Greg Burk “The Detroit Songbook” (SCCD 31854)

SCCD 31854 Greg Burk “The Detroit Songbook” Pianist Greg Burk’s striking solo album “Clean Spring” (SCCD 33124) was recorded in Italy and released in March of 2016 to critical and public acclaim. “… Clean Spring will only further burnish his reputation as a deep player and thinker …. Burk’s musical mind is extremely rich and deep, with many crossing currents flowing through it …” (Budd Kopman – AAJ) “… the sustained complementary independence of Burk’s limbs borders on the preternatural. Piano recitals are a near quotidian exercise these days in the crowded jazz arena. Burk’s latest sortie in the idiom boldly stands out.” (Derek Taylor – Dusted Magazine) Here on … Continue reading

Greg Burk “Clean Spring” (SCCD 33124)

SCCD 33124 Greg Burk “Clean Spring” On January 3rd this year one of the greatest contemporary jazz pianists Paul Bley passed away. Bley left a younger generation of inspired artists behind. Greg Burk is one of them, not that he plays like Bley who was his mentor/teacher but he inherited Bley’s nonconformist approach to music. Burk currently a resident of Rome, Italy is no newcomer to the scene. Quite a few of his recordings has been highly acclaimed throughout the world. This strikingly original solo recital is his first release on SteepleChase Lookout with a bonus of a captivating short story by the pianist himself. GREG BURK piano Recorded March … Continue reading