Duke Jordan – Flight To Norway (SCCD 31543)

The collaboration between Duke Jordan and SteepleChase in the 70s represents a major body of Duke Jordan’s creative output both as performing artist and as composer. Duke led his regular trio with Wilbur Little and Dannie Richmond during the extensive Scandinavian tour in the autumn of 1978. This release is from the concert at the Art Museum at Hovikodden, Norway, filled with Duke Jordan’s melodic magic. 1. Jealous blues (Duke Jordan)2. Undecided lady (Duke Jordan)3. If I did – would you? (Duke Jordan)4. The bullet (Shinkansen) (Duke Jordan)5. I should care (Jimmy Van Heusen)6. I'll remember April/Flight to Japan (DePaul/Raye, Duke Jordan)7. Ornithology (Charlie Parker)8. Dancer's call (Duke Jordan)9. Misty … Continue reading

Duke Jordan – Double Duke (SCCD 37039/40)

MID-PRICE SERIES SCCD 37039/40 Double Duke / Duke Jordan Trio Previously issued on SCCD 31135 & SCCD 31165 “Brooklyn pianist enjoys first rate bass and drums backup…He’s one of the giants of the bop era, but his stylings are contemporary and entertaining.” (Recommended album, Billboard) “… while Jordan’s elegantly simple playing is a delight, his compositions are equally intriguing. …the album has the best work I’ve ever heard from Pedersen and solos from Jordan that proceed with the serene clarity of a mountain spring .” (Larry Kart, Chicago Tribune) 1. Change a pace (Duke Jordan)2. I thought you'd call today (Duke Jordan)3. Double Scotch (Duke Jordan)4. Miss Kissed (Duke Jordan)5. … Continue reading

Duke Jordan – Midnight Moonlight (SCCD 31143)

SCCD 31142 Midnight Moonlight / Duke Jordan “.. .The solo album here showcases Jordan as pianist/composer, all 12 pieces are his, a review of 30 years of writing, and it is a delight from first to last notes….this music is timeless .” (Terry Martin, Downbeat) “…. 40 minutes of graceful songs without words …” (Peter Stevens, Windsor Star) 1. Midnight moonlight (Duke Jordan)2. Dance in plaid (Duke Jordan)3. Wait and see (Duke Jordan)4. Mellow mood (Duke Jordan)5. Yes I will (Duke Jordan)6. Table chess (Duke Jordan)7. Orange mist (Duke Jordan)8. Gabrielle's wish (Duke Jordan)9. Jordanish (Duke Jordan)10. Swedish honey (Duke Jordan)11. Danish pastry (Duke Jordan)12. St. Germain (Duke Jordan) UPC/EAN: … Continue reading

Duke Jordan – When You’re Smiling (SCCD 37023/24)

MID-PRICE SERIES SCCD 37023/24 When You're Smiling / Duke Jordan Previously issued on SCCD 31232 & SCCD 31247 “ Have no doubt about it, this is a superb record by a great jazz pianist…He plays with great sensitivity and musical understanding …” (Ray Spencer, Jazz Journal International) “ A most agreeable set that is both eminently listenable and very enterprising…This fine trio record deserves to sell well and spread his name further afield …” (Richard Palmer, Jazz Journal International) 1. Rosetta (Earl Hines)2. If I did – would you? (Duke Jordan)3. Time on my hands (Vincent Youmans)4. As time goes by (Herman/Hupfeld)5. Tall grass (Duke Jordan)6. When you're smiling (Fisher/Goodwin)7. … Continue reading

Duke Jordan – Tivoli Two (SCCD 31193)

SCCD 31193 Tivoli Two / Duke Jordan Trio One of the few remaining first generation bebop piano players, Duke Jordan is still active on the scene. This is the second volume from the relaxed live session at Tivoli Gardens’ jazz club “Slukefter” (earlier release Tivoli One SCCD 31189 ). “ The program offers a well balanced mixture of originals and familiar standards superbly delivered by this top flight trio. …this is sincere, heartfelt jazz at its very best .” (Gerard Futrick, CODA) 1. No problem (Duke Jordan)2. How deep is the ocean (Irving Berlin)3. All the things you are (Jerome Kern)4. Jealous blues (Duke Jordan)5. I cover the waterfront (Green/Heyman)6. … Continue reading

Duke Jordan – Truth (SCCD 31175)

