Dave Scott Quintet – Brooklyn Aura – (SCCD 31808)

SCCD 31808 Dave Scott Quintet “Brooklyn Aura” Dave Scott, an award winning trumpeter and a dedicated educator, is first and foremost recognized as a prolific and resourceful composer. He composes for and performs with his own jazz ensemble consists of New York’s finest improvisers. “…Scott is using a sturdy template to introduce his own ideas … this band should be feted for its originality and cohesion.” (Mike Shanley – JazzTimes on “Song for Amy” SCCD 31561) DAVE SCOTT trumpet RICH PERRY tenor saxophone JACOB SACKS piano JOHN HEBERT bass SATOSHI TAKEISHI drums Recorded March 2015 1 PROLOGUE 2 2:15 2 PERSISTENCE 13:35 3 NON ADHERENCE 12:23 4 ECCENTRICITIES 15:50 5 … Continue reading

Rich Perry – Nocturne (SCCD 31776)

SCCD 31776 Rich Perry Quartet “Nocturne” Rich Perry’s newest album Nocturne marks the 21 st release in his 21-year-tenure with SteepleChase and for the first time Rich employs guitar (by Nat Radley) instead of piano for his quartet. Rich Perry still is arguably the best-kept-secret of today’s modern jazz scece inspite of all the talks of admiration by the critics and the fellow musicians such as tenor player David Valdez. To quote Valdez from his blog, “ . . Rich never plays down to the audience, never compromising his advanced harmonic and rhythmic concepts in favor of wide accessibility…. Even though he stays on the cutting edge Rich's sound is … Continue reading

Kirk Knuffke, Ted Brown – Pound Cake (SCCD 31749)

SCCD 31749 Kirk Knuffke & Ted Brown “Pound Case” Cornettist Kirk Knuffke whose previous release “Like A Tree” (SCCD 31739) with his duo collaborator Jesse Stachen prompted Peter Margasak of DownBeat to write, “… Its performances are pitch-perfect, displaying an intuitive understanding that rings something deeply personal to the project.” For his SteepleChase recording #4 project Kirk had a very special partner in mind: veteran tenorman Ted Brown who is out of the Tristano school and at the age of 84 still active and creative on the world stage. “Pound Case” is “ of great subtlety, quality and beauty …” (Mark Gardner – from the linernotes) “…Sitting comfortably at the … Continue reading

Dave Scott – Nonchalant (SCCD 31664)

“ The music presented here …. demands attentive listening. ….The shades and textures woven by the Scott Five are neither random nor nonchalant, but carefully coloured and contoured. It is absorbing music that grows on you more with each hearing (Contributor, Jazz Journal International since 1962) On Scott’s earlier album “Song for Amy” (SCCD 31561), Cadence’s Dave Dupont wrote, “… balance between drawing resources from the poat and expressing musical ideas with in-the-moment urgency is what makes me inclined to sing the praises of Scott’s song .” 1. Nonchalant (Dave Scott)2. Afterthoughts (Dave Scott)3. Frenetic Meditation (Dave Scott)4. Ubiquitous Cat (Dave Scott)5. Hanging And Dealing (Dave Scott)6. On A Certain … Continue reading

Andrew Rathbun – Affairs Of State (SCCD 31630)

New York based Canadian saxophonist Andrew Rathbun makes a powerful statements on this new album as predicted by all-about-jazz’ Budd Kopman: “ Rathbun's next album will most likely not sound anything like Shadow Forms, (SCCD 31598 – ed.) which makes his journey all the more interesting to follow. The restless intelligence that informs this fine record only whets the appetite for the next. 1. Fragmented (Andrew Rathbun)2. We Have Nothing But Tears (Andrew Rathbun)3. Around The Same Circles (Andrew Rathbun)4. Break The Chains (Andrew Rathbun)5. 5th Anniversary (Andrew Rathbun)6. Fiasco (Andrew Rathbun)7. Ongoing (Andrew Rathbun)8. Folly (Of The Future Fallen) (Andrew Rathbun)9. Paint Peelings (Andrew Rathbun) UPC/EAN: 716043163021 … Continue reading

