Niels-Henning Ørsted Pedersen – Dancing On The Tables (SCCD 31125)

SCCD 31125 Dancing On The Tables / Niels-Henning Ørsted Pedersen Quartet NHØP is undoubtedly the most widely recorded and most highly regarded jazz bassist today. This is his second leader album recorded in New York while he was touring with Oscar Peterson. NHØP selected the very best of sidemen from the New York scene to make this “ supremely musical album which will afford a lot of listening pleasure to a lot of people .” (Mike Hennessay) 1. Dancing on the tables (Niels-Henning Ørsted Pedersen)2. Future child (Niels-Henning Ørsted Pedersen)3. Jeg gik mig ud en sommerdag (Traditional)4. Evening song (Niels-Henning Ørsted Pedersen)5. Clouds (Niels-Henning Ørsted Pedersen) UPC/EAN: 716043112524 … Continue reading

Chet Baker – The Touch Of Your Lips (SCCD 31122)

SCCD 31122 The Touch Of Your Lips / Chet Baker Trio When this recording came out as LP on the market in 1979 after a lengthy pause, Jazz Time’s reviewer started his article by saying “ Whoof! The killer is back ….” And indeed this cool killer was back on the scene to stay, though for a while until his tragic death in Holland, and made a number of wonderful recordings for SteepleChase. The first of the four releases with the same “drumless” group is a studio recording (three others are live from Montmartre) and “ this subtle woodhued record shows that Baker at his best can still knock you … Continue reading

Lee Konitz – Yes, Yes Nonet (SCCD 31119)

SCCD 31119 Yes, Yes, Nonet / Lee Konitz Nonet “… the pleasure its players derive is highly infectious. Long may it continue …” (Melody Maker) “… A splendid session ….” (Billboard) 1. Dearth of a nation (Jimmy Knepper)2. Languid (Jimmy Knepper)3. Footprints (Wayne Shorter)4. Stardust (Hoagy Carmichael)5. Primrose path (Jimmy Knepper)6. Noche triste (Jimmy Knepper)7. My buddy (Kahn/Donaldson) UPC/EAN: 716043111923 … Continue reading

Jimmy Raney, Doug Raney – Stolen Moments (SCCD 31118)

SCCD 31118 Stolen Moments / Jimmy Raney & Doug Raney Quartet This is Jimmy and Doug’s highly successful debut recording together, “… impeccable selection of tunes, sidemen, performances . …A faultless album …” (Takashi Kubota, Swing Journal January 1980) “ Highly listenable for guitar enthusiasts, and those who prefer the lighter sounds in jazz .” (Nevil Shrimshire, Jazz Journal International, January 1980) 1. Jonathan's waltz (Jimmy Raney)2. Chelsea Bridge (Billy Strayhorn)3. Stolen moments (Oliver Nelson)4. How my heart sings (Earl Zindars)5. I should care (Jimmy Van Heusen)6. Samba Teekens (Jimmy Raney)7. Alone together (Arthur Schwartz) UPC/EAN: 716043111824 … Continue reading

Shirley Horn – A Lazy Afternoon (SCCD 31111)

SCCD 31111 A Lazy Afternoon / Shirley Horn Trio Here is a classic example of SteepleChase’s “re-discovery” endeavour. This is Miss Shirley Horn’s first recording on SteepleChase after a long absence from the recording studio. Lazy Afternoon turned out to be a tremendous success critically and commercially and together with her three subsequent releases on the label (All Night Long – SCCD 31157, Viloets For Your Furs – SCCD 31164, Garden Of The Blues – SCCD 31203) had firmly established her as a major artist. “ One of the greatest jazz singers and singer-pianists in years …”(Jazz Journal International) 1. I'm old fashioned (Jerome Kern)2. There's no you (Jenkins)3. New … Continue reading

Kenny Drew – In Concert (SCCD 31106)

SCCD 31106 In Concert / Kenny Drew Trio Kenny Drew recorded in a variety of settings for SteepleChase. Among his trio recordings, The Penguin Guide to JAZZ rates this recording as “ the best one ”. “ … this is a trio not only of great virtuosity, but of greatly gifted melodic sense ….” (Chris Sheridan) 1. Django (John Lewis)2. Here's that rainy day (Jimmy Van Heusen)3. Sunset (Kenny Drew)4. Twice a week (Philip Catherine)5. Blues in the closet (Oscar Pettiford)6. On Green Dolphin Street (Bronislav Kaper) UPC/EAN: 716043110629 … Continue reading

Dexter Gordon – Biting The Apple (SCCD 31080)

SCCD 31080 Biting The Apple / Dexter Gordon Quartet “ Biting The Apple ” recorded in NYC in the midst of Dexter’s great come back to the USA was awarded the Grand Prix du Disque Diamant of 1978 by the Montreux Jazz Festival. 1. Apple jump (Dexter Gordon)2. I'll remember April (DePaul/Raye)3. Georgia on my mind (Hoagy Carmichael)4. Blue bossa (Kenny Dorham)5. Skylark (Hoagy Carmichael)6. A la modal (Dexter Gordon) UPC/EAN: 716043108022 … Continue reading

Stan Getz – Live At Montmartre, Vol. 2 (SCCD 31074)

SCCD 31074 Live At Montmartre Vol. 2 / Stan Getz Quartet This is the second volume from the legendary birthday concerts at Copenhagen’s famous jazzhouse Montmartre, proving again as Down Beat described, “ Getz’s extraordinary powers as a leader ” by coming up with outstanding supporting group of Brackeen, Pedersen and Hart, whose “ precise teamwork…exemplifies esprit, vigor and taste ”. “ The unique occasions surrounding the sessions obviously had an effet. There is a special joy, a celebration of the rite of improvised music. This makes (this album) a landmark in the career of one of today’s most brilliant masters. Listen!” (Down Beat) 1. Infant eyes (Wayne Shorter)2. Lester … Continue reading

Lee Konitz – Jazz á Juan (SCCD 31072)

SCCD 31072 Jazz � Juan / Lee Konitz Quartet “ Top-of-the-range standards jazz by a marvellously Esperantist quartet .” (The Penguin Guide to JAZZ) “ Masterful!” (Diapason D’Or by Diapason Dec. 1988) “… If you like to confirm the fact that when the well-known melodies are performed by musicians of extraordinary talent, the music expands and develops infinitely, you will not be disappointed with this album …” (Koji Kubota, Swing Journal) 1. Antibes (Lee Konitz)2. What is this thing called love (Cole Porter)3. Round about midnight (Thelonious Monk)4. A weaver of dreams (Victor Young)5. The song is you (Jerome Kern)6. Autumn leaves (Joseph Kosma) UPC/EAN: 716043107223 … Continue reading

Niels-Henning Ørsted Pedersen, Sam Jones – Double Bass (SCCD 31055)

SCCD 31055 Double Bass / Niels-Henning Ørsted Pedersen & Sam Jones Europe’s best bassist Niels-Henning Ørsted Pedersen (b. May 27, 1946 in Denmark) and his American colleague Sam Jones (1924 – 1981) were teamed up for this special recording featuring two bassists as co-leaders of the band. The result is “ an unqualified success on all levels – musicianship, recording, feeling, integrity and compatibility….an intelligently conceived album. …Highly recommended .” (Jazz Journal International) This i one of the SteepleChase’ best sellers! 1. Falling in love with love (Richard Rodgers)2. A notion (Albert Tootie Heath)3. Giant steps (John Coltrane)4. I fall in love too easily (Jule Styne)5. Miss Morgan (Sam Jones)6. … Continue reading