Larry Schneider, Andy LaVerne – Bill Evans…Person We Knew (SCCD 31307)

SCCD 31307 Bill Evens..Person We Knew / Larry Schneider & Andy LaVerne Bill Evans (1929-1980) has been one of the most influential figures on mainstream jazz piano over the past three decades, especially for the younger generation whose formative years were spent in the late 60s and the 70s. LaVerne having studied first-hand with Evans and Schneider recorded with him over the two years prior to Evans’ death, those two musicians made this recording more than just a tribute but an intriguing chronicle of an extraordinary musical life. “.. .immortal music interpreted by the two inspiring musicians: a regale of intelligence and emotion …” (Jazz in Time) 1. Re: Person … Continue reading

Mike Richmond – Blue In Green (SCCD 31296)

SCCD 31296 Blue In Green / Mike Richmond Quartet “… a solid and enjoyable traversal of some good jazz and show tunes by four expert players .” (The Penguin Guide To JAZZ) 1. On a misty night (Tadd Dameron)2. The lamp is low (Parish)3. Remember (Irving Berlin)4. Oriental folk song (Wayne Shorter)5. Giant steps (John Coltrane)6. Third floor Richard (Charles Lloyd)7. Blue in green (Bill Evans)8. Up and down (Mike Richmond) UPC/EAN: 716043129621 … Continue reading

Larry Schneider – Just Cole Porter (SCCD 31291)

SCCD 31291 Just Cole Porter / Larry Schneider Quartet “… the performances are so consistently good across this entire album that choosing one or two to talk about here is a case of trying to pick a first among equals. So let me simply tell you this. Everyone should have an album of jazz arrangements of Cole Porter’s music in their collection. If you don’t, here’s the one. And if you already do, this one is worth your finding room for too …” (Cadence) 1. I love you (Cole Porter)2. I get a kick out of you (Cole Porter)3. I've got you under my skin (Cole Porter)4. Everytime we say … Continue reading

Mike Richmond – Dance For Andy (SCCD 31267)

SCCD 31267 Dance For Andy / Mike Richmond Quartet “ This is an excellent example of CD’s advantage over LP. The playing time is almost 1 1/4 hours and the sound is superb DDD; the music is all of a very high quality…I’ve played this CD a good many times since receiving it, and its appeal has in no way diminished. Could be one for my Top Ten of 1991.” (Mike Shera, Jazz Journal International ) 1. Conflictions (Mike Richmond)2. Invitation (Bronislav Kaper)3. Emily (Johnny Mandel)4. Dance for Andy (Mike Richmond)5. I remember Clifford (Benny Golson)6. Gospel (Mike Richmond)7. Witchi-tai-to (Jim Pepper)8. Blues for Spock (Mike Richmond)9. You and the … Continue reading

Joe Locke – Present Tense (SCCD 31257)

SCCD 31257 Present Tense / Joe Locke Quintet This is the first leader album of vibist Joe Locke (b. March 18, 1959 in Palo Alto, California) on SteepleChase. Joe began playing drums and piano at age 8, studying at the Eastman School of Music and switched to vibes at age 13. He started his professional career at age 17 touring with the Spider martin Quintet. He moved to New York in 1981 and since then he has been one of the leading figures of the scene. “.. .a musician from whom I am sure we will hear more .” (Jazz Journal) 1. Masada/Summer night (Danny Walinsky/Harry Warren)2. The good life … Continue reading

Mike Richmond – On The Edge (SCCD 31237)

SCCD 31237 On The Edge / Mike Richmond Trio “… the leader – whose wide experience with leaders such as DeJohnette, Getz and Silver has granted him a steadfast mainstream-modern reputation – pilots the trio with great enthusiasm….” (The Penguin Guide To JAZZ) “ Très bon disque …” (A.G., Compact) 1. On the edge (Mike Richmond)2. Northern lites (Mike Richmond)3. Adam and the tribe (Mike Richmond)4. Soft focus (Mike Richmond)5. Someday my prince will come (Churchill/Morey)6. In a sentimental mood (Duke Ellington)7. Sand and sea (Mike Richmond)8. For D.R. (Mike Richmond)9. Gospel (Mike Richmond) UPC/EAN: 716043123728 … Continue reading