Kirk Knuffke Trio – Little Cross (SCCD 31799)

SCCD 31799 Kirk Knuffke Trio “Little Cross” The leader of this new album Kirk Knuffke has just been voted “Rising Star (trumpet)” of 2015 by the prestigious DownBeat Magazine’s Critics Poll. Kirk moved to NYC just 10 years ago and he has firmly established as one of the most sought after cornetist / composer on the scene. Kirk chose for this his 6th leader/co-leader album somewhat special material (music that relates to spirituality of passing (=funeral)) and executed beautifully with superb support from B-3 organ player Jamie Saft and legendary drummer Hamid Drake. KIRK KNUFFKE cornet JAMIE SAFT Hammond B3, syntheziser HAMID DRAKE drums Recorded December 4, 2014 1 OH … Continue reading

Pierre Dørge – Blui (SCCD 31797)

SCCD 31797 Pierre Dørge: Blui Guitarist/composer Pierre Dørge (b. 28 February 1946 in Copenhagen, Denmark) has been leading the internationally renowned New Jungle Orchestra, which Down Beat hailed as “unabashedly one of Europe’s most sophisticated jazz band” for 35 years, performing in more than 50 countries, enriching his musical vocabulary from different culture all over the world. On this his second quartet album (the first, entitled “Ballad Round The Corner” SCCD 31132 was released 36 years ago with now deceased legendary John Tchicai on alto sax) Pierre Dørge puts his trademark “pan-cultural jazz” energy to his new international ensemble of Kirk Knuffke (cornetist), Hamid Drake (drummer) from USA and Thommy … Continue reading

Pierre Dørge, New Jungle Orchestra – The Olufsen Years 1988-1994 (SCCD 30020/24)

1. Kera Dorong (Pierre Dørge)2. Fats Waller In The Busch Of Leipzig (Pierre Dørge)3. Monkey Forest (Irene Becker)4. Kiss Me In Neanderthal (Pierre Dørge)5. Largo Lapidarius (John Tchicai)6. Bali Sinar Bulan (Pierre Dørge)7. Dancing In The Temple (Pierre Dørge)8. Sun Ra Over La Luna (Pierre Dørge)9. Sinar (Pierre Dørge)10. Munduk (Jesper Zeuthen)11. Did Nielsen Like Jazz? (Pierre Dørge)12. From Bali To Blokhus (Pierre Dørge)13. Wobra Zebra (Pierre Dørge)1. Peer Gynt's Dream (Pierre Dørge)2. Peer Gynt In Congo (Pierre Dørge)3. Early One Morning (Pierre Dørge)4. In The Hall Of The Mountain King (Pierre Dørge)5. Solveig's Dream (Pierre Dørge)6. Peer Gynt And The Boyg (Pierre Dørge)7. Danza ARABA (Pierre Dørge)8. Anitra's Dance … Continue reading

Pierre Dørge, New Jungle Orchestra – Johnny Lives (SCCD 31228)

SCCD 31228 Johnny Lives / Pierre Dørge & New Jungle Orchestra As its name suggests the undertone of this almost big band is African music, for which the South African bassist Johnny Mbizo Dyani had been a great contributor. A few months after Dyani’s untimely death, the guitarist/bandleader Dørge dedicated this recording to the bassist. “… In Pierre Dørge and Jungle Orchestra, jazz and the world music meet in harmony…the best band in today’s universal jazz …” (Jens Gjedsted, Det Fri Aktuelt) 1. Flying out with SAS (Pierre Dørge) 2. Smiling at the foot of the ladder (Pierre Dørge) 3. Lilli goes to town (Pierre Dørge) 4. Manila, Manila (Pierre … Continue reading