Dexter Gordon – The Complete Trio & Quartet Studio Recordings 1974-76 (SCCD 30010/17)

SCCD30010/17 Dexter Gordon “Complete Trio & Quartet Recordings “ SteepleChase released its first LP (SCCD 31001 Live At Montmartre Jackie McLean Quartet) in January 1973. Yes, it’s 30 years ago. SteepleChase celebrates the 30 th anniversary with this special release of Dexter Gordon 8-CD box set with 52-page booklet loaded with hitherto unpublished photos of Dexter and his sidemen. The tenor giant Dexter Gordon was and still is the backbone of SteepleChase throughout the years. The collaboration between Dexter Gordon and SteepleChase in the year 1974 – 1976 coincides with the artist’s peak of his creative power. 1. Some other blues (take 1) (John Coltrane)2. Some other blues (take 2) … Continue reading

Jackie McLean – Tune Up (SCCD 36023)

SCCD 36023 Tune Up / Jackie McLean Quartet The sequel to “Dr. Jackle” (SCCD 36005). Then 34 Jackie McLean was already a mature musician with personal style. “… a live recording in which McLean performs with clarity and beauty backed up by a fine rhythm section …” (Thomas Millroth, Orkester Journal) . 1. Tune up (Miles Davis)2. I remember you (Johnny Mercer)3. Closing (Jackie McLean)4. Jack's tune (Jackie McLean)5. Smile (Charlie Chaplin)6. Closing (Jackie McLean) UPC/EAN: 716043602322 … Continue reading

Jackie McLean – Dr. Jackle (SCCD 36005)

SCCD 36005 Dr. Jackle / Jackie McLean Quartet “The uncompromisingly original” Jackie McLean was the driving force of the early 60s’ Hard Bop and “Free” jazz. Within a year of this live session Jackie cut himself off the recording scene until he reappeared in SteepleChase’s first release “Live At Montmartre” SCCD 31001. “… All modern collections should include a smattering of McLean ..” (Jazz Journal) “ Jackie McLean, a true, acrobatic talent of alto sax …” (Jazz Hot) 1. Dr. Jackle (Jackie McLean)2. Melody for Melonae (Jackie McLean)3. Jossa bossa (Don Moore)4. Little Melonae (Jackie McLean)5. Closing (Jackie McLean) UPC/EAN: 716043600526 … Continue reading

Clifford Jordan – On Stage, Vol. 3 (SCCD 31104)

SCCD 31104 On Stage Vol. 3 / Clifford Jordan Quartet This is the last of the “Live” series of Clifford Jordan and the Magic Triangle (The Cedar Walton Trio) concert at the BIM House in Amsterdam, Holland. The quartet was a frequent visitor to the European jazz scene during the early 70s and impressed critics and the public alike with its brilliantly inventive ensemble performance. 1. Seven minds (Sam Jones)2. Shoulders (Cedar Walton)3. St. Thomas (Traditional)4. Bleecker Street theme (Cedar Walton) UPC/EAN: 716043110421 … Continue reading

Cedar Walton – Third Set (SCCD 31179)

SCCD 31179 Third Set / Cedar Walton Quartet Here’s the final set of that magical evening at Jazzhus Montmartre. Earlier releases of this series are SCCD 31085 “First Set” and SCCD 31113 “Second Set”. 1. Angel in the night (Billy Higgins)2. Bolivia (Cedar Walton)3. Fantasy in D (Cedar Walton)4. Blue Monk (Thelonious Monk)5. Rhythm-a-ning (Thelonious Monk) UPC/EAN: 716043117925 … Continue reading

Clifford Jordan – On Stage, Vol. 2 (SCCD 31092)

SCCD 31092 On Stage Vol. 2 / Clifford Jordan & The Magic Triangle The sequel to SCCD 31071 On Stage Vol. 1 “ In a generation of tenor saxophonists dominated by Coltrane and Rollins, Jordan. has carved out a truly distinctive style. …Integration at an advanced level was one of this band’s chief assets….This record is no mere memento of the past, but a contemporary account of the parent style – one shot through with its characteristic blend of passion and flashing logic …” (Michael James, Melody Maker) 1. Midnight waltz (Cedar Walton)2. Bleecker Street theme (Cedar Walton)3. I should care (Jimmy Van Heusen)4. Stella by starlight (Victor Young)5. Alias … Continue reading

Idrees Sulieman – Now Is The Time (SCCD 31052)

SCCD 31052 Now Is The Time / Idrees Sulieman Quartet “ The quartet exhibits much empathy and rapport, and allows Sulieman’s fully mature trumpet style free reign completely…The entire session is mellow and supremely musical …” (Jazz Forum) 1. Mirror lake (Idrees Sulieman)2. Misty Thursday (Duke Jordan)3. Saturday afternoon at four (Idrees Sulieman)4. A theme for Ahmad (Horace Parlan)5. Now's the time (Charlie Parker)6. The best I could dream (Idrees Sulieman)7. Care free (Idrees Sulieman)8. The best I could dream (Idrees Sulieman) UPC/EAN: 716043105229 … Continue reading

Clifford Jordan – Magic In Munich (SCCD 37013/14)

MID-PRICE SERIES SCCD 37013/14 Magic In Munich / Clifford Jordan & The Magic Triangle Previously issued on SCCD 31033 & SCCD 31047 “.. .a truly fine quartet recording .” (MM) “… This is extremely enjoyable, uncomplicate time playing ..” (Jazz Journal) 1. Firm roots (Cedar Walton)2. Angel in the night (Billy Higgins)3. Scorpio (Sam Jones)4. Bearcat (Clifford Jordan)5. Inga (Billy Higgins)6. Voices deep within me (Cedar Walton)7. One for Amos (Sam Jones)1. Bearcat (Clifford Jordan)2. Seven minds (Sam Jones)3. Impressions of Scandinavia (Clifford Jordan)4. Scorpio (Sam Jones)5. Firm roots (Cedar Walton)6. The house on Maple Street (Cedar Walton)7. Miss Morgan (Sam Jones)8. The highest mountain (Clifford Jordan) UPC/EAN: 716043701322 … Continue reading

Bertha Hope – In Search Of Hope (SCCD 31276)

SCCD 31276 In Search Of Hope / Bertha Hope Trio This is the first leader recording by Elmo Hope’s widow Bertha Rosemond Hope (b. November 8, 1936 in Los Angeles). She started playing piano at the age of three. She became interested in jazz through Bud Powell and turned pro in the early 50s. She has been in the shadow of her legendary husband for a long time but deserves wider recognition on her own. Spain’s Compact magazine put it correctly, “ No es una viuda, es una extraordinaria pianista .” 1. In search of – (Bertha Hope/Walter Booker)2. Pas de trois (Paul Arsianian)3. You know who (Bertha Hope)4. A … Continue reading

Dexter Gordon – Bouncin’ With Dex (SCCD 31060)

SCCD 31060 Bouncin' With Dex / Dexter Gordon Quartet “…Today, more than 30 years after he made his first dates for Savoy, he is playing better than ever. .. From the opener, Billie’s Bounce, the record settles into a beautiful groove and the interest never lets up …” (Mike Hennessey, Jazz Journal International) 1. Billie's bounce (Charlie Parker)2. Easy living (Rubin/Rainger)3. Benji's bounce (Dexter Gordon)4. Catalonian nights (Tete Montoliu)5. Four (Eddie Cleanhead Vinson)6. Easy living (Rubin/Rainger) UPC/EAN: 716043106028 … Continue reading