Dexter Gordon – Swiss Nights, Vol. 3 (SCCD 31110)

SCCD 31110 Swiss Nights Vol. 3 / Dexter Gordon Quartet

This is the third and the last volume of the famed live recordings from Zurich Jazz Festival with an additional track with trumpeter Joe Newman as a guest player.

“…. this is another superb performance from Dexter Gordon who also takes the vocal on Jelly Jelly a 12 bar blues theme created by Billy Eckstine…if you enjoy fine Jazz Tenor playing or especially if you play Tenor Sax you must have this record.” (Jazz Journal)

1. Introduction ()
2. Tenor madness (Sonny Rollins)
3. Jelly jelly (Billy Eckstine)
4. Didn't we (Webb J.)
5. Days of wine and roses (Henry Mancini)
6. Sophisticated lady (Duke Ellington)
7. Rhythm-a-ning/The Theme (Thelonious Monk)

UPC/EAN: 716043111022

Johnny Dyani – Song For Biko (SCCD 31109)

SCCD 31109 Song For Biko / Johnny Dyani Quartet

Dyani wrote all of the material for this record and it proves to be a vital factor in the success of the date. Both Cherry and Pukwana react favourably, while bringing their own personalities strongly to bear…

this fine record can be recommended without reservation .” (Barry McRae, Jazz Journal International July 1979)

“… there are possibly a handful of albums every year which are worth living with. This is one of them .” (Brian Case, Melody Maker June 1979)

1. Wish you sunshine (Johnny Dyani)
2. Song for Biko (Johnny Dyani)
3. Confession of moods (Johnny Dyani)
4. Jo'burg – New York (Johnny Dyani)
5. Lonely flower in the village (Johnny Dyani)

UPC/EAN: 716043110926

Tete Montoliu – Tootie’s Tempo (SCCD 31108)

SCCD 31108 Tootie's Tempo / Tete Montoliu Trio

It is incontestable that Tete Montoliu is one of the most brilliant pianists in the scene today. …This CD re-issue with the additional new track of Time For Love by Slide Hampton is an obligatory item in this famous trio’s collection ( Catalonian Fire, Tete! and Tête A Tête). (Etienne de Saint-Marcel. Jazz Hot)

1. Invitation (Bronislav Kaper)
2. Lover man (Ram Ramirez)
3. Some other blues (John Coltrane)
4. Time for love (Slide Hampton)
5. Lament (Jay Jay Johnson)
6. Tootie's tempo (Tete Montoliu)
7. Darn that dream (Jimmy Van Heusen)

UPC/EAN: 716043110827

Doug Raney – Cuttin’ Loose (SCCD 31105)

SCCD 31105 Cuttin' Loose / Doug Raney Quintet

For this third recording for SteepleChase Doug Raney put his dream group together. At the age of 21, he already established his own identity in spite of his famous father Jimmy Raney’s shadow in the background.

“… what is important is his ability to improvise articulately and meaningfully, creating an album that holds the interest from first bar to last. …” (Chris Sheridan, Jazz Journal)

1. Lean years (Pat Martino)
2. How deep is the ocean (Irving Berlin)
3. Arrival (Horace Parlan)
4. If you could see me now (Tadd Dameron)
5. Frank-ly speaking (Horace Parlan)
6. You don't know what love is (DePaul/Raye)
7. Four (Eddie Cleanhead Vinson)

UPC/EAN: 716043110520

Duke Jordan, Art Farmer – Duke’s Artistry (SCCD 31103)

SCCD 31103 Duke's Artistry / Duke Jordan Quartet feat. Art Farmer

Duke Jordan’s long association with SteepleChase has produced a number of outstanding recordings and this is one of them, selected by Billboard as recommended jazz album.

Having played with Charlie Parker in his best group in 1947, Jordan the quintessential bop player is a veteran but never stopped improving with age. As a prolific composer, Jordan contributed numerous intriguing tunes to the jazz literature.

