Dave Stryker – Nomad (SCCD 31371)

SCCD 31371 Nomad / Dave Stryker with the Bill Warfield Big Band A very special new album by Dave Stryker, who conceived the idea of recording with a big band when this New York-based Warfield Big Band began playing his tunes. “ With this project we were trying to break some new ground by putting the guitar in front of a big band. It was a thrill to hear my compositions expanded to this format. I owe a big thanks to Bill Warfield and all the great musicians who contributed ….” (Dave Stryker) “…. Showcasing the guitar within the context of a jumping big band has never been better achieved … Continue reading

Dave Stryker – Stardust (SCCD 31362)

SCCD 31362 Stardust / Dave Stryker Trio This recording by guitarist Dave Stryker is a unusual trio with organ. But for Stryker who has played in the Jack McDuff group for a number of years, to have a groovy organist in the band is not so unusual but natural and stimulating, especially so when the organist is the 29 year old wizard of the instrument Joey DeFrancesco. As Dave says in the liner note, this CD serves to remind us of “ what is great about jazz music ”. “ The surging sense of swing of all three men is everywhere apparent in a set which reinforces the values of … Continue reading

Dave Stryker – Full Moon (SCCD 31345)

SCCD 31345 Full Moon / Dave Stryker Quartet Here’s Dave Stryker’s brand new recording with his own quartet. The group has existed for more than 10 years and its close and compatible collaboration among the memebers shows everywhere on this CD. 1. The sphinx (Ornette Coleman)2. I mean you (Thelonious Monk)3. Wise one (John Coltrane)4. Leadbelly sez (Steve Slagle)5. Bayou blues (Dave Stryker)6. Deluge (Wayne Shorter)7. Monk's mood (Thelonious Monk)8. The disguise (Ornette Coleman)9. Full moon (Dave Stryker) UPC/EAN: 716043134526 … Continue reading

Dave Stryker – Passage (SCCD 31330)

SCCD 31330 Passage / Dave Stryker Quintet Here’s the third album of Dave Stryker (b. March 30, 1957 in Omaha, Nebraska) on SteepleChase. “… Stryker plays strong, swinging neo-bop guitar with a clear, luminous, ringing tone, and can handle a range of styles. …The result is somewhat slick, but never boring neo-bop. Lovers of jazz guitar should not hesitate to pick this one up .” (Cadence) 1. In the now (Dave Stryker)2. Kalahari (Steve Slagle)3. Passage (Dave Stryker)4. It's you or no one (Jule Styne)5. Jungle (Dave Stryker)6. Violation (Steve Slagle)7. I fall in love too easily (Jule Styne)8. Minor Jones (Dave Stryker)9. Pursuit (Dave Stryker) UPC/EAN: 716043133024 … Continue reading

Dave Stryker – Blue Degrees (SCCD 31315)

SCCD 31315 Blue Degrees / Dave Stryker Quartet Having worked in the Brother Jack McDuff’s band in the 80s, it was an obvious choice for Dave Stryker to record this his second album for SteepleChase with organ (played by the excellent young organist Larry Goldings). Following the highly acclaimed debut album (Strike Zone SCCD 31277) on SteepleChase, Blue Degrees is firmly confirming the formidable talent of Stryker. “… This is organ combo music for the 90s, very strong and very resilient. Recommended .” (Cadence) 1. Blue degrees (Dave Stryker)2. Scorpian dance (Dave Stryker)3. Alfie (Burt Bacharach)4. Out of bounds (Dave Stryker)5. Spirit in the wind (Dave Stryker)6. Talkin' about J.C. … Continue reading

Dave Stryker – Strike Zone (SCCD 31277)

SCCD 31277 Strike Zone / Dave Stryker Quintet Dave Stryker is undoubtedly one of the most talented of the younger generation of jazz guitarists today. This is the first recording by Stryker on SteepleChase. Born in Omaha, Nebraska on March 30, 1957, Stryker has been playing guitar since he was 10. Unsurprisingly he started out on rock guitar but soon turned to jazz because of George Benson and John Coltrane. Dave moved to New York in 1980 and after a short while established himself in the NY scene as one of the most sought after players playing with among others Lonnie Liston Smith, Jimmy Smith, Stanley Turrentine, Freddie Hubbard, Dizzy … Continue reading