Larry Schneider – Just Cole Porter (SCCD 31291)

SCCD 31291 Just Cole Porter / Larry Schneider Quartet “… the performances are so consistently good across this entire album that choosing one or two to talk about here is a case of trying to pick a first among equals. So let me simply tell you this. Everyone should have an album of jazz arrangements of Cole Porter’s music in their collection. If you don’t, here’s the one. And if you already do, this one is worth your finding room for too …” (Cadence) 1. I love you (Cole Porter)2. I get a kick out of you (Cole Porter)3. I've got you under my skin (Cole Porter)4. Everytime we say … Continue reading

Andy LaVerne – Standard Eyes (SCCD 31280)

SCCD 31280 Standard Eyes / Andy LaVerne Trio Andy LaVerne is no doubt one of the most dedicated pianists/composers today. For this trio recording, Andy concentrates on the well known standard tunes, on which he demonstrates his unique talent of reharmoniziation. “… the trio offers a personal vision of the nine standards from the core of jazz history …” (Jazz In Time) 1. Autumn leaves (Joseph Kosma)2. When you wish upon a star (Harline/Washington)3. There'll never be another you (Harry Warren)4. Just one of those things (Cole Porter)5. You're my everything (Harry Warren)6. Laura (Johnny Mercer)7. Stella by starlight (Victor Young)8. Someday my prince will come (Churchill/Morey)9. On Green Dolphin … Continue reading

Andy LaVerne – Another World (SCCD 31086)

SCCD 31086 Another World / Andy LaVerne Trio This is Andy LaVerne’s debut album under his own name, though his experiences in studios had already been impressive recording with Woody Herman, Stan Getz, Lee Konitz, Frank Sinatra, Ted Curson to mention a few. This trio was Stan Getz’s 1977 rhythm section and as always Stan selected the very competent and exciting instrumentalists for his band. “…. a highly personal album…with mutually coherent original compositions by LaVerne. …music of satisfying and unique material …” (Boris Rabinowitch, Politiken) 1. Spiral (Andy LaVerne)2. Another world (Andy LaVerne)3. Tallboys (Andy LaVerne)4. Arizona (Andy LaVerne)5. Cream puff (Andy LaVerne)6. Utah (Andy LaVerne)7. Straight for life … Continue reading

Andy LaVerne – Severe Clear (SCCD 31273)

SCCD 31237 Severe Clear / Andy LaVerne Quintet “ Here’s a group of young and talented musicians with Andy LaVerne in the center creates the renewed art of jazz on the tradition …” (M.A. Midi-Libre) 1. Severe clear (Andy LaVerne)2. No guts, no glory (Andy LaVerne)3. Plasma pool (Andy LaVerne)4. Fact or fiction (Andy LaVerne)5. Rick's trick (Andy LaVerne)6. Trajectory (Andy LaVerne)7. Three times twice (Andy LaVerne)8. Ethereal spheres (Andy LaVerne) UPC/EAN: 716043127320 … Continue reading

Andy LaVerne, Dave Samuels – Fountainhead (SCCD 31261)

SCCD 31261 Fountainhead / Andy LaVerne & Dave Samuels Pianist Andy LaVerne (b. New York, Dec. 4, 1947) has made some quite intriguing duo recordings since his recording debut on SteepleChase in 1977. This CD with vibraphonist Dave Samuels of Spyro Gyra may belong to the realm of “New Age” jazz. Though “New Age” is synonymous with “boring” for many, don’t be alarmed because “ LaVerne and Samuels are two inventive musicians…clearly know what they are doing and their skill is unquestionable …”(Jazz Journal) and the dialogue between the two is “ un discours plein de sensibilité et de joliesse. A découvrir .” (Revue du Jazz Rhône Alpes) 1. All … Continue reading

Andy LaVerne – Frozen Music (SCCD 31244)

SCCD 31244 Frozen Music / Andy LaVerne Quartet “ Frozen Music, Andy LaVerne’s third album for SteepleChase, is a solid, modern blowing session…he makes skilful use of suspensions, pedal points, and ostinatos, which along with the music’s floating harmonies, give the soloists a wealth of elbow room …” (Mark Stryker, Cadence) 1. Numero uno (Andy LaVerne)2. Nitewriter (Andy LaVerne)3. Is not my problem (Andy LaVerne)4. North country (Andy LaVerne)5. Satan doll (Andy LaVerne)6. Decorative trends (Andy LaVerne)7. The bundo credo (Andy LaVerne)8. Frozen music (Andy LaVerne)9. Blue cycle (Andy LaVerne) UPC/EAN: 716043124428 … Continue reading