1. My heart skips a beat (Duke Jordan)
2. Midnight moonlight (Duke Jordan)
3. My heart skips a beat (Duke Jordan)
4. My heart skips a beat (Duke Jordan)
5. Lady Dingbat (Duke Jordan)
6. Midnite bump (Duke Jordan)
7. Midnite bump (Duke Jordan)
8. Dodge City roots (Duke Jordan)

UPC/EAN: 716043110322

Johnny Dyani – Witchdoctor’s Son (SCCD 31098)

SCCD 31098 Witchdoctor's Son / Johnny Dyani with John Tchicai & Dudu Pukwana

“… Witchdoctor’s Son contains the most infectious, buoyant, gleeful music…the interaction between Pukwana and Tchicai’s vastly differing phrase sensibilities is one of the joys of this recording …” (Lange, Down Beat)

“… from Dyani’s most consistently inventive period …” (The Penguin Guide To JAZZ)

1. Heart with minor's face (Johnny Dyani)
2. Ntyilo, ntyilo (Johnny Dyani)
3. Radebe (Dudu Pukwana)
4. Mbizo (Johnny Dyani)
5. Eyomzi (Johnny Dyani)
6. Magwaza (Johnny Dyani)
7. Radebe (Dudu Pukwana)
8. Heart with minor's face (Johnny Dyani)
9. Ntyilo, ntyilo, take 1 (Johnny Dyani)
10. Magwaza (Johnny Dyani)

UPC/EAN: 716043109821

Jimmy Knepper – Cunningbird (SCCD 31061)

SCCD 31061 Cunningbird / Jimmy Knepper Quintet

When this album was first released as LP in February 1977, the unanimous reaction from the press all over the world was “ .. .at long last, the first leader album by Knepper in 18 years! ….and it was worth waiting for …”.

Trombonist Jimmy Knepper (b. Nov. 22, 1927 in L.A.) has been the essential part of the Mingus Dynasty in the 50s and later with Gil Evans Orchestra, Jones-Lewis Big Band and Nonet led by Lee Konitz.

Cunningbird is simply one of the best straight-ahead trombone albums in many years …” (The Daily California)

1. Figment fragment (Jimmy Knepper)
2. Languid (Jimmy Knepper)
3. Just tonight (Jimmy Knepper)
4. Noche triste (take 1) (Jimmy Knepper)
5. Spotlight girl (take 2) (Jimmy Knepper)
6. Cunningbird (Jimmy Knepper)
7. Noche triste (Jimmy Knepper)
8. Spotlite girl (Jimmy Knepper)

UPC/EAN: 716043106127

Nat Adderley – Don’t Look Back (SCCD 31059)

SCCD 31059 Don't Look Back / Nat Adderley Septet

Cornetist and composer Nat Adderley (b. Nov. 25, 1931 in Tampa, FL) recorded this first album with his new band just one year after the untimely death of his brother Julian “Cannonball” Adderley, three years his senior. The Adderley brothers had worked side by side in the highly successful, one of the funkiest jazz bands in USA for more than 15 years.

The septet here, whose members are mostly young, New York -based musicians, is more interesting by far than the celebrated Cannonball Adderley Quintet ever was . ..” (Stereo Review)

“… This is some of the best straight-ahead jazz to have come out in the last few months ….” (Musician Magazine)

1. Funny funny (Nat Adderley)
2. K. High (Ira Williams)
3. Just a quickie (Fernando Gumbs)
4. I think I got it (Onaje Allan Gumbs)
5. Home (Ken McIntyre)
6. Don't look back (Harold Vick)
7. Home (Ken McIntyre)

UPC/EAN: 716043105922

Eddie Lockjaw Davis – Swingin’ Till The Girls Come Home (SCCD 31058)

SCCD 31058 Swingin' Till The Girls Come Home / Eddie “Lockjaw” Davis Quartet

One of the best assets of the Count Basie Big Band in the 50s, Eddie “Lockjaw” Davis was a frequent guest player in Europe in the 70s.

In the Spring of 76 Lockjaw went into a studio in Copenhagen with “ the excellent Danish rhythm section ” which “ manage to coax some of the best playing from the tenor saxophonist since his days with Basie” (Gramophone).

“.. .The mood, as always with Davis, is a happy one. With the help of the fine, supportive rhythm section it becomes contagious, and …it is an awful lot of fun to listen to .” (Fanfare)

Thankfully, the girls haven’t come home yet, so this rhythmic set of eight tunes (11 on this CD) swings out nicely…” (Billboard)

1. Swingin' till the girls come home (Oscar Pettiford)
2. Love for sale (Cole Porter)
3. Out of nowhere (Green/Heyman)
4. Ghost of a chance (Young/Washington)
5. Locks (Eddie Lockjaw Davis)
6. Wave (Antonio Carlos Jobim)
7. Back home in Indiana (MacDonald)
8. Bye bye blackbird (Dixon/Henderson)
9. Ghost of a chance (Young/Washington)
10. Swingin' till the girls come home (Oscar Pettiford)
11. Bye bye blackbird (Dixon/Henderson)

UPC/EAN: 716043105823