Lee Konitz – OrganicLee (SCCD 31599)

1. Old Folks (Dedate Hill)2. How Long Has This Been Going On (George Gershwin)3. A-Blues (Lee Konitz)4. In Your Own Sweet Way (Dave Brubeck)5. Giant Steps (John Coltrane)6. A Flower Is A Lovesome Thing (Billy Strayhorn)7. Sweet And Lovely (Arnheim/Tobias/Lemare)8. Come Sunday (Duke Ellington)9. My Old Flame (Coslaw/Johnston) UPC/EAN: 716043159925 … Continue reading

Lee Konitz, Matt Wilson – Gong With Wind Suite (SCCD 31528)

1. Gong with wind (Lee Konitz)2. Song with wind (Lee Konitz)3. Winding up (Lee Konitz)4. Brush/Wind (Lee Konitz)5. No ill wind (Lee Konitz)6. Brush thing (Lee Konitz)7. Rhythmic wind (Lee Konitz)8. Stickin' (Lee Konitz)9. Snare rattle (Lee Konitz)10. Rapids (Lee Konitz)11. Foxtrot (Lee Konitz)12. Tommin' (Lee Konitz)13. Winding down (Lee Konitz) UPC/EAN: 716043152827 … Continue reading

Lee Konitz – Pride (SCCD 31479)

SCCD 31479 Pride / Lee Konitz Quartet Lee Konitz, at seventy something, is one of the most active jazz musicians, not just for his age but simply active, period. He is constantly on the road or in the studios with insatiable appetite for performing. On this date the veteran is surrounded by three Young Lions as Lee calls them. Though they had never played together before, the mutual respect and appreciation were apparent as the session progressed. “Pride” is Lee Konitz’ 11 th entry on SteepleChase. 1. Monkian' around (Lee Konitz)2. Triste (Antonio Carlos Jobim)3. Come rain or come shine (Harry Arlen)4. Stellar (Lee Konitz)5. Gundula (Lee Konitz)6. Secret Love … Continue reading

Lee Konitz, Rich Perry – RichLee (SCCD 31440)

1. You're are a weaver of dreams (Victor Young)2. Easy living (Rubin/Rainger)3. Three little words (Ruby/Kalmar)4. How deep is the ocean (Irving Berlin)5. Out of nowhere (Green/Heyman)6. Moonlight in Vermont (Suessdorf / Blackburn)7. I love you (Cole Porter)8. Half Nelson (Miles Davis) UPC/EAN: 716043144020 … Continue reading

Lee Konitz, Paul Bley – Out Of Nowhere (SCCD 31427)

SCCD 31427 Out Of Nowhere / Lee Konitz – Paul Bley Quartet One of the most intriguing releases of the year on SteepleChase is this one by the two true originals of jazz. “… no pianist other than Bill Evans has so suited Mr.Konitz’s approach as Paul Bley. Each has a way with a song and their remarkable understanding allows them to make daring explorations of a wide range of material …” (Christ Sheridan) 1. I'll remember April (DePaul/Raye)2. Lover man (Ram Ramirez)3. Sweet and lovely (Arnheim/Tobias/Lemare)4. I can't get started (Vernon Duke)5. Out of nowhere (Green/Heyman)6. Don't blame me (Jimmy McHugh)7. I want to be happy (Youmans/Rose/Eliscu) UPC/EAN: 716043142729 … Continue reading

Lee Konitz – Dearly Beloved (SCCD 31406)

SCCD 31406 Dearly Beloved / Lee Konitz Quartet “ In Lee Konitz’ 70 th year and his 50 th as a recording artist, comes another new CD album that reinforces all the musical values to which this distinctive saxophonist has always adhered – spontaneity, purity of line, logical solo development, tonal certainly and rhythmic fluidity ….” (Mark Gardner) 1. The way you look tonight (Jerome Kern)2. Ev'rytime we say goodbye (Cole Porter)3. Someday my prince will come (Churchill/Morey)4. Bye bye blackbird (Dixon/Henderson)5. Dearly beloved (Jerome Kern)6. The night has a thousand eyes (Bernier-Brainin) UPC/EAN: 716043140626 … Continue reading

Lee Konitz – It’s You (SCCD 31398)

SCCD 31398 It's You / Lee Konitz Trio " …Lee radiates ample warmth for every listener, and in this setting his evolvement and sense of adventure are shown to be undiminished….In this intimate, informal situation Lee Konitz thrives with boundless imagination. " (Mark Gardner) 1. Thingin' (Lee Konitz)2. Angel eyes (Matt Dennis)3. Boo doo (Lee Konitz)4. It's you (Lee Konitz)5. Mella (Lee Konitz)6. April in Nimes (Ron McClure) UPC/EAN: 716043139828 … Continue reading

Lee Konitz, Hal Galper – Windows (SCCD 31057)

SCCD 31057 Windows / Lee Konitz & Hal Galper “… Lee has in pianist Hal Galper (former Chet Baker sideman) a sympathetic helpmate. They work together effortlessly and with a unity that suggests an ample measure of mutual respect….sober, beautifully constructed performances ….” (M.G. Jazz Journal International August 1977) 1. I'm getting sentimental over you (Washington/Bassman)2. Windows (Chick Corea)3. Villainesque (Hal Galper)4. Sweet and lovely (Arnheim/Tobias/Lemare)5. Stella by starlight (Victor Young)6. Goodbye (Gordon Jenkins)7. Solar (Miles Davis)8. Soliloquy (Lee Konitz)9. Softly as in a morning sunrise (Oscar Rombers/Hammerstein)10. Solar (Miles Davis)11. Stella by starlight (Victor Young)12. Windows (Chick Corea)13. Sweet and lovely (Arnheim/Tobias/Lemare) UPC/EAN: 716043105724 … Continue reading

Lee Konitz – Lone-Lee (SCCD 31035)

SCCD 31035 Lone-Lee / Lee Konitz Alto saxophonist Lee Konitz is one of the very few who have escaped the dominating influence of Charlie Parker and created his own style and became the central figure in the “cool” jazz. While it was a very courageous, lonely and hard work to do, recording unaccompanied solo alto performance of almost one hour suited Konitz’ particular style of even and smooth blowing using the full range of the instrument. The result was “ a very unique Lee Konitz’ world with limitless imagination which enchants the listeners …. not a single second boring ” (Swing Journal). “ The Konitz sound, richer and much more … Continue reading