Loren Stillman – Trio Alto Volume Two (SCCD 31621)

“ Loren Stillman is one of New York’s best alto saxophonists, and has gained the distinction well before reaching age 30 .” (jazztimes – David Adler) The sequel to highly acclaimed SCCD 31604 “Trio Alto Volume 1” features Stillman’s original compositions. Donald Elfman of allaboutjazz of the first volume, “ Loren Stillman has emerged from prodigy status into a player of great interest. While using traditional instrumental formats and settings, the altoist has an approach to tunes that sound fresh and different. Stillman displays youthful enthusiasm and a willingness to experiment lightly with textures and sound pictures. ” 1. Stumbling Down A Path (Loren Stillman)2. Sonic Boom (Loren Stillman)3. Neither … Continue reading

Dave Scott – Naiveté (SCCD 31608)

Dave Scott comments on this his second CD on SteepleChase, “ It is a joy for me to play regularly with great musicians of this calibre who seem to know instinctively what I am aiming for in each composition. This knowledge and understanding ensures that recording with them is a pleasurable experience." 1. Hypervigilance (Dave Scott)2. Nothing Is Sacred (Dave Scott)3. Oaxaqueno (Dave Scott)4. Chromaddict (Dave Scott)5. Naiveté (Dave Scott)6. Nice Treatment (Dave Scott)7. Sense Of Urgency (Dave Scott) UPC/EAN: 716043160822 … Continue reading

Rich Perry – You’re My Everything (SCCD 31576)

“… this is a typically thoughtful, engrossing session from a contemporary master of the saxophone ,…” (Mark Gardner from the liner notes) On Rich Perry’s previous release SCCD 31558 East of the Sun and West of 2 nd Avenue, David Franklin of JazzTimes wrote, “ Tenorist Rich Perry began a fruitful relationship with SteepleChase more than a decade ago…That long-term collaboration contributes significantly to the success of the present effort. …With his full but soft-edged tone, subtle articulation and impeccable use of dynamics, Perry imbues each of the nine standards in the program with intense feeling …” 1. Slow Boat To China (Frank Loesser)2. You're My Everything (Harry Warren)3. Nature … Continue reading

Dave Ballou – Regards (SCCD 31573)

On his 7 th CD on the label trumpetter Dave Ballou combines the jazz tradition, free improvisation and modern composition to reflect his ever-evolving musical mind. On Ballou’s earlier release “On This Day“ (SCCD 31504) Duck Baker JazzTimes wrote, “ Listeners who believe that free playing is only about angst and catharsis should check out this impressing and engaging outing .” 1. Tenderly (Hoagy Carmichael)2. Labels (Dave Ballou)3. Bemsha Swing (Thelonious Monk)4. Bumpus (Dave Ballou)5. If I Should Lose You (Ralph Rainger)6. Regards (Dave Ballou)7. I Remember You (Johnny Mercer)8. Blues (Dave Ballou) UPC/EAN: 716043157327 … Continue reading

Dave Scott – Song For Amy (SCCD 31561)

This is trumpeter/composer Dave Scott’s leader debut CD, though Dave has been one of the most sought after musicians both on East and West Coasts performing with Gerry Mulligan, Tom Harrell, Clark Terry, Kim Richmond, among others. “… in Song For Amy Dave Scott and his men have laid down an important first marker with this inaugural CD which confirms that this is a group with much to say and a stimulating, unhackneyed way of saying it .” (Mark Gardner form the linernotes) 1. Vindaloo (Dave Scott)2. Walls (Dave Scott)3. Coercion (Dave Scott)4. Song For Amy (Dave Scott)5. Scooper (Dave Scott)6. W.S. (Dave Scott)7. Profound Dilution (Dave Scott) UPC/EAN: 716043156122 … Continue reading