Dave Stryker – Blue To The Bone III (SCCD 31524)

SCCD 31524 Dave Stryker/Blue To The Bone III 1. Stan's shuffle (Stanley Turrentine)2. Complicity (Dave Stryker)3. Crazy house (Steve Slagle)4. If 6 was 9 (Jimi Hendrix)5. For Jack & T (Dave Stryker)6. Going home (Dave Stryker)7. So long Eric (Charles Mingus)8. Soulful Mr. Timmons (James Williams)9. Doin' the bone (Dave Stryker) UPC/EAN: 716043152421 … Continue reading

Rick Margitza – Work It (SCCD 31358)

SCCD 31358 Work It / Rick Margitza Quartet Rick Margitza (b. 1963) is already an accomplished tenor and soprano saxophonist, having recorded three leader albums for Blue Note. Margitza’s contribution as a sideman on two of Andy LaVerne’s “Frozen Music” SCCD 31244 and “ Severe Clear” SCCD 31273 and Dave Stryker’s “Blue Degrees” SCCD 31315 impressed Nils Winther so much that the recording of a leader album was a matter of time. “… He puts together an impressive array of musical assets here, working them faithfully in keeping with the title, to ensure satisfaction between the ears. His leadership and organization are impressive …” (Mark Gardner) 1. Steppin' out (Steve … Continue reading