Andrew Rathbun – Affairs Of State (SCCD 31630)

New York based Canadian saxophonist Andrew Rathbun makes a powerful statements on this new album as predicted by all-about-jazz’ Budd Kopman: “ Rathbun's next album will most likely not sound anything like Shadow Forms, (SCCD 31598 – ed.) which makes his journey all the more interesting to follow. The restless intelligence that informs this fine record only whets the appetite for the next. 1. Fragmented (Andrew Rathbun)2. We Have Nothing But Tears (Andrew Rathbun)3. Around The Same Circles (Andrew Rathbun)4. Break The Chains (Andrew Rathbun)5. 5th Anniversary (Andrew Rathbun)6. Fiasco (Andrew Rathbun)7. Ongoing (Andrew Rathbun)8. Folly (Of The Future Fallen) (Andrew Rathbun)9. Paint Peelings (Andrew Rathbun) UPC/EAN: 716043163021 … Continue reading

Andy LaVerne – Intelligent Design (SCCD 31618)

SCCD 31618Andy LaVerne “Intelligent Design” The instrumentation of piano/organ/drums may be highly unusual but with Andy LaVerne and Gary Varsace on the keyboards the format is a sure winner as their earlier collaboration in “All Ways” (SCCD 31569) – “(LaVerne and Versace) sound absolutely natural and complementing together….two equally appealing keyboard voices…” (Thomas Conrad – JazzTimes) 1. Short Story (Andy LaVerne)2. Ultra Sound (Andy LaVerne)3. Note Worthy (Andy LaVerne)4. Upside (Andy LaVerne)5. Remembrance (Andy LaVerne)6. Ambrosia (Andy LaVerne)7. Tsunami (Andy LaVerne)8. Can Your Glue Do This? (Andy LaVerne)9. Intelligent Design (Andy LaVerne) UPC/EAN: 716043161829 … Continue reading

Dave Scott – Naiveté (SCCD 31608)

Dave Scott comments on this his second CD on SteepleChase, “ It is a joy for me to play regularly with great musicians of this calibre who seem to know instinctively what I am aiming for in each composition. This knowledge and understanding ensures that recording with them is a pleasurable experience." 1. Hypervigilance (Dave Scott)2. Nothing Is Sacred (Dave Scott)3. Oaxaqueno (Dave Scott)4. Chromaddict (Dave Scott)5. Naiveté (Dave Scott)6. Nice Treatment (Dave Scott)7. Sense Of Urgency (Dave Scott) UPC/EAN: 716043160822 … Continue reading

Lee Konitz – OrganicLee (SCCD 31599)

1. Old Folks (Dedate Hill)2. How Long Has This Been Going On (George Gershwin)3. A-Blues (Lee Konitz)4. In Your Own Sweet Way (Dave Brubeck)5. Giant Steps (John Coltrane)6. A Flower Is A Lovesome Thing (Billy Strayhorn)7. Sweet And Lovely (Arnheim/Tobias/Lemare)8. Come Sunday (Duke Ellington)9. My Old Flame (Coslaw/Johnston) UPC/EAN: 716043159925 … Continue reading

Steve LaSpina – Play Room (SCCD 31590)

SCCD 31590 “There can be something very special about a bassist-led session…their knowledge of both time and melody … coupled with the rich emotional sound of their instrument, results in some of the most creative jazz….”, remarked Elliott Simon (All About Jazz) on LaSpina’s previous CD “Remember When” (SCCD 31540), which at the same time was emotionally taxing for Steve. Two years later Steve LaSpina cuts this impressively thoughtful album with renewed energy and enthusiasm. 1. Play Room (Steve LaSpina)2. Do The Math (Steve LaSpina)3. Suite (Steve LaSpina)4. Melissa (Steve LaSpina)5. On The Run (Steve LaSpina)6. Ashcroft Avenue (Steve LaSpina)7. Just Because (Steve LaSpina) UPC/EAN: 716043159024 … Continue reading

Gary Versace – Many Places (SCCD 31589)

SCCD 31589 Gary Versace is “one of the most exciting yet sensitive performers on the Hammond B3 to emerge in recent years.” (Mark Gardner) His SteepleChase leadership debut album “Time And Again” SCCD 31572 drew attention of critic John Kelman of All About Jazz who commented, “…Time And Again is a strong debut, but Versace is capable of much more – a fact that will no doubt be revealed in good time.” No doubt indeed, here on this his second CD you will find an artist with a most original conception offering fascinating musical experiences. 1. Spring Can Really Hang You Up The Most (Tommy Wolf)2. Seen From Above (Gary … Continue reading

Ari Ambrose – On Another Day (SCCD 31587)

1. Bang (Ari Ambrose)2. Who Can I Turn To? (Newley/Bricusse)3. Clueless (Ari Ambrose)4. I Fall In Love Too Easily (Jule Styne)5. Samsara (Ari Ambrose)6. Never Let Me Go (Jay Livingston/Ray Evans)7. Vai chegar (Ari Ambrose)8. On Another Day (Ari Ambrose)9. If I Had You (Shapiro/Campbell/Connelley) UPC/EAN: 716043158720 … Continue reading

Loren Stillman – The Brothers’ Breakfast (SCCD 31586)

1. Under The Influence (Loren Stillman)2. Christmas Socks (Loren Stillman)3. Johnny Rock (Loren Stillman)4. Densities (Loren Stillman)5. Crushed Ice (Loren Stillman)6. Gallops Gallop (Thelonious Monk)7. Folk Song (Loren Stillman)8. Deified (Loren Stillman)9. Today's Tomorrow Song (Loren Stillman)10. The Brothers' Breakfast (Loren Stillman) UPC/EAN: 716043158621 … Continue reading

Tom Guarna – Get Together (SCCD 31577)

Tom Guarna has been active on New York’s jazz scene since the late 80s playing with the Yellow Jackets, Randy Brecker, Lenny White, the Mingus Orchestra, among others. He is also widely known for his collaboration with Blood, Sweat and Tears in the late 90. “… Tom Guarna here makes an impressive, albeit belated, debut at the helm of a highly musical and ever swinging trio who combined for a truly irresistible Get Together .” (Mark Gardner) 1. Segment (Charlie Parker)2. Get Out Of Town (Cole Porter)3. We Used To Be (Tom Guarna)4. Hit Or Miss (Tom Guarna)5. Alaska Basin (Tom Guarna)6. My Old Flame (Johnston / Coslow)7. Swedish Pastry … Continue reading

Gary Versace – Time And Again (SCCD 31572)

SteepleChase is proud to present the leader debut album by organist Gary Versace, who was voted a “rising star” on the Hammond Organ in Downbeat’s 2004 Critics Poll. SteepleChase’ new recording artist Gary Versace is one of the most sought after organists/pianists/accordionists on the elite scene of jazz all over the world. “ Unveiled here is the already mature style of a witty and wise player who has developed a most individual response to the challenges posed by an instrument which offers a myriad possibilities for this highly perceptive practitioner …” (Mark Gardner) 1. Homeland (Gary Versace)2. 2 2 2 (Gary Versace)3. First Things Last (Gary Versace)4. Excuse My Shoes … Continue reading