Tony Purrone – Six-String Delight (SCCD 31438)

1. Signal (Jimmy Raney)2. Fleur d'Ennui (Django Reinhardt)3. All across the city (Jim Hall)4. Waterfall (George Van Eps)5. On the stairs (Pat Martino)6. Follow your heart (John McLaughlin)7. Sundown (Wes Montgomery)8. For Django (Joe Pass)9. Cavu (Johnny Smith)10. Gibson boy (Tal Farlow) UPC/EAN: 716043143825 … Continue reading

Keith Copeland – Round Trip (SCCD 31425)

SCCD 31425 Round Trip / Keith Copeland Trio Following the successful first leader album SCCD 31395 “The Irish Connection”, drummer Keith Copeland with his Celtic partners presents another album brimming with vitality and original ideas. 1. Round trip (Ornette Coleman)2. Nov. 17 (Ronan Guilfoyle)3. Tricotism (Oscar Pettiford)4. You don't know what love is (DePaul/Raye)5. My shining hour (Harry Arlen)6. Minor Infringement (Ronan Guilfoyle)7. Prism (Bill Dobbins)8. Round About Midnight (Thelonious Monk)9. Resolution (John Coltrane) UPC/EAN: 716043142521 … Continue reading

Tony Purrone – In The Heath Zone (SCCD 31410)

SCCD 31410 In The Heath Zone / Tony Purrone Quartet Following his highly successful “Set ‘em Up” CD (SCCD 31389), Tony Purrone dedicates his second album on SteepleChase to one of the greatest saxophonists, composers and bandleaders Jimmy Heath with whom Purrone has played together for 17 years. 1. All members (Jimmy Heath)2. D Waltz (Jimmy Heath)3. Bro' slim (Jimmy Heath)4. Heritage hum (Jimmy Heath)5. Ineffable (Jimmy Heath)6. Picture of Heath (Jimmy Heath)7. Mellowdrama (Jimmy Heath)8. Longravity (Jimmy Heath)9. Two tees (Jimmy Heath)10. The 13th house (Jimmy Heath) UPC/EAN: 716043141029 … Continue reading

Stanley Cowell – Hear Me One (SCCD 31407)

SCCD 31407 Hear Me One / Stanley Cowell Quartet “… A supremely gifted player who bridges Bud Powell with the free movement of the 1960s …” (Penguin Guide to Jazz) “… Hear Me One reveals that Stanley Cowell’s exceptional imagination and keyboard skills are converging to produce improvised music of taste, substance, feeling and lasting value ….” (Mark Gardner) 1. Hear me one (Sunny Cowell)2. Ruby my dear (Thelonious Monk)3. Quartet (Stanley Cowell)4. Banana pudding (Stanley Cowell)5. Anthropology (CharlieParker/Dizzy Gillespie)6. Tinged (Stanley Cowell)7. Photon in a paper world (Stanley Cowell)8. Ferrell (Bruce Williams) UPC/EAN: 716043140725 … Continue reading

Keith Copeland – The Irish Connection (SCCD 31395)

SCCD 31395 The Irish Connection / Keith Copeland Trio Drummer Keith Copeland has been on the fore front of New York scene for a long time playing with Hank Jones, the Heath Brothers, George Russell, Stan Getz, Johnny Griffin, Stevie Wonder, Marvin Gaye to mention a few. Since 1994 Keith has been resident of Germany and teaching at music schools. This CD is his first leader album on the label. 1. Celeste (Ralph Towner)2. Jard sur six (Tommy Halferty)3. Syeeda's song flute (John Coltrane)4. Once I loved (Antonio Carlos Jobim)5. All of you (Cole Porter)6. The night has a thousand eyes (Bernier-Brainin)7. The line of most resistance (Ronan Guilfoyle)8. The … Continue reading

Larry Schneider – Freedom Jazz Dance (SCCD 31390)

SCCD 31390 Freedom Jazz Dance / Larry Schneider Trio Larry Schneider’s latest outing for SteepleChase is a pianoless trio format which provides the tenorman with more freedom and space. “ Larry Schneider is one of the select minority who consistently rises to the challenge implicit in this type of trio. He thrives in the looseness of the context and the choices it affords him .” (Mark Gardner) 1. What is this thing called love? (Cole Porter)2. Days of wine and roses (Henry Mancini)3. The inch worm (Frank Loesser)4. Peggy's blue skylight (Charles Mingus)5. Freedom jazz dance (Eddie Harris)6. Angel eyes (Matt Dennis)7. Mercury and Venus (Larry Schneider)8. The Surrey with … Continue reading

Bob Rockwell – Shades Of Blue (SCCD 31378)

SCCD 31378 Shades Of Blue / Bob Rockwell Quartet Intense yet warm-toned tenor and soprano saxophonist Bob Rockwell ( born May 2, 1945 in Oklahoma) put together a dream quartet here on his 7th leader album having invited drummer Copeland to his highly successful trio (“ Born To Be Blue ” SCCD 31333). “ These nine tracks constitute formidable evidence of Bob Rockwell’s exceptional ability and unswerving commitment to the music in which he believes …” (from the linernotes by Mark Gardner) 1. Shades of blue (Andy LaVerne)2. Someday you'll be sorry (Louis Armstrong)3. Wonder why (Sammy Cahn)4. Mr. Syms (John Coltrane)5. Blue tones (Andy LaVerne)6. Pannonica (Thelonious Monk)7. Let's … Continue reading