Dave Scott – Nonchalant (SCCD 31664)

“ The music presented here …. demands attentive listening. ….The shades and textures woven by the Scott Five are neither random nor nonchalant, but carefully coloured and contoured. It is absorbing music that grows on you more with each hearing (Contributor, Jazz Journal International since 1962) On Scott’s earlier album “Song for Amy” (SCCD 31561), Cadence’s Dave Dupont wrote, “… balance between drawing resources from the poat and expressing musical ideas with in-the-moment urgency is what makes me inclined to sing the praises of Scott’s song .” 1. Nonchalant (Dave Scott)2. Afterthoughts (Dave Scott)3. Frenetic Meditation (Dave Scott)4. Ubiquitous Cat (Dave Scott)5. Hanging And Dealing (Dave Scott)6. On A Certain … Continue reading

Dave Scott – Naiveté (SCCD 31608)

Dave Scott comments on this his second CD on SteepleChase, “ It is a joy for me to play regularly with great musicians of this calibre who seem to know instinctively what I am aiming for in each composition. This knowledge and understanding ensures that recording with them is a pleasurable experience." 1. Hypervigilance (Dave Scott)2. Nothing Is Sacred (Dave Scott)3. Oaxaqueno (Dave Scott)4. Chromaddict (Dave Scott)5. Naiveté (Dave Scott)6. Nice Treatment (Dave Scott)7. Sense Of Urgency (Dave Scott) UPC/EAN: 716043160822 … Continue reading

Dave Scott – Song For Amy (SCCD 31561)

This is trumpeter/composer Dave Scott’s leader debut CD, though Dave has been one of the most sought after musicians both on East and West Coasts performing with Gerry Mulligan, Tom Harrell, Clark Terry, Kim Richmond, among others. “… in Song For Amy Dave Scott and his men have laid down an important first marker with this inaugural CD which confirms that this is a group with much to say and a stimulating, unhackneyed way of saying it .” (Mark Gardner form the linernotes) 1. Vindaloo (Dave Scott)2. Walls (Dave Scott)3. Coercion (Dave Scott)4. Song For Amy (Dave Scott)5. Scooper (Dave Scott)6. W.S. (Dave Scott)7. Profound Dilution (Dave Scott) UPC/EAN: 716043156122 … Continue reading

Ari Ambrose – United (SCCD 31518)

SCCD 31518 – Ari Ambrose Trio – " United" Tenor Saxophonist Ambrose explores tunes by Monk, Jobim, Strayhorn, Coltrane among others with only Jeff Williams (dr) and Jay Anderson (bass) to accompany him. Ambrose states that this is his favorite setting to play in because "there is something about the space and harmonic freedom with just bass and drums that inspires me." "Ambrose's tenor speaks with the brusque swagger of a young Rollins and his upper register forays more than a hint at the Lovano influence, still Ambrose is well on the way to developing a very mature and appealing voice." Chris Hovan – jazzreview.com. This CD marks Ambrose's fifth … Continue reading

Dave Ballou – Amongst Ourselves (SCCD 31436)

SCCD 31436 Amongst Ourselves / Dave Ballou Quartet “ One of the most interesting trumpet voice on the scene today belong to Dave Ballou ” is the remarks by fellow trumpeter Tim Hagans. It’s been a while since musicians started talking about this interesting trumpeter and it was a matter of time that Dave Ballou made this his leader album. “… it is an impressive and highly personal leadership debut as the quartet shapes these performances with considerable imagination …” (Mark Gardner) 1. All about Joey (Dave Ballou)2. Blake's vision (Dave Ballou)3. Amongst ourselves (Dave Ballou)4. Phone Queen (Dave Ballou)5. Boom boom (Dave Ballou)6. The great matter (Dave Ballou)7. 7.5 … Continue reading

Jeff Williams – Coalescence (SCCD 31308)

SCCD 31308 Coalescence / Jeff Williams Quintet This is the first leader recording by drummer Jeff Williams whose impressive list of credits includes Stan Getz, Bill Evans, Dave Liebman, Richie Beirach, Dizzy Gillespie among others. “… The eight themes here are resoundingly free of hard bop cliché or empty rhetoric…throughout, Williams works to make the music unpredictable… Excellent sound .” (The Penguin Guide to Jazz) 1. Eyes of recognition (Jeff Williams)2. Missing link (Jeff Williams)3. Skulduggery (Jeff Williams)4. Dialogue/Coalescence (Jeff Williams)5. Wondering (Jeff Williams)6. Debrosses Street (Jeff Williams)7. Autonomy (Jeff Williams)8. The messenger (Jeff Williams) UPC/EAN: 716043130825 … Continue reading

Paul Bley – Paul Plays Carla (SCCD 31303)

SCCD 31303 Paul Bley Plays Carla Bley / Paul Bley Trio “ …(This CD) features ten pieces by Carla Bley, his former wife, that he has been paying for thirty years but he’s still finding new things in them. Some of these tunes are surprisingly frisky given Bley’s austere reputation…this is another excellent one, edgy, tart and brimming with tension and passion. ” (Jerome Wilson, Cadence) 1. Vashkar (Carla Bley)2. Floater (Carla Bley)3. Seven (Carla Bley)4. Around again (Carla Bley)5. Ida Lupino (Carla Bley)6. Turns (Carla Bley)7. And now the queen (Carla Bley)8. Ictus (Carla Bley)9. Olhos de gato (Carla Bley)10. Donkey (Carla Bley) UPC/EAN: 716043130320 … Continue reading

Kevin Hays – Ugly Beauty (SCCD 31297)

SCCD 31297 Ugly Beauty / Kevin Hays Trio When Producer Nils Winther heard him in 1990 on a Ron McClure recording (SCCD 31279 “Never Forget”), he knew immediately he found an exceptional talent. Kevin Hays cut his first leader album for the label three months after the McClure date at the age of 22. This is his second leader album and like his debut album it shows his incredible maturity especially on ballads. Kevin who was already one of the rising stars on the New York scene caused quite a stir with his CDs. “ Hays’ development will be interesting to watch …” (Cadence) “… Voil� , � coup sûr, … Continue reading