Morten Mogensen – Weyse: Piano Sonatas, Volume 2 (KON 32323)

32323 C. F. E. Weyse: Piano Sonatas Vol. 2 MORTEN MOGENSEN piano Christoph Ernst Friedrich Weyse, the late 18 th century Danish composer of German extraction was himself a virtuoso pianist and wrote emphatically for piano. Although Weyse is deeply rooted in the 18 th century music represented by Handel, Bach and Haydn, on this second volume of his piano works the three pieces from Allegri di bravura indicate his development toward the new tradition of Viennese Classical. Morten Mogensen is one of the elite pianists of the younger generation in Denmark. His earlier releases of another Danish composer P.E. Lange-Müller’s complete piano works (Kotrapunkt 32228, 32248 & 32258) received … Continue reading

Aarhus Symphony Orchestra, Hans Graf – Schubert: Complete Symphonies, Ouvertures (KON 32318/22)

1. Symfony No 1 D Major D.82: I Adagio. Allegro vivace (Franz Schubert)1. Symfony No 3 D Major D.300: I Adagio maestoso. Allegro con brio (Franz Schubert)1. Symfony No 5 B Flat Major D.485: I Allegro (Franz Schubert)1. Symfony No 8 B Minor D.759: I Allegro moderato (Franz Schubert)1. Symfony No 9 C Major D.944: I Andante. Allegro ma non troppo. Piu moto (Franz Schubert)2. Symfony No 1 D Major D.82: II Andante (Franz Schubert)2. Symfony No 3 D Major D.300: II Allegretto (Franz Schubert)2. Symfony No 5 B Flat Major D.485: II Andante con moto (Franz Schubert)2. Symfony No 8 B Minor D.759: II Andante con moto (Franz Schubert)2. … Continue reading

Kuno Kjærbye, Øssur Bæk, Berit Meland, Bjørn Ianke – Kjærbye: Chamber Works (KON 32317)

Composer Kuno Kjærbye (b. 1959) belongs to the younger generation of composers educated at the Royal Danish Academy of Music in Copenhagen. His teachers include Ib Nørholm, among others. Kuno Kjærbye is also active as a violinist and his compositions are often inspired by the instrument’s natural traits. About this CD the composer comments: “ All the music on this CD is built on certain quarter-tone modes. It comes naturally to me as a violinist; your everyday scale study provides you with a sensitivity to hearing the small differences between, for example, a G sharp and an A flat. All the duos have a fundamental tonality which is extended by … Continue reading

Schola Cantorum Copenhagen, Schola Gregoriana Copenhagen, Bernhard Lewkovitch – Brumel, Deprez, de Victoria: Requiem (KON 32316)

Here’s a long-awaited CD issue of the legendary vocal groups founded and led by Bernhard Lewkovitch since the early 70s. Schola Cantorum and Schola Gregoriana were the first ever Danish professional ensemble specialising in Roman Catholic church’s musical tradition. Except for the Requiem of Antoine Brumel (previously unissued), the recording was originally released from EMI on LP, which has long been unavailable. . 1. Requiem (Gregorian Chant): Introitus (Anonymous)2. Requiem (Gregorian Chant): Kyrie (Anonymous)3. Requiem (Gregorian Chant): Christe (Anonymous)4. Requiem (Gregorian Chant): Kyrie (Anonymous)5. Requiem (Gregorian Chant): Tractus (Anonymous)6. Requiem (Gregorian Chant): Sequentia (Anonymous)7. Requiem (Gregorian Chant): Offertorium (Anonymous)8. Requiem (Gregorian Chant): Sanctus (Anonymous)9. Requiem (Gregorian Chant): Benedictus (Anonymous)10. Requiem … Continue reading

The Copenhagen Trio, Søren Elbæk, Morten Mogensen, Troels Svane – Nørholm: Trios 1959 – 1979 – 1999 (KON 32315)

For more than a half century Ib Nørholm has undoubtedly been the leading figure of contemporary Danish music. To celebrate his 70 th birthday (on January 24, 2001) Kontrapunkt releases a world premier recording of Nørholm’s three trio works which makes an interesting study of a composer’s development. The Copenhagen Trio to whom the latest trio (opus 155) was dedicated interprets Nørholm’s music with authority and profound understanding. 1. Trio Op. 22: Andante (Ib Nørholm)2. Trio Op. 22: Allegretto (Ib Nørholm)3. Trio Op. 22: Moderato (Ib Nørholm)4. Trio Op. 22: Adagio (Ib Nørholm)5. Trio Op. 22: Allegro (Ib Nørholm)6. Trio No. 2 Op. 77 Essai Prismatique: I (Ib Nørholm)7. Trio … Continue reading

