Steve LaSpina – Moments (SCCD 31642)

Allaboutjazz’s Elliott Simon remarked on LaSpina’s 2004 album “Remember When”, “ There can be something very special about a bassist-led session. Perhaps it is their knowledge of both time and melody that, when coupled with the rich emotional sound of their instrument, results in some of the most creative jazz ….” Once again Steve LaSpina through his sophisticated writing is presenting here an exceptional work. 1. Sometime Soon (Steve LaSpina)2. Tuesday Too (Steve LaSpina)3. Slow Down (Steve LaSpina)4. It's Just A Riff In G (Steve LaSpina)5. Life In No Lane (Steve LaSpina)6. You (Steve LaSpina)7. Moments (Steve LaSpina)8. Why (Steve LaSpina)9. In Place Of (Steve LaSpina) UPC/EAN: 716043164226 … Continue reading

Dave Ballou, Greg Gisbert, Tim Hagans – Jam Session Vol. 22 (SCCD 31614)

1. One Finger Snap (Herbie Hancock)2. Like Someone In Love (Jimmy Van Heusen)3. Mamacita (Joe Henderson)4. Body And Soul (Johnny Green)5. Stella By Starlight (Victor Yount)6. Angel Eyes (Matt Dennis)7. Joy Spring (Clifford Brown)8. Solar (Miles Davis) UPC/EAN: 716043161423 … Continue reading

Dave Ballou – Insistence (SCCD 31611)

On this his 8 th release, the leader Dave Ballou states, “Of the sessions I have made for SteepleChase this one is particularly significant. This recording represents a direction I have been headed in for years: informing one’s self with knowledge and experience, in both art and life, therefore increasing the potential to create a vast experience for the audience. The collaborative creations you hear on this recording are the collective conversations of three people sincerely striving to connect with you, the listener. …” 1. Restraint (Dave Ballou)2. MF (Dave Ballou)3. Insistence (Dave Ballou)4. Upon Reflection (Dave Ballou)5. Randy Starts (Dave Ballou)6. Once Round (Dave Ballou)7. Silly Dance And Coda … Continue reading

Steve LaSpina – Play Room (SCCD 31590)

SCCD 31590 “There can be something very special about a bassist-led session…their knowledge of both time and melody … coupled with the rich emotional sound of their instrument, results in some of the most creative jazz….”, remarked Elliott Simon (All About Jazz) on LaSpina’s previous CD “Remember When” (SCCD 31540), which at the same time was emotionally taxing for Steve. Two years later Steve LaSpina cuts this impressively thoughtful album with renewed energy and enthusiasm. 1. Play Room (Steve LaSpina)2. Do The Math (Steve LaSpina)3. Suite (Steve LaSpina)4. Melissa (Steve LaSpina)5. On The Run (Steve LaSpina)6. Ashcroft Avenue (Steve LaSpina)7. Just Because (Steve LaSpina) UPC/EAN: 716043159024 … Continue reading

Dave Ballou – Regards (SCCD 31573)

On his 7 th CD on the label trumpetter Dave Ballou combines the jazz tradition, free improvisation and modern composition to reflect his ever-evolving musical mind. On Ballou’s earlier release “On This Day“ (SCCD 31504) Duck Baker JazzTimes wrote, “ Listeners who believe that free playing is only about angst and catharsis should check out this impressing and engaging outing .” 1. Tenderly (Hoagy Carmichael)2. Labels (Dave Ballou)3. Bemsha Swing (Thelonious Monk)4. Bumpus (Dave Ballou)5. If I Should Lose You (Ralph Rainger)6. Regards (Dave Ballou)7. I Remember You (Johnny Mercer)8. Blues (Dave Ballou) UPC/EAN: 716043157327 … Continue reading

Dave Ballou – Dancing Foot (SCCD 31556)

The 6 th leader album by trumpeter Dave Ballou finds him in an unusual but fascinating two-bass quartet form. In addition to the two superb bassists John Hebert and Michael Formanek, percussionist Kevin Norton contributes his part on drums and vibes. Here’re excerpts of reviews on Ballou’s earlier releases: “ Ballou plays idea-rich, solidly structured solos…He has a full, warm, cultivated tone; plays very well in the lower as well as upper register…. a thoughtful, melodic improviser… .”(Harvey Pekar/JazzTimes on The Floating World SCCD 31486) “ Ballou’s a formidable writer…Ballou’s music…allows a range of emotions to exist within a particular song …” (Greg Buium/Cadence on Volition SCCD 13460 1. Dancing … Continue reading

Steve LaSpina – Remember When (SCCD 31540)

Since his first leader album (SCCD 31313 “New Horizon”) in 1992 bassist/composer/leader Steve LaSpina has been acclaimed both as composer and performer for his consistently creative releases on SteepleChase. The latest release “Remember When”, as Mark Gardner describes in the linernotes, “… constitute a recital of rare balance in which heartfelt emotions and poignancy are ever present. ” “… Persistently inventive writing …” “…LaSpina’s originals are deliciously songful ” (The Penguin Guide to Jazz) “ As a bassist, LaSpina evokes a wonderful sound, bent to the task by a solid time concept and intonation. That his understanding of the instrument is comprehensive comes through loud and clear …” (Bill Bennett, … Continue reading

Scott Wendholt, Dave Ballou, Greg Gisbert – Jam Session Vol. 5 (SCCD 31536)

“… Dave Ballou, Greg Gisbert and Scott Wendholt pooled their considerable instrumental resources to fashion the fifth session in the SteepleChase landmark series documenting where contemporary jazz and some of its most distinctive voices are at these days. The contents of this CD, its predecessors and the sets to come suggest, most emphatically, that the music and its proponents are in fine shape and good heart …”. (Mark Gardner) On previous SteepleChase Jam Session series, CD Review’s Rick Finlay wrote, “… SteepleChase’s series of jam sessions drawing together the cream of the contemporary jazz world makes a refreshing change these days. ….highly recommended .” 1. Dig (Miles Davis)2. Up jumped … Continue reading

Harold Danko – Prestigious (SCCD 31508)

SCCD 31508 – Harold Danko Quartet "Prestigious" Pianist/Leader/Composer/Educator are a few of the hats worn by Harold Danko. Here he leads his quartet (with special guest Dave Ballou on trumpet) as an interpreter of Eric Dolphy's music. In its seventh recording for SteepleChase, the Harold Danko Quartet explores nine tunes penned by Dolphy. Danko's previous effort for SteepleChase ("NightScapes" SCCD 31490) has received much praise from critics everywhere. "A hauntingly beautiful collection of eight lambent vignetts" (Chuck Berg, Jazz Times, June 2001) "Danko's solos are wonderfully evocative and impressionistic throughout." (Ron Netsky, Rochester City News, March 2001) "Danko is a thoughtful composer/player whose tasteful themes are awash in musical riches" … Continue reading