Dave Stryker – Shades Beyond (SCCD 31559)

This is a sequel to Stryker’s highly successful nine-piece band Miles tribute “Shades of Miles” (SCCD 31480). With a smaller ensemble (quintet) this time the music originally inspired by Miles Davis took on a life of its own. About “Shades of Miles” (SCCD 31480), Bob Protzman of St Paul Pioneer Press wrote, “Even with the recent massive reissuing of Miles’ recordings form the late 1960s and early 70s, this is an album very much worth hearing.” And Derek Day of JazzReview, “ A convincing record, one that breathes new life into a tried and tested formula….” 1. Easy Does It (Steve Slagle)2. Petals (David Berkman)3. Persimmon (Dave Stryker)4. Two Twenty … Continue reading

Tony Purrone – Set ‘Em Up (SCCD 31389)

SCCD 31389 Set 'em Up / Tony Purrone Trio Though Tony Purrone is no stranger to SteepleChase recording sessions (most recently on Jimmy Heath’s “You Or Me” SCH 31370), this is Tony’s first leader album on the label. “ Tony Purrone is truly a rare artist. To find such a rich historical perspective, unbridled creativity, exceptional spontaneity and outstanding technical skills in a single individual is rare in any field …” (Don Oakes) 1. Blues aloof (Tony Purrone)2. How deep is the ocean (Irving Berlin)3. Wolfbane (Lenny White)4. Scott David (Eddie Gomez)5. Ah-Leu-Cha (Charlie Parker)6. Remembering the dream (Tony Purrone)7. Heads up, feet down (Jimmy Heath)8. Toy tune (Wayne Shorter)9. … Continue reading