Peter Zak "Standards" (SCCD 31815)

SCCD 31815 Peter Zak “Standards”

Peter Zak presents himself here as a pianist in his inherently natural format of a piano trio performing “Standard” tunes.

Michael Bailey of AAJ commented on Zak’s previous release The Disciple SCCD 31771 that “… The smarter artists, like Zak, add a program or theme to their recordings, something that gives an otherwise disparate collection of pieces some continuity or integrity.”

The program or theme on this album is the standards interpreted and performed for here and now in order to give them a lasting life.


Recorded December 2014

1 MOON AND SAND (Alex Wilder) 7:57
2 I LOVES YOU PORGY (George Gershwin) 7:17
3 THE NIGHT HAS A THOUSAND EYES (Benjamin Weissman) 5:50
4 I HAD THE CRAZIEST DREAM (Harry Warren) 5:38
5 SO IN LOVE (Cole Porter) 6:49
6 THE STAR-CROSSED LOVERS (Billy Strayhorn/ Duke Ellington) 7:26
7 I’M ALL SMILES (Mickey Leonard) 7:09
8 THE VERY THOUGHT OF YOU (Ray Noble) 6:55
9 WIVES AND LOVERS (Burt Bacherach) 7:46
10 INDIAN SUMMER (Victor Hubert) 6:09

Total Playing Time 68:57

EAN/UPC 716043181520

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