Chet Baker – Someday My Prince Will Come (SCCD 31180)

SCCD 31180 Someday My Prince Will Come / Chet Baker Trio

“… from the famous scene of club Montmartre another captivating trio album is produced …” (Compacts)

1. Gnid (Tadd Dameron)
2. Love Vibrations (Horace Silver)
3. Sad walk (Bob Zieff)
4. Someday my prince will come (Churchill/Morey)
5. I'm old fashioned (Jerome Kern)
6. In your own sweet way (Dave Brubeck)

UPC/EAN: 716043118021

Boulou Ferré – Trinity (SCCD 31171)

SCCD 31171 Trinity / Boulou Ferré Trio

“… The brothers Ferré are among the most personal voices of European guitarists…Their virtuosity, their culture and their humour have long been deeply rooted in the Gypsy jazz…This disc in which they propel toward the bass of Niels-Henning Ørsted Pedersen reaches the ideal point in chamber jazz .” (Jean Wagner, Télérama)

1. I can't get started (Vernon Duke)
2. Groovin' high (Dizzy Gillespie)
3. Lover man (Ram Ramirez)
4. Ice cream Konitz (Lee Konitz)
5. De Moscou à Odessa (Boulou Ferré)
6. Hi Beck (Lee Konitz)
7. There'll never be another you (Harry Warren)
8. Out of nowhere (Green/Heyman)

UPC/EAN: 716043117123

Dexter Gordon – Something Different (SCCD 31136)

SCCD 31136 Something Different / Dexter Gordon Quartet

“… ‘Something Different’…finds Gordon at the top of his form…While melodic continuity has always been one of Gordon’s trademarks, the seamless passion of his playing here makes ‘Something Different’ one of the tenor giant’s essential albums .” (Larry Kart, Chicago Tribune)

“… The great tenor saxophonist is in grand form in a quartet in which he is complemented and challenged by the young Belgian guitarist Philip Catherine and by Gordon’s favorite drummer, Billy Higgins …” (Doug Ramsey, Chronicles Of Culture)

1. Freddie Freeloader (Miles Davis)
2. When sunny gets blue (M. Fisher)
3. Invitation (Bronislav Kaper)
4. Freddie Freeloader (Miles Davis)
5. Yesterday's mood (Slide Hampton)
6. Winther's callin' (Dexter Gordon)
7. Polkadots and moonbeams (Jimmy Van Heusen)
8. Yesterday's mood (Slide Hampton)

UPC/EAN: 716043113620

Horace Parlan – Blue Parlan (SCCD 31124)

SCCD 31124 Blue Parlan / Horace Parlan Trio

“… Veteran jazz pianist Parlan displays his talent in this attractive trio setting…this is class modern jazz …” (Billboard, recommended Lp)

“… Blue Parlan is superbly recorded with its authentic feeling and the balance among the three instruments is of great finesse …” (Diapason)

1. Goodbye pork pie hat (Charles Mingus)
2. Sunspots (Austin Wells)
3. Firm roots (Cedar Walton)
4. Monk's mood (Thelonious Monk)
5. Neicy (Frank Strozier)
6. Night mist blues (Ahmad Jamal)
7. Cynthia's dance (Horace Parlan)
8. There's no greater love (Symes-Jones)

UPC/EAN: 716043112425

Joe Bonner – Parade (SCCD 31116)

SCCD 31116 Parade / Joe Bonner Trio

“… As well as being strongly inventive as a soloist, …Bonner also demonstrates his compositional talents…I am recommending it to all lovers of modern piano .” (Mike Shera, International Jazz Journal)

“…it is one in which solid achievement runs in close harness with promise for the future .” (Michael James, Melody Maker)

1. Change it (Joe Bonner)
2. Au privave (Charlie Parker)
3. Sunny (J. Hebb)
4. Hurry up and wait (Joe Bonner)
5. Parade (Joe Bonner)
6. Blues for B (Joe Bonner)
7. Wild is the wind (Ned Washington)
8. Hurry up and wait (Joe Bonner)
9. Au privave (Charlie Parker)

UPC/EAN: 716043111626

Walt Dickerson – To My Queen Revisited (SCCD 31112)

SCCD 31112 To My Queen Revisited / Walt Dickerson Trio

This is a classic example of SteepleChase’s “re-discovery” endeavour Walt Dickerson is

one of jazz’s most gifted exponents of the vibraphone ” (Melody Maker).

