Rich Perry – Beautiful Love (SCCD 31360)

SCCD 31360 Beautiful Love / Rich Perry Trio Following his successful first recording on SteepleChase SCCD 31331 “To Start Again ”, tenor man Rich Perry selected eight tunes from the classic Broadway/Hollywood repertoire which he approaches from a fresh and creative angle. “… Rich Perry’s music comes at you straight, undiluted, honest, passionate and persuasive. It’s filled with Beautiful Love – and we all need that in our lives …” (Mark Gardner) 1. In love in vain (Jerone Kern)2. Prisoner of love (Columbo/Robin/Gaskill)3. All the things you are (Jerome Kern)4. I fall in love too easily (Jule Styne)5. But not for me (George Gershwin)6. Beautiful love (Victor Young)7. I can't … Continue reading

Dave Stryker – Full Moon (SCCD 31345)

SCCD 31345 Full Moon / Dave Stryker Quartet Here’s Dave Stryker’s brand new recording with his own quartet. The group has existed for more than 10 years and its close and compatible collaboration among the memebers shows everywhere on this CD. 1. The sphinx (Ornette Coleman)2. I mean you (Thelonious Monk)3. Wise one (John Coltrane)4. Leadbelly sez (Steve Slagle)5. Bayou blues (Dave Stryker)6. Deluge (Wayne Shorter)7. Monk's mood (Thelonious Monk)8. The disguise (Ornette Coleman)9. Full moon (Dave Stryker) UPC/EAN: 716043134526 … Continue reading

Paul Bley – If We May (SCCD 31344)

SCCD 31344 If We May / Paul Bley Trio It has been 40 years since Paul Bley cut his first album and he has been one of the most original exponents of jazz piano during these years. Though most of the titles here have been recorded by Bley before, every Paul Bley fan knows and expects that everything he touches turns out a totally new creation. Bley’s trademark unpredictability makes the interaction between the leader and the rhythm section immensely exciting. 1. Long ago and far away (Jerome Kern)2. Don't explain (Billie Holiday)3. If we may (Paul Bley)4. Indian summer (Herbert/Dubin)5. All the things you are (Jerome Kern)6. Goodbye (Gordon … Continue reading

George Cables – I Mean You (SCCD 31334)

SCCD 31334 I Mean You / George Cables Trio There is no doubt that George Cables is one of the finest piano players today’s jazz scene can offer. Recorded in April last year this CD is packed with energy and intensity, which is not surprising, after all what else can one expect from a powerful player like Cables backed by rock-solid bass of Anderson and dynamite drums of Nussbaum? 1. Woofin' and tweetin' (Gene Ammons)2. Who can I turn to? (Newley/Bricusse)3. I mean you (Thelonious Monk)4. For heaven's sake (Meyer/Brown/Edwards)5. Blackfoot (George Cables)6. But he knows (George Cables)7. All or nothing at all (Lawrence/Altman)8. Lush life (Billy Strayhorn)9. Double or … Continue reading

Dave Stryker – Passage (SCCD 31330)

SCCD 31330 Passage / Dave Stryker Quintet Here’s the third album of Dave Stryker (b. March 30, 1957 in Omaha, Nebraska) on SteepleChase. “… Stryker plays strong, swinging neo-bop guitar with a clear, luminous, ringing tone, and can handle a range of styles. …The result is somewhat slick, but never boring neo-bop. Lovers of jazz guitar should not hesitate to pick this one up .” (Cadence) 1. In the now (Dave Stryker)2. Kalahari (Steve Slagle)3. Passage (Dave Stryker)4. It's you or no one (Jule Styne)5. Jungle (Dave Stryker)6. Violation (Steve Slagle)7. I fall in love too easily (Jule Styne)8. Minor Jones (Dave Stryker)9. Pursuit (Dave Stryker) UPC/EAN: 716043133024 … Continue reading

Red Rodney – Red Snapper (SCCD 31252)

SCCD 31252 Red Snapper / Red Rodney Quintet “… at 62, he plays with the ebullient spirit more typical of men half his age…His group is with him every step of the way… push, cajole and goad Rodney into playing to his limit…his execution seems to have become sharper, and he’s playing with more abandon now than ever …” (Mark Stryker, Cadence) 1. Shutters (Gary Dial)2. Ugetsu (Cedar Walton)3. What'll I do? (Irving Berlin)4. Sonato for Joan (Gary Dial)5. For you (Gary Dial)6. Red snapper (Bobby Shew)7. Splurge (McManus)8. Greensleeves/Giant Steps (Traditional/John Coltrane) UPC/EAN: 716043125227 … Continue reading

Red Rodney – One For Bird (SCCD 31238)

SCCD 31238 One For Bird / Red Rodney Quintet “… this is a lively and cohesive bop band of real intrinsic merit…(Rodney) is an exciting exponent of bop. His presence gives this group authenticity, and as such groups go it is a very musical and attractive one…” (David Badham, Jazz Journal International) 1. Little Willie leaps (Charlie Parker)2. My little suede shoes (Charlie Parker)3. Embraceable you (George Gershwin)4. Blues for Alice (Charlie Parker)5. My foolish heart (Victor Young)6. The night has a thousand eyes (Bernier-Brainin)7. Red arrow 88 (Red Rodney)8. Ladybird (Tadd Dameron)9. Buzzy (Charlie Parker)10. Let's cool one (Thelonious Monk) UPC/EAN: 716043123827 … Continue reading