Harold Danko – Hinesight (SCCD 31568)

Harold Danko renders his most personal pianistic insight into the music of Earl Hines precisely 100 years after the great piano man’s birth. “… The CD should make everyone dig out their Hines sides and listen again to the pieces and personality that made such an indelible imprint on the jazz muse.” (Mark Gardner) Of the Harold Danko Trio’s 2004 release Trilix SCCD 31551, Steve Futtermn of JazzTimes wrote, “… Danko’s a mature player who knows the power of economy, melodic sense and a refined touch; wasting not a note, his improvisations always tell a compelling story.” 1. Deep Forest (Earl Hines)2. You Can Depend On Me (Earl Hines)3. Rosetta … Continue reading

Rich Perry – East Of The Sun and West Of 2nd Avenue (SCCD 31558)

The compelling performance by the saxophonist throughout this new C D will prove again the true magnitude of talent to the ever-increasing numbers of critics and listeners who have discovered Rich Perry. “…the tenorman’s absolute command goes with a soft-edged tone and an undemonstrative delivery that creates a paradox at the center of his style….”(The Penguin Guide to Jazz On CD) “..As for Perry’s work here, it seems to have moved to an even more inspired level than hitherto, striking and impeccable balance between the cerebral and the emotional.” (Mark Gardner – linernotes) 1. I Thought About You (Jimmy Van Heusen)2. The Touch Of Your Lips (Ray Noble)3. My Ideal … Continue reading

Harold Danko – Trilix (SCCD 31551)

Here’s the 11 th output by the pianist whose steady collaboration with this label was described by the Penguin Guide to Jazz on CD as “ The move to SteepleChase has been nothing but positive for Danko. Producer Nils Winther has an intuitive feel for piano players and he gives Harold a well-rounded, spacious sound that enhances his increasingly positive and resonant playing.” Trilix comprises nine jazz compositions including Duke Jordan’s classic “Flight To Jordan” immaculately performed. 1. Flight to Jordan (Duke Jordan)2. Pee Wee (Tony Williams)3. Elm (Richie Beirach)4. I Wished On The Moon (Ralph Rainger)5. Bloodcount (Billy Strayhorn)6. Monk's Dream (Thelonious Monk)7. What Was (Chick Corea)8. Damned If … Continue reading

Ted Brown – Preservation (SCCD 31539)

Though Ted Brown co-led a CD (“Dig-It” SCCD 31466) with Lee Konitz in 1999, this is the first leader album in some 15 years for this legendary tenor stylist from the Lennie Tristano school. “ Ted has been an uncompromising individualist throughout his stop/start career. From an early age he realised and recognised the importance of following his own path in music. He refused to be thrown off course or swayed by commercial or fashionable considerations. Consequently his playing has retained a personal quality absent from the legions of saxophone clones lacking the courage of their own convictions.” (Mark Gardner) 1. Three little words (Harry Ruby/Burt Kalmar)2. Yesterdays (Jerome Kern)3. … Continue reading

Dick Oatts – South Paw (SCCD 31511)

31511 -Dick Oatts Quintet – "South Paw" Long considered as one of the Big Apple's most in demand sidemen, in recent years alto-tenor saxophonist Dick Oatts has stepped out as a leader. In this his fifth effort as a leader for SteepleChase seven out of the eight tunes are originals. The band is anchored by his long time rhythm section of Dave Santoro on bass and James Oblon on drums. On three of these tunes he is joined by SteepleChase stalwart pianist Harold Danko whom he first met and played with in the Thad Jones/ Mel Lewis Orchestra in the late seventies. Ken Dryden of the AMG All Music Guide … Continue reading

Harold Danko – Prestigious (SCCD 31508)

SCCD 31508 – Harold Danko Quartet "Prestigious" Pianist/Leader/Composer/Educator are a few of the hats worn by Harold Danko. Here he leads his quartet (with special guest Dave Ballou on trumpet) as an interpreter of Eric Dolphy's music. In its seventh recording for SteepleChase, the Harold Danko Quartet explores nine tunes penned by Dolphy. Danko's previous effort for SteepleChase ("NightScapes" SCCD 31490) has received much praise from critics everywhere. "A hauntingly beautiful collection of eight lambent vignetts" (Chuck Berg, Jazz Times, June 2001) "Danko's solos are wonderfully evocative and impressionistic throughout." (Ron Netsky, Rochester City News, March 2001) "Danko is a thoughtful composer/player whose tasteful themes are awash in musical riches" … Continue reading

Harold Danko – Night Scapes (SCCD 31490)

With his quartet of almost 10 years’ close working relationship, Harold Danko gets the chance to engage his talent both as performer and as composer to the fullest. In this latest album composer Harold Danko invites us into his impressionistic night. “ Harold Danko’s Nightscapes are drawn with insight and beauty and with his own distinctive touch of mystery ….” (Mark Gardner – from the linernotes.) 1. Prologue and episodes (Harold Danko)2. Night space (Harold Danko)3. First dream (Harold Danko)4. The idea loop (Harold Danko)5. Fourth hour (Harold Danko)6. Insomnique (Harold Danko)7. Weightless (Harold Danko)8. Times' irony (Harold Danko) UPC/EAN: 716043149025 … Continue reading

Dick Oatts – Standard Issue Volume 2 (SCCD 31482)

SCCD 31482 Standard Issue Vol. 2 / Dick Oatts Trio/Quartet A brilliant sequel to the highly acclaimed Standard Issue (SCCD 31439) of 1998, this volume has a welcome addition of pianist Harold Danko on three of the five tracks. In the warm atmosphere of live house, the band gets extra energy from the appreciative audiences. Dick Oatts’ personal sound on alto sax (and tenor sax on one track) is once again a real treat for all listeners. 1. Stella by starlight (Victor Young)2. On Green Dolphin Street (Bronislav Kaper)3. Love thy neighbor (Harry Revel)4. Moonlight in Vermont (Suessdorf / Blackburn)5. You stepped out of a dream (Brown/Kahn) UPC/EAN: 716043148226 … Continue reading