His brilliant technique and warm feeling gave the vibraphone a new dimension. On this fourth release on SteepleChase Dickerson plays in the more traditional style and format.

“… Dickerson has released another thoroughly outstanding record .” (Melody Maker)

1. Liz (Walt Dickerson)
2. The ultimate you (Walt Dickerson)
3. To my queen revisited (Walt Dickerson)
4. Liz (Walt Dickerson)

UPC/EAN: 716043111220

Dexter Gordon – Swiss Nights, Vol. 3 (SCCD 31110)

SCCD 31110 Swiss Nights Vol. 3 / Dexter Gordon Quartet

This is the third and the last volume of the famed live recordings from Zurich Jazz Festival with an additional track with trumpeter Joe Newman as a guest player.

“…. this is another superb performance from Dexter Gordon who also takes the vocal on Jelly Jelly a 12 bar blues theme created by Billy Eckstine…if you enjoy fine Jazz Tenor playing or especially if you play Tenor Sax you must have this record.” (Jazz Journal)

1. Introduction ()
2. Tenor madness (Sonny Rollins)
3. Jelly jelly (Billy Eckstine)
4. Didn't we (Webb J.)
5. Days of wine and roses (Henry Mancini)
6. Sophisticated lady (Duke Ellington)
7. Rhythm-a-ning/The Theme (Thelonious Monk)

UPC/EAN: 716043111022

Johnny Dyani – Song For Biko (SCCD 31109)

SCCD 31109 Song For Biko / Johnny Dyani Quartet

Dyani wrote all of the material for this record and it proves to be a vital factor in the success of the date. Both Cherry and Pukwana react favourably, while bringing their own personalities strongly to bear…

this fine record can be recommended without reservation .” (Barry McRae, Jazz Journal International July 1979)

“… there are possibly a handful of albums every year which are worth living with. This is one of them .” (Brian Case, Melody Maker June 1979)

1. Wish you sunshine (Johnny Dyani)
2. Song for Biko (Johnny Dyani)
3. Confession of moods (Johnny Dyani)
4. Jo'burg – New York (Johnny Dyani)
5. Lonely flower in the village (Johnny Dyani)

UPC/EAN: 716043110926

Tete Montoliu – Tootie’s Tempo (SCCD 31108)

SCCD 31108 Tootie's Tempo / Tete Montoliu Trio

It is incontestable that Tete Montoliu is one of the most brilliant pianists in the scene today. …This CD re-issue with the additional new track of Time For Love by Slide Hampton is an obligatory item in this famous trio’s collection ( Catalonian Fire, Tete! and Tête A Tête). (Etienne de Saint-Marcel. Jazz Hot)

1. Invitation (Bronislav Kaper)
2. Lover man (Ram Ramirez)
3. Some other blues (John Coltrane)
4. Time for love (Slide Hampton)
5. Lament (Jay Jay Johnson)
6. Tootie's tempo (Tete Montoliu)
7. Darn that dream (Jimmy Van Heusen)

UPC/EAN: 716043110827

Doug Raney – Cuttin’ Loose (SCCD 31105)

SCCD 31105 Cuttin' Loose / Doug Raney Quintet

For this third recording for SteepleChase Doug Raney put his dream group together. At the age of 21, he already established his own identity in spite of his famous father Jimmy Raney’s shadow in the background.

“… what is important is his ability to improvise articulately and meaningfully, creating an album that holds the interest from first bar to last. …” (Chris Sheridan, Jazz Journal)

1. Lean years (Pat Martino)
2. How deep is the ocean (Irving Berlin)
3. Arrival (Horace Parlan)
4. If you could see me now (Tadd Dameron)
5. Frank-ly speaking (Horace Parlan)
6. You don't know what love is (DePaul/Raye)
7. Four (Eddie Cleanhead Vinson)

UPC/EAN: 716043110520