley’s nonconformist approach to music. Burk currently a resident of Rome, Italy is no newcomer to the scene. Quite a few of his recordings has been highly acclaimed throughout the world. This strikingly original solo recital is his first release on SteepleChase Lookout with a bonus of a captivating short story by the pianist himself. GREG BURK piano Recorded March … Continue reading

Craig Brann "A Conversation Between Brothers" (SCCD 31814)

SCCD 31814 Craig Brann “A Conversation Between Brothers” Guitarist/composer Craig Brann’s new album here finds the leader in a classic guitar trio format, a change of pace from the two previous sextet releases, bringing his rich tone and blazing chops to the fore. “Brann’s solos are tastefully muscular, his accompaniment invariably melodic; he even punctuates his own improvised phrases with appropriate chords in the manner of Barney Kessel.” (Tom Greenland – NYC Jazz Record on Mark My Words SCCD 31789) CRAIG BRANN guitar NICK MORRISON bass MATT WILSON drums Recorded May 2015 1    JOHNNY B GOODE (Chuck Berry) 3:38 2    POETIC (Craig Brann) 4:29 3    FOLKSONG FOR ETHAN (Craig Brann) … Continue reading