Michal Urbaniak – Take Good Care Of My Heart (SCCD 31195)

SCCD 31195 Take Good Care Of My Heart / Michal Urbaniak with Horace Parlan Trio This recording with the title song “Take Good Care Of My Heart” by Jermine Jackson was nominated for Down Beat’s “Jazz Album Of The Year” 1985. It was also nominated for a Grammy Polish Violinist/bandleader Michal Urbaniak (b. January 22, 1943 in Warsaw) studied violin (from age 6), soprano saxophone and later tenor saxophone. While working as a classical violinist after graduating from the Conservatory in Warsaw, Michal played tenor sax in jazz groups in Poland. He moved to New York in the 70s and has made numbers of highly successful albums with his own … Continue reading

Horace Parlan – Glad I Found You (SCCD 31194)

SCCD 31194 Glad I Found You / Horace Parlan Quintet This is Horace Parlan’s second quintet date (the first one “Frank-ly Speaking” SCCD 31076 recorded in New York) and this time recording took place in Copenhagen with fellow expatriate Thad Jones on flugelhorn and visiting tenorman Eddie Harris on the front line. This session incidentally marks Thad Jones’ come-back as an instrumentalist after a break enforced on by an accident. “.. .it’s another fine addition to Parlan’s discography .” (Jazz Journal) 1. Monday morning blues (Horace Parlan)2. Hip walk (Bernt Rosengren)3. Oblivion (Bud Powell)4. Something for Silver (Horace Parlan)5. Glad I found you (Al Levit)6. Afternoon in Paris (John Lewis) … Continue reading

Chet Baker – This Is Always (SCCD 31168)

SCCD 31168 This Is Always / Chet Baker Trio This is the second release from the night at Montmartre Jazzhus (earlier release is “Daybreak” SCCD 31142) by the best Chet Baker Trio of this period. “… he sounds masterful, and is ably accompanied by Raney’s soft-bop guitar and NHØP’s towering bass …” (The Penguin Guide to Jazz – new edition) 1. How deep is the ocean (Irving Berlin)2. House of jade (Wayne Shorter)3. Love for sale (Cole Porter)4. This is always (Jimmy Van Heusen)5. Way to go out (Phil Urso) UPC/EAN: 716043116829 … Continue reading

Archie Shepp, Niels-Henning Ørsted Pedersen – Looking At Bird (SCCD 31149)

SCCD 31149 Looking At Bird / Archie Shepp & Niels-Henning Ørsted Pedersen “… a serious meditation in the Parker universe: Shepp accompanied only by the extraordinary bass of intuitive Niels-Henning Ørsted Pedersen… The two musicians here in this Parker revisited, however, do not get lost in the immense shadow of the idol …” (Télérama) 1. Moose the mooche (Charlie Parker)2. Embraceable you (George Gershwin)3. Ornithology (Charlie Parker)4. Billie's bounce (Charlie Parker)5. Yardbird suite (Charlie Parker)6. Blues for Alice (Charlie Parker)7. How deep is the ocean (Irving Berlin)8. Confirmation (Charlie Parker) UPC/EAN: 716043114924 … Continue reading

Chet Baker – Daybreak (SCCD 31142)

SCCD 31142 Daybreak / Chet Baker Trio The success of the earlier release by this trio (SCCD 31122 “The Touch Of Your Lips”) brought the group together again this time for “live” recording at club Montmartre packed with Baker fans. Radio Free Jazz wrote, “ His present playing is extraordinary, the best of his career, and he has never found a more empathetic context than this trio with guitarist Raney and bassist Pedersen… The interplay among these three superb musicians yields a quality of collective improvisation comparable to that of Bill Evans’ greatest trio ….” 1. For minor's only (Jimmy Heath)2. Daybreak (Hoagy Carmichael)3. You can't go home (Don Sebesky)4. … Continue reading

Boulou Ferré – Gypsy Dreams (SCCD 31140)

