Dave Stryker – Changing Times (SCCD 31510)

SCCD 31510 Changing Times / Dave Stryker Quintet Recorded at the end of the millennium, Dave Stryker’s latest release (13 th on SteepleChase label) presents a collection of his intriguing original compositions with some different time signatures, perhaps inspired by the times that are changing. “… Changing Times reflects not only the growth of one of jazz’s most exceptional performers but also captures the feelings of working musicians through compositions presaging the future as we head into the new millennium .” (Jim Eigo) 1. Changing times (Dave Stryker)2. Big mouth (Dave Stryker)3. Different worlds (Dave Stryker)4. Capetown (Dave Stryker)5. Julia (John Lennon)6. Circular scene (Dave Stryker)7. Invocation (Steve Slagle)8. Rhythm … Continue reading

Dave Stryker – Shades Of Miles (SCCD 31480)

SCCD 31480 Shades Of Miles / Dave Stryker Dave Stryker, who is ever striving to meet a new challenge, re-examines here on his 12 th album on the label, the impact of Miles Davis’ music from the late 60s. Based on the sound and format of Miles’ “Bitches Brew” period, Stryker creates intriguing music of his own. In the linernotes, renowned tenorman David Liebman comments, ”… Dave Stryker and his band have created a wonderful and joyous palette of sound for you to enjoy with the ghost of the Prince of Darkness looming in the shadows. I could imagine Miles listening and voicing his approval of this recording. Enjoy!! ” … Continue reading

Dave Stryker – All the Way (SCCD 31455)

1. I got rhythm (George Gershwin)2. All the way (Jimmy Van Heusen)3. All or nothing at all (Lawrence/Altman)4. God bless the child (Billie Holiday)5. Dearly beloved (Jerome Kern)6. Brother can you spare a dime (Harburg/Gorney)7. A lazy afternoon (Maross-Latouche)8. The touch of your lips (Ray Noble) UPC/EAN: 716043145522 … Continue reading

Larry Schneider – Ali Girl (SCCD 31429)

SCCD 31429 Ali Girl / Larry Schneider Quartet On his fifth leader album on SteepleChase, Larry Schneider gives his soprano sax a spotlight. With his astonishingly beautiful sound on the instrument Schneider interprets some of the greatest American songs as well as his own intriguing compositions. 1. Skylark (Hoagy Carmichael)2. I'm old fashioned (Jerome Kern)3. Ali girl (Larry Schneider)4. The way you look tonight (Jerome Kern)5. Italian movie (Larry Schneider)6. I thought about you (Jimmy Van Heusen) UPC/EAN: 716043142927 … Continue reading

Danny Walsh – D’s Mood (SCCD 31428)

SCCD 31428 D's Mood / Danny Walsh Quintet A relatively new name for the label but the SteepleChase listeners will remember Danny Walsh’s superb performance on Joe Locke’s 1993 CD “Wire Walker” (SCCD 31332). Here on his first leader album on SteepleChase Walsh surrounds himself with the hippest rhythm section the New York scene can offer to produce this highly energised exuberant CD. 1. D's mood (Danny Walsh)2. Danny boy (Traditional)3. You stepped out of a dream (Brown/Kahn)4. Daydream (Billy Strayhorn)5. Shiny stockings (Frank Foster)6. I hear a rhapsody (Fragos/Baker)7. Sweet Bubby (Danny Walsh)8. Fizzology (Danny Walsh) UPC/EAN: 716043142828 … Continue reading

Dave Stryker – Big Room (SCCD 31426)

SCCD 31426 Big Room / Dave Stryker Quartet On his latest album Dave Stryker put together a superlative group featuring the New York scene’s most original tenor saxophonist Rick Perry. With his “ enormous technique, rock-hard swing, and a penchant for finely-sculpted solos ” (Chicago Weekly) and “ with a soulful, Grant Green tone and one of the most natural sense of melodic invention …”(The Seattle Times) Dave Stryker welcomes you to the Big Room. 1. Big room (Dave Stryker)2. Nascimento (Dave Stryker)3. Hymn (Dave Stryker)4. Jabali (Dave Stryker)5. Mood (Dave Stryker)6. Arrival (Dave Stryker)7. Hymn (reprise) (Dave Stryker) UPC/EAN: 716043142620 … Continue reading

Andy LaVerne – Stan Getz In Chappaqua (SCCD 31418)

SCCD 31418 Stan Getz In Chappaqua / Andy LaVerne Quartet Andy LaVerne’s latest CD on SteepleChase is dedicated to the memory of Stan Getz, one of the most significant saxophone soloists of the 20 th century. LaVerne was the pianist of the Stan Getz quartet from 1977 to 1981 during which period LaVerne wrote most of the new tunes for the quartet. “ Andy LaVerne knew and respected the playing of Stan Getz at first hand. His portrait of the artist is authentic and vividly drawn .” (Mark Gardner) 1. Lester left town (Wayne Shorter)2. Dear old Stockholm (Traditional)3. Early autumn (Ralph Burns)4. Eiderdown (Steve Swallow)5. Blue serge (Mercer Ellington)6. … Continue reading

Dave Stryker – Blue To The Bone (SCCD 31400)

SCCD 31400 Blue To The Bone / Dave Stryker Octet SteepleChase recording artist Dave Stryker’s latest album features the guitarist’s roots in blues. Surrounded by the New York scene’s hippest jazz instrumentalists Stryker presents a dazzling set of “ a perfect marriage of Stryker’s jazzy sensibility and his bluesiest tendencies ” (Bill Milkowski) which will no doubt be acclaimed both by jazz and blues fans. 1. Blues revisited (Dave Stryker)2. Messenger (Steve Slagle)3. Blue to the bone (Dave Stryker)4. Swamp thing (Dave Stryker)5. Bayou blues (Dave Stryker)6. Tchoupitoulas St. (Dave Stryker)7. Muddy waters (Dave Stryker)8. One for Mogie (Brian Lynch) UPC/EAN: 716043140022 … Continue reading

Dave Stryker – The Greeting (SCCD 31387)

SCCD 31387 The Greeting / Dave Stryker Quintet Following the highly acclaimed big band recording NOMAD (SCCD 31371 ), SteepleChase recording artist Dave Stryker is presenting now a quintet without horn to put his guitar up front exploring different rhythms and music from different places as well as jazz. 1. Armageddon (Wayne Shorter)2. The greeting (Dave Stryker)3. Song for Lesley (Dave Stryker)4. Serengeti (Dave Stryker)5. Spirit in the wind (Dave Stryker)6. One for Will (Dave Stryker)7. Azzara (Dave Stryker)8. Requiem/As we used to sing (Dave Stryker) UPC/EAN: 716043138722 … Continue reading