St Petersburg Chamber Orchestra, Edward Serov, Victor Liberman, Yuri Kramarov – Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Vladimir Ivanovich Tsytovich (KON 32314)

St. Petersburg Chamber Orchestra under baton of Edward Serov had made series of superb recordings during the communist regime in Russian history. Those recordings had unfortunately not been widely available even after the dissolution of USSR. Kontrapunkt in collaboration with Petersburg Recording Studio and Maestro Serov has restored and released many of those legendary recordings on CD. This latest release features two now deceased leading string players of Russia Victor Liberman (violin) and Yuri Krammarov (viola). The viola concerto by contemporary Russian composer Vladimir Tsytovich has never been available on CD before. 1. Sinfonia Concertante E Flat Major Kv 364: Allegro maestoso (Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart)2. Sinfonia Concertante E Flat Major … Continue reading

Søren Elbæk, Alicia Petronilli – Piazzolla: Tango Intimo (KON 32313)

It was in 1998 when Denmark’s leading violinist of younger generation Søren Elbæk first performed with Argentinean Alica Petronilli as a member of The Danish Chamber Players. Since then tango became part of his favourite repertoire. Elbæk’s rich and passionate sound suites the genre perfectly. In this intimate duo setting the two elite instrumentalists give the Latin American popular music a new artistic dimension with their unique and highly intriguing interpretation. The programme encompasses the wide range of tango spectrum including the classic Nostalgias by Cadícamo and the works by contemporary Astor Piazzolla. 1. La Felure (Astor Piazzolla)2. Café 1930 (Astor Piazzolla)3. Nightclub 1960 (Astor Piazzolla)4. Ave de Paso (Enrique … Continue reading

Elisabeth Meyer-Topsøe, Per Salo – Sibelius, Rangström: Songs (KON 32312)

Since her 1994 sensational recording debut with Orchestral Leider/Vier Letzte Lieder and Wesendonk Lieder on Kontrapunkt label, the Danish soprano Elisabeth Meyer-Topsøe’s career has soared to the new height in the international opera scenes. This is her first recording of songs which she dedicates to HM Queen Ingrid Queen Mother who is from Sweden and is turning 80 this month. Meyer-Topsøe’s tie to Sweden is quite special through her education there and being a pupil of the Swedish legendary soprano Birgit Nilsson.The songs recorded here are with special relation to Sweden. 1. Lastu lainehilla (Jean Sibelius)2. Flickan kom ifrån sin älsklings möte (Jean Sibelius)3. Demanten på marssnön (Jean Sibelius)4. Våren … Continue reading

Nikolai Madojan, Elisabeth Westenholz – Franck, Strauss: Sonata A Major, Sonata Opus 18 (KON 32311)

The collaboration between Armenian violinist Nikolai Madojan and Danish pianist Elisabeth Westenholz produced a series of outstanding CDs starting with the Prokofiev Sonatas and Five Melodies (32185) in 1994. The Madojan/Westenholz duo has since been performing and recording to critical and popular acclaim. The world’s press wrote of their performances: “… Madojan…has a natural feel for the right inflexion…his is the more thought-provoking…Westenholz refreshingly tender-hearted and imaginative .” (Gramophone) “… Madojan is superb in capturing the expressive, genteel nature of the music. …His intonation is superb as well as timbre, and carefully balanced with the partnership of Westenholz .” (Intune) “… Madojan and Westenholz are a strong, articulate, well-proportioned and … Continue reading

Tove Lønskov – Schierbeck: Complete Works For Solo Piano (KON 32310)

Poul Schierbeck (1888 – 1949) studied composition with Carl Nielsen. Unlike his vocal works which are relatively known, the piano works recorded here have been unjustly neglected. The major part of the piano music is from the early years of Schierbeck’s career as composer, who otherwise studied law and served as an artillery lieutenant under the First World War. Some of the works here have never been in print and all of the works are recorded for the first time. Denmark’s foremost pianist Tove Lønskov made a thorough research of Schierbeck’s piano works and presents here her superb interpretation of them. 1. Sonata Op. 5: Allegro volubile (Poul Schierbeck)2. Sonata … Continue reading