SCCD 31175 Truth / Duke Jordan Trio The late 1970’s were Duke Jordan’s most productive period. Here with his trio from the best seller “Flight To Denmark” (SCCD 31011), Duke Jordan plays Duke Jordan one of the most prolific and superb composers of bop. 1. Lay out blues (Duke Jordan)2. 32nd Street love (Duke Jordan)3. Truth (Duke Jordan)4. There's a star for you (Duke Jordan)5. Misty Thursday (Duke Jordan)6. Hymn to peace (Duke Jordan)7. Lady Linda (Duke Jordan)8. Night train from Snekkersten (Duke Jordan)9. 32nd Street love (take 3) (Duke Jordan)10. Lay out blues (take 1) (Duke Jordan) UPC/EAN: 716043117529 … Continue reading

Duke Jordan – Duke’s Delight (SCCD 31046)

SCCD 31046 Duke's Delight / Duke Jordan Quartet Duke Jordan’s long association with SteepleChase started with Jordan’s visit to Copenhagen in 1973. This session with the very best sidemen New York could offer features Jordan’s own compositions – except for the solo piano rendition of Duke Ellington’s classic In My Solitude . Accompanied by the veteran bassist Sam Jones and the great drummer Al Foster (who joined Miles Davis shortly after this session) the trio provides solid ground for solos by trumpeter Richard Williams, saxman Charlie Rouse and the leader himself. “… Jordan’s restraint and taste shape a music that is haunting in its lyrical qualities while being attractive in … Continue reading

Duke Jordan – Flight To Japan (SCCD 31088)

SCCD 31088 Flight To Japan / Duke Jordan Trio A pioneer of modern jazz piano Duke Jordan made this studio recording during his extremely successful Japan tour. “… Mature trio jazz, played by three guys who know their craft backwards, have stopped showing off and just like to play good melodic swinging music .” (Ralph Laing, Jazz Journal International) “ The pianist plays with his usual restraint and good taste in a well-conceived program ….” (Krin Gabbard, Cadence) 1. Lullaby of the orient (Duke Jordan)2. Bridgetown (Duke Jordan)3. The bullet (Duke Jordan)4. Love hotel (Duke Jordan)5. Stone wall blues (Duke Jordan)6. I can't get started (Vernon Duke)7. Flight to Japan … Continue reading

Duke Jordan – Solo Master Pieces, Vol. 2 (SCCD 31300)

SCCD 31300 Solo Masterpieces Vol. 2 / Duke Jordan “… With Duke Jordan’s refined melodies, his elegant harmonies and his superb delicacy in sonority make this recital indispensable…” (Pierre Schavey, The Lion) 1. 32nd Street love (Duke Jordan)2. If I did – would you? (Duke Jordan)3. Foxie Cakes (Duke Jordan)4. Lullaby of the orient (Duke Jordan)5. There's a star for you (Duke Jordan)6. Bridgetown (Duke Jordan)7. Dance in plaid (Duke Jordan)8. Midnite bump (Duke Jordan)9. Dancer's call (Duke Jordan)10. The bullet (Shinkansen) (Duke Jordan)11. Hymn to peace (Duke Jordan)12. Jordanish (Duke Jordan)13. Downstairs jam (Duke Jordan)14. My heart skips a beat (Duke Jordan)15. Truth (Duke Jordan)16. Deacon's blues (Duke Jordan)17. … Continue reading

Duke Jordan – Solo Master Pieces, Vol. 1 (SCCD 31299)

SCCD 31299 Solo Masterpieces Vol. 1 / Duke Jordan “… the results of Winther exercising a jazz producer’s prerogative, bringing a favourite pianist into the studio solo…and letting him go to work…Jordan shows off a lot of pre-bop based technique…intriguing hearing (Jordan tunes) pared down to bare bones .” (Jerome Wilson, Cadence) 1. Table chess (Duke Jordan)2. Cold Bordeaux blues (Duke Jordan)3. Mellow mood (Duke Jordan)4. Orange mist (Duke Jordan)5. Tall grass (Duke Jordan)6. Kiss of Spain (Duke Jordan)7. Midnight moonlight (Duke Jordan)8. Lady Dingbat (Duke Jordan)9. Misty Thursday (Duke Jordan)10. W'utless (Duke Jordan)11. Night train from Snekkersten (Duke Jordan)12. Hymn to peace (Duke Jordan)13. Lady Linda (Duke Jordan)14. Glad … Continue reading