SCCD 31140 Gypsy Dreams / Boulou & Elios Ferré “… In this duo acoustic guitar session, the brothers Ferré grab and hold attention …they maintain a lively, imaginative interplay… greatly extend the library for acoustic guitar. This is a worthy follow-up of their earlier album SCCD 31120 Pour Django .” (Ottawa Citizen, May 1, 1981) 1. Gypsy dreams (Elios Ferré)2. Half Nelson (Miles Davis)3. Coisa mais Linda (Lyra/De Moraes)4. Puro dinalo (Elios Ferré)5. Dixie's dilemma (Warne Marsh)6. Mihoko (Boulou Ferré)7. Variation sur une folklore rumain (Boulou Ferré)8. Panique (Baro Joseph Ferre)9. Subconscious Lee (Lee Konitz)10. Choukar mintch (Boulou Ferré) UPC/EAN: 716043114023 … Continue reading

Archie Shepp, Horace Parlan – Trouble In Mind (SCCD 31139)

SCCD 31139 Trouble In Mind / Archie Shepp & Horace Parlan Three years after the sensational spiritual recording by this duo “Goin’ Home” (SCCD 31079) producer Nils Winther had Archie and Horace in the studio again. The theme this time was traditional blues. Once again the Shepp-Parlan duo made one of the best selling SteepleChase releases. England’s Gramophone magazine called the duo “ a powerful and ultimately inspirational collaboration ”. This recording was awarded the Deutscher Schallplattenpreis for Modern Jazz Und Jazz-Rock of 1982 by the prestigious Deutsche Phono Akademie. 1. Backwater blues (Traditional)2. Trouble in mind (Traditional)3. Nobody knows you when you're down and out (Traditional)4. Careless love blues … Continue reading

Jimmy Raney, Doug Raney – Duets (SCCD 31134)

SCCD 31134 Duets / Jimmy Raney & Doug Raney Of this unique recording of a father-and-son team, Chicago Tribune of June 8, 1980 summed up quite eloquently, “ Duets is an unassuming title for one of the loveliest recordings of this or any other year – a SteepleChase album on which guitarist Jimmy Raney joins his guitarist-son, Doug Raney, in a musical dialog so closely knit that often it is hard to tell which Raney is taking the lead…” 1. Have you met Miss Jones? (Richard Rodgers)2. My one and only love (Mellin/Woods)3. Action (Jimmy Raney)4. Invitation (Bronislav Kaper)5. It might as well be spring (Richard Rodgers)6. Days of wine … Continue reading

Niels-Henning Ørsted Pedersen – Dancing On The Tables (SCCD 31125)

SCCD 31125 Dancing On The Tables / Niels-Henning Ørsted Pedersen Quartet NHØP is undoubtedly the most widely recorded and most highly regarded jazz bassist today. This is his second leader album recorded in New York while he was touring with Oscar Peterson. NHØP selected the very best of sidemen from the New York scene to make this “ supremely musical album which will afford a lot of listening pleasure to a lot of people .” (Mike Hennessay) 1. Dancing on the tables (Niels-Henning Ørsted Pedersen)2. Future child (Niels-Henning Ørsted Pedersen)3. Jeg gik mig ud en sommerdag (Traditional)4. Evening song (Niels-Henning Ørsted Pedersen)5. Clouds (Niels-Henning Ørsted Pedersen) UPC/EAN: 716043112524 … Continue reading

Chet Baker – The Touch Of Your Lips (SCCD 31122)

SCCD 31122 The Touch Of Your Lips / Chet Baker Trio When this recording came out as LP on the market in 1979 after a lengthy pause, Jazz Time’s reviewer started his article by saying “ Whoof! The killer is back ….” And indeed this cool killer was back on the scene to stay, though for a while until his tragic death in Holland, and made a number of wonderful recordings for SteepleChase. The first of the four releases with the same “drumless” group is a studio recording (three others are live from Montmartre) and “ this subtle woodhued record shows that Baker at his best can still knock you … Continue reading