Pierre Dørge, New Jungle Orchestra – The Olufsen Years 1988-1994 (SCCD 30020/24)

1. Kera Dorong (Pierre Dørge)2. Fats Waller In The Busch Of Leipzig (Pierre Dørge)3. Monkey Forest (Irene Becker)4. Kiss Me In Neanderthal (Pierre Dørge)5. Largo Lapidarius (John Tchicai)6. Bali Sinar Bulan (Pierre Dørge)7. Dancing In The Temple (Pierre Dørge)8. Sun Ra Over La Luna (Pierre Dørge)9. Sinar (Pierre Dørge)10. Munduk (Jesper Zeuthen)11. Did Nielsen Like Jazz? (Pierre Dørge)12. From Bali To Blokhus (Pierre Dørge)13. Wobra Zebra (Pierre Dørge)1. Peer Gynt's Dream (Pierre Dørge)2. Peer Gynt In Congo (Pierre Dørge)3. Early One Morning (Pierre Dørge)4. In The Hall Of The Mountain King (Pierre Dørge)5. Solveig's Dream (Pierre Dørge)6. Peer Gynt And The Boyg (Pierre Dørge)7. Danza ARABA (Pierre Dørge)8. Anitra's Dance … Continue reading

John Tchicai – In Monk’s Mood (SCCD 31675)

1. Monk's Mood (Thelonious Monk)2. Coming On The Hudson (Thelonious Monk)3. Light Blue (Thelonious Monk)4. Ugly Beauty (Thelonious Monk)5. Round About Midnight (Thelonious Monk)6. Cool Copy (John Tchicai)7. Easy Street (Jones)8. Ruby My Dear (Thelonious Monk)9. Aks Him Now (John Tchicai)10. Monk's Mood (Thelonious Monk) UPC/EAN: 716043167524 … Continue reading

Pierre Dørge, New Jungle Orchestra – New Jungle Orchestra (SCCD 31162)

SCCD 31162 PIERRE DØRGE & NEW JUNGLE ORCHESTRA This is the first recording ever by Pierre Dørge’s famous world music big band. The orchestra had been on an extensive world tour in the past three years as the State Ensemble of Denmark. “… New Jungle Orchestra, the nearly-big band under Dørge’s leadership which is among the most enterprising and unpredictable outfits of its kind …” (The Penguin Guide To JAZZ) 1. Wobra zebra (Pierre Dørge) 2. Jungle rituals (Pierre Dørge) 3. Mister Suso (Pierre Dørge) 4. 254, Bowery (Pierre Dørge) 5. Fullmoon in Brikama (Africa) (Pierre Dørge) 6. Bo Bo Sanneh (Pierre Dørge) 7. New tiger rag (Pierre Dørge) 8. … Continue reading

John Tchicai, Pierre Dørge – Ball At Louisiana (SCCD 31174)

SCCD 31174 Ball At Louisianna / John Tchicai & Pierre Dørge The collaboration between Dano-Congolese saxophonist Tchicai and Danish guitarist Dørge has produced a number of recordings on SteepleChase in various settings including Dørge’s big band New Jungle Orchestra (SCCD 31188, 31208, 31228 ). This is their first duo album recorded live at the famous Danish museum for modern art, a perfect background for the innovative, inventive music they perform. 1. Mister Suso (Pierre Dørge) 2. Go down Moses (Traditional) 3. Soneya (Pierre Dørge) 4. Mr. Natural (John Tchicai) 5. Transportation of nudles (John Tchicai) 6. Oda Eugenia (Pierre Dørge) 7. Profile indiansky (Pierre Dørge) 8. I can’t get started … Continue reading

John Tchicai – Real Tchicai (SCCD 31075)

SCCD 31075 Real Tchicai / John Tchicai Trio John Tchicai (b. April 28, 1936 in Copenhagen, Denmark) lived in USA from 1962 to 1966 co-leading New York Contemporary Five with Don Cherry and Archie Shepp and recorded with Coltrane. “… Real Tchicai is a marvel of form and nuance which sacrifices no spontaneity or emotion …” (Down Beat) 1. Graceful visitor (John Tchicai) 2. Silent Danish girl (John Tchicai) 3. Moksha point (John Tchicai) 4. Monk’s mood (Thelonious Monk) 5. Bambla jolifanti (Pierre Dørge) 6. One way ticket (John Tchicai) 7. Mirjam’s dadadance (Pierre Dørge) 8. Blue barrier (John Tchicai) 9. Nothing doing in Krakow (John Tchicai) 10. On Tuesday … Continue reading

