Eliot Zigmund “Time Was” (SCCD 33136)

SCCD 33136 Eliot Zigmund “Time Was” A New York City native, veteran drummer Eliot Zigmund has performed with numerous jazz luminaries throughout his long career but most known is his tenure with Bill Evans in the 70s where Zigmund’s sensitive and tasteful support to the great pianist was always present. Here on his new album Zigmund leads a consummate quartet fronted by up and coming sax talent Chris Cheek. “Zigmund is that breed of percussionist who does not count their pride alongside their visible signs of virtuosity. He is in every way a musician with extensive experience but above all the art of listening.” (Jazzman Magazine) ELIOT ZIGMUND drums CHRIS … Continue reading

Ron McClure – Ready Or Not (SCCD 31759)

SCCD 31759 Ron McClure “Ready Or Not” Ron McClure, veteran bassist and accomplished composer, has also keen eyes to spot talents. A year ago McClure introduced a young (then 17), very gifted jazz violinist Gabe Terracciano in his 15 th album “Crunch Time” (SCCD 31736). Here on his latest release McClure gives another young (22) exceptional tenor talent Chad Lefktowitz-Brown a chance to shine alongside of Terracciano. “…it is at once a band of substance and style, McClure’s powerful bass and terrific tunes stimulating the young players .” (Donald Elfman – The New York City Jazz Record on SCCD 31736) “… fans of McClure’s mainstream fare will no doubt revel … Continue reading

Ron McClure – Crunch Time (SCCD 31736)

Precisely a year ago then 17-year old high school student, Gabe Terracciano from Portland, Maine with his violin in his hand walked into a NYU classroom where the veteran bassist/educator Ron McClure held his jazz ensemble class. McClure, after playing a few tunes together with this young violinist, started to plan this recording session with him. Ron McClure states in the linernotes, “ I knew instantly that I was listening to someone who is going to make it!…… I felt like I was a witness to something unique, as much as being part of this event ….”. 1. Beautiful Love (Young, Victor)2. The Wind (Ron McClure)3. Crunch Time (Ron McClure)4. … Continue reading

Ron McClure – Dedication (SCCD 31718)

Bassist/Composer/Bandleader Ron McClure eargerly took the challenge of combining two of the most exciting tenor saxophonists on the NY scene today: Rich Perry and Stephen Riley. McClure notes, “ I paid special attention to Stephen Riley’s soft, melodic qualities, which are his signature. Stephen is truly a unique voice in today’s jazz scene, and utilizing his most personal musical qualities was top priority for me when choosing this material. Rich Perry is amazing! He can play anything and everything, and is as creative as a soloist as anyone on his instrument today. Rich Perry shines brightly, as always….” “… Soft Hands (SCCD31615) signals his 31 st session for SteepleChase as … Continue reading