Dave Stryker – Strike Up The Band (SCCD 31637)

1. Strike Up The Band (George Gershwin)2. The Message (Xavier Davis)3. Airegin (Sonny Rollins)4. I Love You (Cole Porter)5. What Is This? (Dave Stryker)6. Peace Song (Andy McKee)7. Blues Strut (Dave Stryker)8. Saints And Sinners (Dave Stryker) UPC/EAN: 716043163724 … Continue reading

Ronnie Cuber – N. Y. C.ats (SCCD 31394)

SCCD 31394 N. Y. C.ats / Ronnie Cuber Quintet “… Today <Ronnie Cuber> is among the few leading exponents of bop baritone and for many he remains the most exciting and listenable of the lot with his huge sound, adroit agility and harmonic awareness…His music is jaunty, robust and passionate…We do not look to Ronnie Cuber for genteel, gentle or polite back ground music. To him we turn for gut-wrenching, virile sounds that express a relish for living and a defiant optimism which take the ears by storm …” (Mark Gardner) 1. Mirage (Ronnie Cuber)2. Do Nothin' Till You Hear From Me (Duke Ellington)3. Mimosa (George Benson)4. Humacao (Ronnie Cuber)5. … Continue reading

Walt Dickerson – To My Son (SCCD 31130)

SCCD 31130 To My Son / Walt Dickerson Trio “Few jazz musicians can claim to have invented a new approach to their instrument; among that number is Walt Dickerson…” (Richard Williams, Melody Maker) “…a glimpse into the musings of a totally original musician.” (Greg Murphy, Jazz Journal International) 1. You can (Walt Dickerson)2. You will (Walt Dickerson)3. It is done (Walt Dickerson)4. Thank you son (Walt Dickerson) UPC/EAN: 716043113026 … Continue reading

Ronnie Cuber – In A New York Minute (SCCD 31372)

SCCD 31372 In A New York Minute / Ronnie Cuber Quartet Baritone saxophonist Ronnie Cuber started to play professionally in the early ‘60s. He performed and recorded with Slide Hampton, Maynard Ferguson, George Benson, Lionel Hampton, Woody Herman to mention a few. Cuber made his first appearance on SteepleChase in the Lee Konitz Nonet recording (SCCD 31018). In 1992 he recorded his first leader album for SteepleChase (Air Play, SCCD 31309) which received critical and public acclaim. Here on his second album, Cuber plays some great bop titles and the result is “..another most impressive, highly musical and thoroughly absorbing album..” (Mark Gardner, from the linernotes) 1. Dig (Miles Davis)2. … Continue reading

Walt Dickerson – To My Queen Revisited (SCCD 31112)

SCCD 31112 To My Queen Revisited / Walt Dickerson Trio This is a classic example of SteepleChase’s “re-discovery” endeavour Walt Dickerson is “ one of jazz’s most gifted exponents of the vibraphone ” (Melody Maker). His brilliant technique and warm feeling gave the vibraphone a new dimension. On this fourth release on SteepleChase Dickerson plays in the more traditional style and format. “… Dickerson has released another thoroughly outstanding record .” (Melody Maker) 1. Liz (Walt Dickerson)2. The ultimate you (Walt Dickerson)3. To my queen revisited (Walt Dickerson)4. Liz (Walt Dickerson) UPC/EAN: 716043111220 … Continue reading