Harold Danko – Next Age (SCCD 31350)

SCCD 31350 Next Age / Harold Danko Quartet Pianist/composer Harold Danko is best known for his association with hosts of jazz luminaries including Chet Baker, Gerry Mulligan, Woody Herman, Lee Konitz, Thad Jones and Mel Lewis. This is Danko’s first recording under his own name for SteepleChase leading his working group. Understanding and communicative closeness of the band of longstanding cooperation are reflected in the music at all times. 1. Waiting time (Harold Danko)2. For Bud (Harold Danko)3. Ice mirror (Harold Danko)4. Gregarious solitude (Harold Danko)5. Silk lady (Harold Danko)6. Next age (Harold Danko)7. Rhythm's child (Harold Danko)8. Luz caverna (Harold Danko)9. Subindo (Harold Danko) UPC/EAN: 716043135028 … Continue reading

Dave Stryker – Full Moon (SCCD 31345)

SCCD 31345 Full Moon / Dave Stryker Quartet Here’s Dave Stryker’s brand new recording with his own quartet. The group has existed for more than 10 years and its close and compatible collaboration among the memebers shows everywhere on this CD. 1. The sphinx (Ornette Coleman)2. I mean you (Thelonious Monk)3. Wise one (John Coltrane)4. Leadbelly sez (Steve Slagle)5. Bayou blues (Dave Stryker)6. Deluge (Wayne Shorter)7. Monk's mood (Thelonious Monk)8. The disguise (Ornette Coleman)9. Full moon (Dave Stryker) UPC/EAN: 716043134526 … Continue reading

Steve LaSpina – Eclipse (SCCD 31343)

SCCD 31343 Eclipse / Steve LaSpina Quartet Bassist Steve LaSpina (b. March 24, 1954 in Texas) is one of the leading figures of New York’s jazz scene today. Following his first leader album on SteepleChase (SCCD 31313 New Horizon), LaSpina surrounds himself with the same empathic sidemen as the previous album and continues to concentrate on his own compositions which “ focus on nuance and subtlety ” (JazzTimes). Besides leading his own group presented here, Steve works regularly with Richie Beirach, Bob Brookmeyer, Tommy Flamagan, Dave Liebmann among others. 1. Inside out (Steve LaSpina)2. New life (Steve LaSpina)3. What? (Steve LaSpina)4. Eclipse (Steve LaSpina)5. Just so you know (Steve LaSpina)6. … Continue reading

Rich Perry – To Start Again (SCCD 31331)

SCCD 31331 To Start Again / Rich Perry Quartet Tenor Saxophonist Rich Perry is one of the most exciting new artists on the scene today. Rich joined The Thad Jones-Mel Lewis Big Band shortly after he moved to New York from his hometown Cleveland, Ohio in 1976 and has been an active part of the big Apple’s jazz scene since. This is Rich’s first leader album and the quartet here is his regular group over two years. “ … Perry comes forward as an powerful, eloquent and mature soloist with a wonderfully warm tone …” (Århus Stiftstidende) “ Tenor saxophonist Rich Perry is an impassioned yet cerebral wailer whose lithe … Continue reading

Steve Slagle – The Steve Slagle Quartet (SCCD 31323)

SCCD 31323 The Steve Slagle Quartet / Steve Slagle Quartet “… Slagle is an exceptionally clever and erudite improviser…Slagle’s new CD richly repays careful listening .” (Cadence) “… He’s a developed soloist, with smooth phrasing and an affinity for speed…..fine record .” (Down Beat) 1. Leadbelly sez (Steve Slagle)2. Mondo (Steve Slagle)3. Dream life (Steve Slagle)4. Sphere itself (Steve Slagle)5. Four in one (Thelonious Monk)6. Remembrance (Jim Pepper)7. Up time (Steve Slagle)8. Lonely woman (Ornette Coleman)9. Out of bounds (Dave Stryker) UPC/EAN: 716043132324 … Continue reading

Dave Stryker – Blue Degrees (SCCD 31315)

SCCD 31315 Blue Degrees / Dave Stryker Quartet Having worked in the Brother Jack McDuff’s band in the 80s, it was an obvious choice for Dave Stryker to record this his second album for SteepleChase with organ (played by the excellent young organist Larry Goldings). Following the highly acclaimed debut album (Strike Zone SCCD 31277) on SteepleChase, Blue Degrees is firmly confirming the formidable talent of Stryker. “… This is organ combo music for the 90s, very strong and very resilient. Recommended .” (Cadence) 1. Blue degrees (Dave Stryker)2. Scorpian dance (Dave Stryker)3. Alfie (Burt Bacharach)4. Out of bounds (Dave Stryker)5. Spirit in the wind (Dave Stryker)6. Talkin' about J.C. … Continue reading

John Abercrombie, Andy LaVerne – Now It Can Be Played (SCCD 31314)

SCCD 31314 Now It Can Be Played / John Abercrombie – Andy LaVerne Quartet “ The paring of guitarist Abercrombie and pianist LaVerne is so logical. Both are strong melodists who seem to relish a set of good, difficult changes …” (Cadence) 1. Now it can be played (Andy LaVerne)2. I wish I knew (Harry Warren)3. Shadow and fog (Andy LaVerne)4. John's waltz (John Abercrombie)5. Cat nap (Andy LaVerne)6. Yesterdays (Jerome Kern)7. Labour day (John Abercrombie)8. Waltz king (Andy LaVerne) UPC/EAN: 716043131426 … Continue reading

Steve LaSpina – New Horizon (SCCD 31313)

SCCD 31313 New Horizon / Steve LaSpina Quartet “ Bassist Steve LaSpina is a marvellously gifted player, a superb accompanist and a lyrically inventive soloist. ….As demonstrated here, LaSpina’s also a composer and leader willing to focus on nuance and subtlety – dare one say, musicality! – rather than displays of in-your-face technical bravado …” (Chuck Berg, JazzTimes) 1. Folksong (Steve LaSpina)2. You can't go back (Steve LaSpina)3. Socks (Steve LaSpina)4. Behind you (Steve LaSpina)5. Reunion (Steve LaSpina)6. Vicki's dream (Steve LaSpina)7. Morning run (Steve LaSpina)8. Don't ask (Steve LaSpina)9. New horizon (Steve LaSpina)10. Folksong (Steve LaSpina) UPC/EAN: 716043131327 … Continue reading

Ron McClure – Sunburst (SCCD 31306)

SCCD 31306 Sunburst / Ron McClure Sextet “ McClure leads a crew of bright, fresh musicians through a program of bright, fresh compositions…The music sparkles throughout …The lines are not simple to start with, yet the sextet roars through them…This is very fine neo-bop, indeed .” (David Dupont, Cadence) 1. Sunburst (Ron McClure)2. Count your blessings (Ron McClure)3. No false idols (Conrad Herwig)4. Renegade (Ron McClure)5. Scorpitarius (Ron McClure)6. Ray Charles Ives (LeeAnn Ledgerwood)7. Her warm touch (Ron McClure)8. Flannel Tommy gun (Ron McClure)9. Shorts (Tim Hagans) UPC/EAN: 716043130627 … Continue reading