Andrew Rathbun “Character Study” (SCCD 31862)

SCCD 31862 Andrew Rathbun “Character Study” All About Jazz once stated, “Andrew Rathbun is an artist who takes chances with his recordings. You don’t hear any paint-by-the-numbers jazz discs from him.” This latest release proves again how accurate this statement is. Canadian-born Rathbun has established himself as one of the most compelling voices of American jazz scene today both as performer and as composer. While the composer’s socio-political awareness is manifested in the tune titles, the music which is intellectually emotional speaks louder to our consciousness. “Reedman Andrew Rathbun’s recording dates — dependably rhapsodic, songful, rational — each have plausible logic and worked-out thematic.” (Fred Bouchard – Downbeat on SCCD … Continue reading

Andrew Rathbun – Numbers & Letters (SCCD 31781)

SCCD 31781 Andrew Rathbun Quintet “Numbers & Letters” Ian Patterson of AAJ remarked, “ Rathbun's music is intellectually challenging and yet immediately accessible…”, when he was reviewing The Idea of North (SCCD 31762) Rathbun’s previous album. New York-based Canadian saxophonist/composer Andrew Rathbun has been releasing series of innovative albums which delight us with consistent creative and entertaining quality. Here on his latest recording Rathbun joins forces with NY’s finest rhythm section to produce another unique instrumental jazz. “ This outstanding release remains fresh with each hearing, as new facets of these performances become apparent to the listener .” (Ken Dryden – AAJ on Shadow Forms SCCD 31598) 1. Bad Call … Continue reading

Andrew Rathbun – Shadow Forms II (SCCD 31762)

SCCD 31762 Andrew Rathbun “Shadow Forms II” Toronto-born and NY-based saxophonist/composer Andrew Rathbun returns to studio with his core group of “Shadow Forms” (SCCD 31598, 2006) to explore further his musical concept of improvisation forming into written music. Ken Dryden of AAJ wrote on “Shadow Forms”, “This outstanding release remains fresh with each hearing, as new facets of these performances become apparent to the listener .” “ Shadow Forms is a wonderful album and, in typical Rathbun fashion…” (Budd Kopman – AAJ) 1. Long And The Short Of It (Andrew Rathbun)2. Add And Subtract (Andrew Rathbun/Scott Lee/Jeff Hirshfield)3. Harmonicalls (Scott Lee)4. Meltdown (Andrew Rathbun/Scott Lee/Jeff Hirshfield)5. Drums And Symbols (Scott … Continue reading

Andrew Rathbun – The Idea Of North (SCCD 31695)

Andrew Rathbun’s fourth leader album on SteepleChase reflects his musical ideas inspired by fellow Canadian Glenn Gould and looks into the implication of his homeland Canada on his music. “… he displays his growing maturity as a player and more of his acclaimed talents as composer/arranger .” ( Mark Corroto – AAJ-NY on his previous release SCCD 31665 Where We are Now), “ The result is consistently thoughtful, well-crafted music in a mature idiom.” (Ken Dryden – AAJ-NY on SCCD 31589 Shadow Forms) 1. Echoes (Andrew Rathbun)2. Harsh (Andrew Rathbun)3. Across The Country (Andrew Rathbun)4. December (Andrew Rathbun)5. Teru (Wayne Shorter)6. Rockies (Andrew Rathbun)7. Minuet and Dance of the Blessed … Continue reading

Andrew Rathbun – Where We Are Now (SCCD 31665)

Andrew Rathbun, a Canadian-born multi-instrumentalist (primarily on tenor saxophone) who is also an accomplished composer has firmly established himself on the world jazz scene. On his previous release “Affairs of State” (SCCD 31630) Stuart Broomer of allaboutjazz wrote, “…. The result is consistently thoughtful, well-crafted music in a mature idiom .” 1. Son Suite I (Andrew Rathbun)2. Son Suite II (Andrew Rathbun)3. Son Suite III (Andrew Rathbun)4. Son Suite IV (Andrew Rathbun)5. Film Under Glass (Andrew Rathbun)6. A Stern (Andrew Rathbun)7. Wheel (Andrew Rathbun)8. Lament (Andrew Rathbun)9. No Longer (Andrew Rathbun) UPC/EAN: 716043166527 … Continue reading

Scott Lee – One Thought (SCCD 31649)

For this his leader debut album New York City’s quintessential bassist Scott Lee features two of the elite saxophonists of the younger generation: Loren Stillman and Andrew Rathbun both of whom Scott has long been collaborating with. Originally from North Carolina Scott Lee has been a major player in New York scene for two decades and has been performing with Chet Baker, Lee Konitz, Al Cohn, Anita O’Day, just to mention a few. 1. A. R. (Scott Lee)2. Thistle Dew (Scott Lee)3. One Thought For Joe (Scott Lee)4. Father's Day (Scott Lee)5. Give It A Tri (Scott Lee)6. Hymn For Aria (Scott Lee)7. The Lope (Scott Lee)8. Form And A … Continue reading

Andrew Rathbun – Affairs Of State (SCCD 31630)

New York based Canadian saxophonist Andrew Rathbun makes a powerful statements on this new album as predicted by all-about-jazz’ Budd Kopman: “ Rathbun's next album will most likely not sound anything like Shadow Forms, (SCCD 31598 – ed.) which makes his journey all the more interesting to follow. The restless intelligence that informs this fine record only whets the appetite for the next. 1. Fragmented (Andrew Rathbun)2. We Have Nothing But Tears (Andrew Rathbun)3. Around The Same Circles (Andrew Rathbun)4. Break The Chains (Andrew Rathbun)5. 5th Anniversary (Andrew Rathbun)6. Fiasco (Andrew Rathbun)7. Ongoing (Andrew Rathbun)8. Folly (Of The Future Fallen) (Andrew Rathbun)9. Paint Peelings (Andrew Rathbun) UPC/EAN: 716043163021 … Continue reading

Andrew Rathbun – Shadow Forms (SCCD 31598)

1. Street Talk (Joe Lovano)2. To The Matt (Scott Lee)3. Scatter Scott (Andrew Rathbun)4. Drewsie (Scott Lee)5. Pass It In (Andrew Rathbun)6. Herbie At Sixty (Scott Lee)7. Ripple (Andrew Rathbun)8. This Fall 9/11 (Scott Lee)9. Elmo (Andrew Rathbun)10. Look Again (Scott Lee)11. Fifteen Minute Drill (Andrew Rathbun)12. Onmo (Kenny Wheeler) UPC/EAN: 716043159826 … Continue reading

Steve LaSpina – Remember When (SCCD 31540)

Since his first leader album (SCCD 31313 “New Horizon”) in 1992 bassist/composer/leader Steve LaSpina has been acclaimed both as composer and performer for his consistently creative releases on SteepleChase. The latest release “Remember When”, as Mark Gardner describes in the linernotes, “… constitute a recital of rare balance in which heartfelt emotions and poignancy are ever present. ” “… Persistently inventive writing …” “…LaSpina’s originals are deliciously songful ” (The Penguin Guide to Jazz) “ As a bassist, LaSpina evokes a wonderful sound, bent to the task by a solid time concept and intonation. That his understanding of the instrument is comprehensive comes through loud and clear …” (Bill Bennett, … Continue reading