Jed Levy – Italian Suite (SCCD 31772)

SCCD 31772 Jed Levy Quartet “The Italian Suite” In the past two decades saxophonist Jed Levy has been the stalwart of New York jazz scene leading his own group or performing with such luminaries as Jaki Byard, Junior Mance, Eddie Henderson, Jack Walrath, Kevin Mahogany, Tom Harrell, among other. On this his 7 th SteepleChase release Jed Levy the composer takes the center stage and presents an album-length suite with each section relating to Jed’s impression of Italy where he made numerous trips and gave concerts. “ Very Impressive and about as inventive a departure from the standard tenor-and –rhythm conventions as one can hope for….a first-class session .” (The … Continue reading

Jed Levy – Rain (SCCD 31745)

Frequent leader on the label Jed Levy called upon for this new album pianist George Colligan and bassist Ron McClure both of whom were the sidemen of Jed’s remarkable SteepleChase debut “Sleight of Hand” (SCCD 31383). “ Very impressive and about as inventive a departure from the standard tenor-and-rhythm conventions as one can hope for… ” (The Penguin Guide to Jazz on CD – on “Sleight of Hand”) “… saxophonist Jed Levy delivers one of the most enjoyable albums of the year. It's also accessible, straight-ahead music that everyone can enjoy …” (George Kanzler AAJ on “One Night At The Kitano” SCCD —-) 1. Stomp In F Sharp Minor (Jed … Continue reading

Jed Levy – One Night At The Kitano (SCCD 31669)

Saxophonist Jed Levy took his group to the Kitano Hotel bar-lounge, one of the hippest live spots on Park Avenue in New York City to make this exciting live recording in September 2008. On Jed’s previous album “ Evans Exploration” SCCD 31648 Elliott Simon Of Allaboutjazz wrote, “… Levy succeeds remarkably well through his own impressionistic gentle touch, …. This is a unique depiction of Evans' songbook .” 1. A Great Week (Jed Levy)2. Fallen Eagle (Jed Levy)3. Reversible You (Jed Levy)4. A Flower Is A Lovesome Thing (Billy Strayhorn)5. Limited Means (Jed Levy)6. Match Point (Jed Levy)7. Blues Excerpt (Jed Levy) UPC/EAN: 716043166923 … Continue reading

Jed Levy – Evans Explorations (SCCD 31648)

Jed Levy’s interpretation of Duke Ellington compositions released on “Mood Ellington” (SCCD —–) was well received by critics and listeners. On this latest CD Levy explores the extraordinary legacy of one of the most influencial pianists of our time, Bill Evans. David Franklin of JazzTimes wrote on “Mood Ellignton”, “ Tenorist/flutist Jed Levy's Mood Ellington can be both admired and enjoyed for its imaginative reworkings of some lesser-known Duke Ellington compositions, all performed with skill and affection by a stellar quintet …” 1. Blue And Green (Bill Evans)2. Very Early (Bill Evans)3. Jazz Samba (Claus Ogerman)4. Time Remembered (Bill Evans)5. The Dolphin (Luiz Eca)6. Laurie (Bill Evans)7. 12 Tone Tune … Continue reading

Jed Levy – Gateway (SCCD 31606)

When reviewing Levy’s previous release SCCD 31579 “ Mood Ellington”, BBC Music Magazine’s Richard Cook wrote, “… Levy offers one of the richest tenor sounds in contemporary jaz z…” 1. Life Of Riley (Jed Levy)2. Irony (Jed Levy)3. Gateway (Jed Levy)4. Lost April (Newman/Spencer/DeLange)5. Positivity (Jed Levy)6. Chorale (Jed Levy)7. How Am I To Know (Jack King)8. Afterthought Blues (Jed Levy)9. Carillon (Jed Levy) UPC/EAN: 716043160624 … Continue reading

Jed Levy – Mood Ellington (SCCD 31579)

“…The strength of the material inspired all of us and it was great to hear these tunes come to life. What started out as an early morning record date with some very challenging music soon progressed into downright fun and we all left with a smile on our face. I hope the smile is contagious as you share with us the joy that is the music of Duke Ellington. (Jed Levy) 1. New World A-Comin' (Duke Ellington)2. Action In Alexandria (Duke Ellington)3. Mood Indigo (Duke Ellington)4. Dancers In Love (Duke Ellington)5. Haupé (Duke Ellington)6. Blue Rose (Duke Ellington)7. Neo Hip Hot Cool Kiddies Community (Duke Ellington)8. Race (Duke Ellington)9. Ad … Continue reading

Ron McClure – Age Of Peace (SCCD 31544)

Harvey Siders in his JazzTimes review (Dec. 2002) of the first release (“Match Point” SCCD 31517) of this group concluded his writing by remarking, “Here’s hoping this two-year-old combo stays together.” Ron McClure Quartet does stay together, performing in and around New York area and dedicates another superb album here “ For those affected by the tragic events of the recent past, we dedicate our music and express our hopes for a long overdue Age of Peace on our Earth” .(Ron McClure) 1. Philly Bridge (Jed Levy)2. Age of peace (Ron McClure)3. Sideways (Bob Devos)4. Summer's end (Ron McClure)5. Gateway (Bob Devos)6. Sixth sense (Bob Devos)7. Moment of truth (Ron … Continue reading

Don Friedman – My Foolish Heart (SCCD 31534)

“Don Friedman is probably playing better now than at any other period of his splendid career. Maturity has brought a deepening of emotional expression, a refinement of touch and the knowledge of exactly how much he wants to say within a given performance……On this beautifully conceived and executed CD, Don is in the bright company of three musicians who share his aims and ideals, and hold true to the tenets of balancing spontaneity with organisational clarity and discipline…” (Mark Gardner – linernotes) On Friedman’s previous release “My Romance” (SCCD 31403) The Penguin Guide to Jazz On CD wrote “…Piano jazz of a high order, and probably now our album of … Continue reading

Ron McClure – Match Point (SCCD 31517)

SCCD 31517 – Ron McClure Quartet “Match Point” Bassist/composer Ron McClure is also an avid tennis player. The group on this CD founded originally to give concerts for the Riverside Clay Tennis Association became McClure’s newest regular group. Considering McClure’s career background that includes Wynton Kelly, Marian McPartland, the early fusion band Fourth Way, the Jazz-Rock group Blood, Sweat and Tears, the Charles Lloyd Quartet, Thelonious Monk, among others, it is not surprising to find this group with the blend of diverse musical styles. McClure is not only a strong bassist with technical excellence but “… he is also an exceptional composer who draws on non-jazz tonalities with great confidence … Continue reading