LeeAnn Ledgerwood “Renewal” (SCCD 31835)

SCCD 31835 LeeAnn Ledgerwood “Renewal” Since her SteepleChase debut with “Now And Zen” album (SCCD31432) of 1998 LeeAnn has been one of the front runners of women in jazz. Neither her earlier lengthy sick leave nor her current fragile physique could hinder her from releasing this strong album renewing and widening her creative scope. “Ledgerwood doesn’t set out to blaze trails. Her intent is to craft thoughtful, personal originals that build on and dovetail with a rich archival repertoire. To the pianist’s credit, she succeeds. Simple Truth is an appropriate and understated title for this modest, inviting album.” (Carlo Wolff- JazzTimes on SCCD 31705 ) LEEANN LEDGERWOOD piano RON MCCLURE … Continue reading

LeeAnn Ledgerwood – Breaking The Waves (SCCD 31732)

One year after her long-awaited comeback album (from a lengthy leave of absence due to illness) “Simple Truth” (SCCD 31705), pianist LeeAnn Ledgerwood compiled this latest album with 100% original material, showcasing her extraordinary talent as composer as well. Carlo Wolff of JazzTimes commented on “Simple Truth”, “ Ledgerwood is not interested in impressing with technique and daring; hers is an artistry of nuance and emotional layering. ….. inviting album. ” “ … pianist Lee Ann Ledgerwood is part of an ever growing contingency of extremely talented jazz musicians of the female persuasion… and first crack at a piano trio record. Ultimately, it proves to be one of the best … Continue reading

LeeAnn Ledgerwood – Simple Truth (SCCD 31705)

A long-waited album by pianist/composer Ledgerwood finds her in her most creative music making. “ The native of a very small town in Ohio, pianist Lee Ann Ledgerwood is part of an ever growing contingency of extremely talented jazz musicians of the female persuasion… first crack at a piano trio record. Ultimately, it proves to be one of the best of its kind in recent memory. …” (Andrew Hovan – AAJ-NY on SCCD 31468 ”Transition”) 1. Ryan's Gifts (LeeAnn Ledgerwood)2. Pinocchio (Wayne Shorter)3. Chelsea Bridge (Billy Strayhorn)4. Ballade For Bill Evans (LeeAnn Ledgerwood)5. Mumma's Beautiful Heart (LeeAnn Ledgerwood)6. Simple Truth (LeeAnn Ledgerwood)7. Nardis (Miles Davis)8. Betrayal Of Daylight (LeeAnn Ledgerwood)9. … Continue reading

LeeAnn Ledgerwood – Walkin’ Up (SCCD 31541)

Pianist LeeAnn Ledgerwood’s fifth entry on the label presents her new trio with John Graham Davis on bass and Brandon Lewis on drums. With these young and immensely talented sidemen, Ledgerwood regards this album as her best trio recording to date. Critic Dick Bogle wrote of Ledgerwood, “… She has tons of technique, handfuls of soul and volumes of ideas …” 1. This is for Albert (Wayne Shorter)2. Lonnie's lament (John Coltrane)3. Out of this world (Harry Arlen)4. Black Nile (Wayne Shorter)5. Ida Lupino (Carla Bley)6. Walkin' up (Bill Evans)7. If you could se me now (Tadd Dameron)8. Passion dance (McCoy Tyner) UPC/EAN: 716043154128 … Continue reading

LeeAnn Ledgerwood – Paradox (SCCD 31497)

Following the impressive rendition of Coltrane’s music by this pianist on SCCD 31477 “Compassion”, LeeAnn Ledgerwood dedicates this CD to Bill Evans whose music changed her life. As she puts it in the linernote: “ …Art, the art that jazz is, is an experience. Anyone can have it, participate in it, and revel in the rage of emotions that leave us in awe. I owe my life’s work to such an experience. It happened when I was a child of eleven. I heard my first recording by Bill Evans….” 1. The night has a thousand eyes (Bernier-Brainin)2. My funny Valentine (Richard Rodgers)3. Wise one (John Coltrane)4. India (John Coltrane)5. Spring … Continue reading

LeeAnn Ledgerwood – Compassion (SCCD 31477)

SCCD 31477 Compassion / LeeAnn Ledgerwood Solo A Tribute to John Coltrane A solo recording of the Coltrane compositions (and a tune that has been associated with Coltrane) has been on pianist LeeAnn Ledgerwood’s mind for quite some time. Coltrane has been one of the major influences and inspiration for Ledgerwood. The intensively engaging performance here reflects her love and understanding for Coltrane’s works and expression. Mark Gardner describes this session as “ the most significant entry in her discography to date ” in the linernotes. 1. After the rain (John Coltrane)2. 5th house (John Coltrane)3. Love (John Coltrane)4. Venus (John Coltrane)5. Naima (John Coltrane)6. Resolution (John Coltrane)7. Wise one … Continue reading

LeeAnn Ledgerwood – Now And Zen (SCCD 31432)

SCCD 31432 Now And Zen / LeeAnn Ledgerwood Quartet Pianist LeeAnn Ledgerwood has been one of the major jazzwomen in the New York jazz scene in the past 15 years. This is her first leader album on the label, though many SteepleChase listeners have long noticed her powerful and soulful playing from Ron McClure’s album “Sunburst” (SCCD 31306). “ This recording represents a time in my life that I worked very hard to reach…. As you can tell, we truly had a good time playing together. All of this I had inside as I walked to this date. This music is why we were all together that day, and it … Continue reading

Ron McClure – Sunburst (SCCD 31306)

SCCD 31306 Sunburst / Ron McClure Sextet “ McClure leads a crew of bright, fresh musicians through a program of bright, fresh compositions…The music sparkles throughout …The lines are not simple to start with, yet the sextet roars through them…This is very fine neo-bop, indeed .” (David Dupont, Cadence) 1. Sunburst (Ron McClure)2. Count your blessings (Ron McClure)3. No false idols (Conrad Herwig)4. Renegade (Ron McClure)5. Scorpitarius (Ron McClure)6. Ray Charles Ives (LeeAnn Ledgerwood)7. Her warm touch (Ron McClure)8. Flannel Tommy gun (Ron McClure)9. Shorts (Tim Hagans) UPC/EAN: 716043130627 … Continue reading