Brian Charette “Backup” (SCCD 31836)

SCCD 31836 Brian Charette “Backup” One of New York’s (or rather World’s) top Hammond Organ players Brian Charette has kept us in anticipation of something new every time he goes into recording studios. His unique approach has deepened and expanded the boundaries of music that B-3 organ can create. Here again for his sixth release on SteepleChase Brian opted for a somewhat unusual Organ-Piano trio format with repertoire of traditional materials dotted with experimental treatments conjuring up a compelling middle ground between past and future. “Brian Charette has emerged as one of the top organists of his generation because of a fresh approach to his instrument, drawing from musical influences … Continue reading

Brian Charette – The Question That Drives Us (SCCD 31784)

SCCD 31784 Brian Charette sextet “The Question That Drives Us” Brian Charette’s unique, reed-based sextet released their first album “Music For Organ Sextette” (SCCD 31731) in 2012 to a critical and public acclaim. Dan Bilawsky noted in AAJ : “… On Music For Organ Sextette , Charette weaves a unique and gripping aural tapestry together with a mélange of woodwinds serving as the thread. He channels his energy into creating constructs that benefit from the blending of multiple voices .. . Music For Organ Sextette is an anomaly in the world of organ-centric jazz … Charette challenges the status quo with this one and winds up the victor in every … Continue reading

Brian Charette – Music For Organ Sextette (SCCD 31731)

Brian Charette, one of the most innovative B3 organists today presents here his daring and exciting project departing from the traditional organ jazz approach. With “the sound of a reed choir plus organ” in mind Charette wrote challenging and dazzling original material for this special band and took the art of jazz organ to a new height. “ Riliably smoking B3 player ” (Bill Milkowski – JazzTimes) 1. Computer God (Brian Charette)2. Fugue For Katheleen Anne/Ex Girlfriend Variations (Brian Charette)3. Risk (Brian Charette)4. The Elvira Pacifier (Brian Charette)5. Equal Opportunity (Brian Charette)6. Prayer For An Agnostic (Brian Charette)7. Late Night TV (Brian Charette)8. French Birds (Brian Charette)9. Mode For Sean … Continue reading

Brian Charette – Learning To Count (SCCD 31710)

Brian Charette, hailed as the best of the new breed of B3 players ”(Bill Milkowski of JazzTimes) brings here a new trio format with Mike DiRubbo on alto saxophone for his second outing for the label. Charette’s SteepleChase debut album “Upside” (SCCD 31678) met enthusiastic acclaims. Among others, “…. he does have something valuable to say as evidenced by the pleasures and strengths indicative to this debut “ (Derek Taylor – Master of A Small House) 1. Air On A Sunny String (Brian Charette)2. Hungarian Bolero (Brian Charette)3. Juju (Wayne Shorter)4. Lawrence Of Detroit (Brian Charette)5. Milestones (John Lewis)6. Partita Boy (Brian Charette)7. Flippin' The Bird (Brian Charette)8. Two Slightly … Continue reading

Brian Charette – Upside (SCCD 31678)

Organist/pianist/composer Brian Charette (b. Nov. 24, 1972 in Meriden, Connecticut, USA) is the latest addition to the SteepleChase recording artist rostar. Charette moved to New York 15 years ago and has firmly established himself on the NY jazz scene being discribed as one of “ the best of the new breed of B3 players ” by Bill Milkowski of JazzTimes. His enormous talent both as performer and as composer is evident throughout this brilliant debut album. 1. Yolk (Brian Charette)2. Silicone Doll (Brian Charette)3. Look Elsewhere (Brian Charette)4. Public Transportation (Brian Charette)5. You've Changed (Carl Fischer)6. Furthering Adventures (Brian Charette)7. Altered Waltz (Brian Charette)8. Girls (Brian Charette)9. Prelude To A … Continue reading