Jim McNeely – Rain’s Dance (SCCD 31412)

SCCD 31412 Rain's Dance / Jim McNeely Quintet “ This is the inter-continental jazz of the seventies, strong, confident …” (Spike Wells, Jazz Journal International) 1. Wishful thinking (Jim McNeely)2. Little green men (Jim McNeely)3. Tipe tizwe (Traditional)4. Rain's dance (Jim McNeely)5. Song For the crazy one (Jim McNeely)6. Rain's dance (Jim McNeely) UPC/EAN: 716043141227 … Continue reading

Louis Smith – Ballads For Lulu (SCCD 31268)

SCCD 31268 Ballads For Lulu / Louis Smith Quartet “ Trumpeter Louis Smith recorded for Blue Note in the 50s, joined the Horace Silver Quintet – then gave it all up for a career in teaching. Twenty years later he reappeared on SteepleChase and Ballads For Lulu may be his finest set since the comeback….Lovely, laid-back, late-night blowing …” (WIRE) 1. Portrait of Jennie (Robinson)2. Lulu (Louis Smith)3. Time after time (Jules/Cahn Styne)4. Polkadots and moonbeams (Jimmy Van Heusen)5. Old folks (Dedate Hill)6. Smoke gets in your eyes (Jerome Kern)7. Laura (Johnny Mercer)8. Cry me a river (Hamilton)9. Don't blame me (Jimmy McHugh) UPC/EAN: 716043126828 … Continue reading

Mike Richmond – Dance For Andy (SCCD 31267)

SCCD 31267 Dance For Andy / Mike Richmond Quartet “ This is an excellent example of CD’s advantage over LP. The playing time is almost 1 1/4 hours and the sound is superb DDD; the music is all of a very high quality…I’ve played this CD a good many times since receiving it, and its appeal has in no way diminished. Could be one for my Top Ten of 1991.” (Mike Shera, Jazz Journal International ) 1. Conflictions (Mike Richmond)2. Invitation (Bronislav Kaper)3. Emily (Johnny Mandel)4. Dance for Andy (Mike Richmond)5. I remember Clifford (Benny Golson)6. Gospel (Mike Richmond)7. Witchi-tai-to (Jim Pepper)8. Blues for Spock (Mike Richmond)9. You and the … Continue reading

Jim McNeely – Winds Of Change (SCCD 31256)

SCCD 31256 Winds Of Change / Jim McNeely Trio “ This must be one of the finest piano trio albums I’ve heard, well, since the last by Jim McNeely…His musical sensitivity and sophistication make this album a constant joy .” (Andy Hamilton, Wire) 1. Winds of change (Jim McNeely)2. Too true to be good (Jim McNeely)3. Power gap (Jim McNeely)4. Yours and mine (Thad Jones)5. All or nothing at all (Lawrence/Altman)6. Quietude (Thad Jones)7. Brooder's waltz (Jim McNeely)8. Bye-ya (Thelonious Monk) UPC/EAN: 716043125623 … Continue reading

John McNeil – Things We Did Last Summer (SCCD 31231)

SCCD 31231 Things We Did Last Summer / John McNeil Quintet This is the fifth recording by John McNeil (b. March 23, 1948 in Eureka, CA) on SteepleChase. During the summer of 1983 John toured Europe as a member of the staff of the Jamey Aebersold Jazz School. McNeil led this exciting group consist of the fellow “teachers” of the school at the graduation concert. 1. C. J. (John McNeil)2. Where's Rialto? (John McNeil)3. Jigsaw (John McNeil)4. Alone together (Arthur Schwartz)5. Things we did last summer (Jule Styne)6. They Say It's Wonderful (Irving Berlin)7. Shadow falls (Dave Liebman)8. Scorpitarius (John McNeil) UPC/EAN: 716043123124 … Continue reading