Steve Lampert – Venus Perplexed (SCCD 31557)

Trumpeter/composer Steve Lampert made quite a stir when he appeared in saxophonist Rich Perry’s CD “Hearsay” SCCD 31515 with his compositions of “… tricky, angular bop lines …” (Harvey Siders/JazzTimes) “adventurous harmonics, eccentric and fluctuating rhythms…” (Jack Bowers/Cadence) and his performance of “… technical brilliance ….enriching the frontline’s timbre ” (Siders/JazzTimes). David R. Adler of All Music Guide remarked, “ Lampert…proves to be a fluid and compelling soloist .” This is Steve Lampert’s leader debut CD which contains 55 minutes of highly personal music penned by the leader. Lampert comments in the linernotes, “…. The music was conceived for instrumental performers in compositional interaction with a virtual reality consisting of … Continue reading

Joe Locke – Inner Space (SCCD 31380)

31380 Inner Space / Joe Locke Quartet The latest album by the leading vibraphonist of the younger generation Joe Locke is the quartet format in the footprint of MJQ. The Joe Locke Quartet has been working regularly for the past couple of years and the band was in the tip top shape in the recording studio. 1. Django (John Lewis)2. Tripping (Andrew Hill)3. Fly me to the moon (Howard)4. Sanibel Island (Frank Kimbrough)5. Skylark (Hoagy Carmichael)6. Truce (Harvie Swartz)7. Quiet now (Frank Kimbrough)8. Inner space (Chick Corea) UPC/EAN: 716043138029 … Continue reading

Joe Locke – Very Early (SCCD 31364)

SCCD 31364 Very Early / Joe Locke Trio Joe Locke is undoubtedly one of the top contemporary vibraphonists. Here in an intimate trio setting he explores the instrument’s melodious aspect to the fullest. “ This recording session was a rewarding and challenging experience for me. Playing in this format opened my eyes to new possibilities, and made me confront things about myself as a musician .” (Joe Locke) 1. You don't know what love is (DePaul/Raye)2. I loves you Porgy (George Gershwin)3. Nature boy (A. Eden/Ahbez)4. You won't forget me (Goell/Spielman)5. My funny Valentine (Richard Rodgers)6. Very early (Bill Evans)7. Leaving (Richie Beirach)8. Effendi (McCoy Tyner) UPC/EAN: 716043136421 … Continue reading

Joe Locke – Wire Walker (SCCD 31332)

SCCD 31332 Wire Walker / Joe Locke Quintet This is the third leader album by the young master of vibes Joe Locke (b. March 18, 1959 in Palo Alto, CA) for SteepleChase, another outstanding marker in his burgeoning career. “… need look no further than Wire Walker to hear fresh and creative sounds on that instrument. ….Recommended “…” (Cadence) 1. A new blue (Jimmy Heath)2. May you shine (Joe Locke)3. Barbara (Horace Silver)4. Six years remembrance (Mark Sherman)5. Stand inside the circle (Joe Locke)6. A time for love (Johnny Mandel)7. Young and foolish (A. Hague)8. Wire walker (Joe Locke) UPC/EAN: 716043133222 … Continue reading

George Cables – Beyond Forever (SCCD 31305)

SCCD 31305 Beyond Forever / George Cables Quartet “… (Cables) is a very powerful player. He injects an energy and intensity here that starts with the opening bars of the lead tune and sustains it right through to the album’s closer…You will have a perfectly exciting time enjoying this album. Well recommended .” (Paul B. Matthews, Cadence) 1. Lost dreams (George Cables)2. Round about midnight (Thelonious Monk)3. The phantom of the islands (George Cables)4. Beyond forever (George Cables)5. I fall in love too easily (Jule Styne)6. Thermo (Freddie Hubbard)7. Love song (George Cables)8. Evidence (Thelonious Monk)9. Little B's poem (Bobby Hutcherson) UPC/EAN: 716043130528 … Continue reading

Joe Locke, Kenny Barron – But Beautiful (SCCD 31295)

SCCD 31295 But Beautiful / Joe Locke & Kenny As the selection of tunes here indicates, this is an album of songs of serene beauty, tastefully performed by the leading name of the younger generation of vibraphone players Joe Locke (b. March 18, 1959 in Palo Alto, California) and the master pianist Kenny Barron (b. June 9, 1943 in Philadelphia). “ Voil� un splendide album de ballades …” (Jazz Magazine) “. .if your mood of the moment is to surround yourself with something soft and lovely, Locke and Barron will make things beautiful .” (Cadence) 1. On a misty night (Tadd Dameron)2. You don't know what love is (DePaul/Raye)3. Spring … Continue reading

Joe Locke – Longing (SCCD 31281)

SCCD 31281 Longing / Joe Locke Quintet “… Locke is an extremely original player with a remarkable sense of melody and invention. …Locke ranks among the brightest improvisers in the postbop mainstream today .” (Krin Gabbard, Cadence) 1. Back up/The double up (Lee Patton/Morgan)2. Longing (Joe Locke)3. Etch-a-sketch (Joe Locke)4. A child is born (Thad Jones)5. Just for now (Steve Slagle)6. Celestial moods (Ronnie Burrage)7. Giant steps (John Coltrane)8. Over the rainbow (Harburg-Arlen)9. Khalid the warrior (Joe Locke) UPC/EAN: 716043128129 … Continue reading

Bob Rockwell – Reconstruction (SCCD 31270)

SCCD 31270 Reconstruction / Bob Rockwell Quartet “… the American saxophonist Bob Rockwell on his latest quartet with vibes proves again that he is more than just a solid tenor player. It is evident in his vital yet well-controlled performance, for example on his own ‘Deedle Lum’ or in the simple and unconventional ballad play on ‘Jo’ and ‘How Long Has This Been Going On’ …” (Jørgen Siegumfeldt, Berlingske Tidende) 1. Straight on (Bob Rockwell)2. All or nothing at all (Lawrence/Altman)3. As blues (Ole Rømer)4. Jo (Erik Ørum)5. Deedle lum (Bob Rockwell)6. How long has this been going on (George Gershwin)7. Reconstruction (Bob Rockwell)8. Love eyes (Jan Kaspersen)9. Serenata (L. … Continue reading

Eddie Henderson – Think On Me (SCCD 31264)

SCCD 31264 Think On Me / Eddie Henderson Quintet “.. .His clean precise tone rides easily over the solid support of this hand-picked quintet…he plays throughout with facile elegance and expression. Whether delving into ballads…or the livelier numbers…, his musicianship is exemplary .” (David Lands, Jazz Journal International) 1. Restless dreams (Joe Locke)2. Come Sunday (Duke Ellington)3. Ceora (Lee Morgan)4. Bilal (Mohammed Bilal)5. Think on me (George Cables)6. Everytime we say goodbye (Cole Porter)7. Revelation (Benny Bailey)8. Seven beauties (Joe Locke) UPC/EAN: 716043126422 … Continue reading

Joe Locke – Present Tense (SCCD 31257)

SCCD 31257 Present Tense / Joe Locke Quintet This is the first leader album of vibist Joe Locke (b. March 18, 1959 in Palo Alto, California) on SteepleChase. Joe began playing drums and piano at age 8, studying at the Eastman School of Music and switched to vibes at age 13. He started his professional career at age 17 touring with the Spider martin Quintet. He moved to New York in 1981 and since then he has been one of the leading figures of the scene. “.. .a musician from whom I am sure we will hear more .” (Jazz Journal) 1. Masada/Summer night (Danny Walinsky/Harry Warren)2. The good life … Continue reading