Pierre Dørge, New Jungle Orchestra – Brikama (SCCD 31188)

SCCD 31188 Brikama / Pierre Dørge & New Jungle Orchestra Guitarist and bandleader Pierre Dørge formed this nearly-big band, New Jungle Orchestras in 1980. The music is diverse as its members nationalities. “…Brikama is absolutely stunning, with vivid voicings and a bewildering range of instrumental characters…” (The Penguin Guide to JAZZ) 1. Monk in Africa (Pierre Dørge) 2. St. Louis blues (W.C. Handy) 3. Dawda’s dream (Pierre Dørge) 4. A rainbow over the bamboo forest (Pierre Dørge) 5. Nuages (Django Reinhardt) 6. Sunday in Zürich (Pierre Dørge) 7. To Alhaji Bai Konte (Pierre Dørge) 8. To Mr. Dolphy (Pierre Dørge) 9. På tirsdag (John Tchicai) UPC/EAN: 716043118823 … Continue reading

Pierre Dørge – Ballad Round The Left Corner (SCCD 31132)

SCCD 31132 Ballad Round The Left Corner / Pierre Dørge Quartet “… unique and mature music of this album by guitarist Pierre Dørge should bring international attention to Dørge both as an instrumentalist and a composer …” (Information) 1. Ballad round the left corner (Pierre Dørge) 2. Xongly (Pierre Dørge) 3. Happy as a cow (Pierre Dørge) 4. Profile indiansky (Pierre Dørge) 5. Sunsetrise at Pluto (Pierre Dørge) 6. Another rainy summer (Pierre Dørge) 7. Chasing the cow (Pierre Dørge) UPC/EAN: 716043113224 … Continue reading

Pierre Dørge, New Jungle Orchestra – Johnny Lives (SCCD 31228)

SCCD 31228 Johnny Lives / Pierre Dørge & New Jungle Orchestra As its name suggests the undertone of this almost big band is African music, for which the South African bassist Johnny Mbizo Dyani had been a great contributor. A few months after Dyani’s untimely death, the guitarist/bandleader Dørge dedicated this recording to the bassist. “… In Pierre Dørge and Jungle Orchestra, jazz and the world music meet in harmony…the best band in today’s universal jazz …” (Jens Gjedsted, Det Fri Aktuelt) 1. Flying out with SAS (Pierre Dørge) 2. Smiling at the foot of the ladder (Pierre Dørge) 3. Lilli goes to town (Pierre Dørge) 4. Manila, Manila (Pierre … Continue reading

Johnny Dyani – Angolian Cry (SCCD 31209)

SCCD 31209 Angolian Cry / Johnny Dyani Quartet South African bassist Johnny Dyani (1945 – 1986) was a resident of Denmark until his untimely death in Berlin during his tour. This is Johnny’s last leader album (recorded five albums under his name) for SteepleChase. And it is, as Cadence says, “ one of the bassist’s strongest efforts so far ..” 1. Angolian cry (Johnny Dyani)2. For Leo Dirch Petersen (Johnny Dyani)3. Does your father know (Johnny Dyani)4. U.D.F. (Johnny Dyani)5. Year of the child (Johnny Dyani)6. Blues for Moyake (Johnny Dyani)7. Portrait of Mosa Gwangwa (Johnny Dyani) UPC/EAN: 716043120925 … Continue reading

Johnny Dyani – Witchdoctor’s Son (SCCD 31098)

SCCD 31098 Witchdoctor's Son / Johnny Dyani with John Tchicai & Dudu Pukwana “… Witchdoctor’s Son contains the most infectious, buoyant, gleeful music…the interaction between Pukwana and Tchicai’s vastly differing phrase sensibilities is one of the joys of this recording …” (Lange, Down Beat) “… from Dyani’s most consistently inventive period …” (The Penguin Guide To JAZZ) 1. Heart with minor's face (Johnny Dyani)2. Ntyilo, ntyilo (Johnny Dyani)3. Radebe (Dudu Pukwana)4. Mbizo (Johnny Dyani)5. Eyomzi (Johnny Dyani)6. Magwaza (Johnny Dyani)7. Radebe (Dudu Pukwana)8. Heart with minor's face (Johnny Dyani)9. Ntyilo, ntyilo, take 1 (Johnny Dyani)10. Magwaza (Johnny Dyani) UPC/EAN: 716043109821 … Continue reading