Dave Scott “In Search Of Hipness” (SCCD 31864)

SCCD 31864 Dave Scott “In Search Of Hipness” Trumpeter Dave Scott’s 5th SteepleChase release here finds him leading his other New York ensemble “The Dave Scott Violin Band” which features some of America’s finest instrumentalists including Sarah Bernstein on violin. Dave Scott’s compositions allow each musician to fully engage in individual expression and the band as a whole to create distinctive tapestry of interactive improvisation. The group performs regularly in the New York City area. Dave Scott trumpet Sarah Bernstein violin Nate Radley guitar Jacob Sacks piano David Ambrosio bass Mark Ferber drums Recorded February 2018 1 LUDWIG 2:53 2 IGOR 12:21 3 TIME DILATION 15:31 4 COGNITIVE DISSONANCE 12:57 … Continue reading

David Ambrosio / Russ Meissner – Moments In Time (SCCD 33128)

SCCD 33128 David Ambrosio-Russ Meissner “Moments In Time” This month’s LookOut features an exciting New York ensemble co-led by bass/drum team of Ambrosio and Meissner. Bassist David Ambrosio has a wide spectrum of musical background from classical composition to jazz performance including Afro/Cuban Bata drumming which gives a unique color to this album. Drummer Russ Meissner grew up in Toronto, Canada and studied music at William Patterson University in NJ. Since late 90s Meissner has been one of the most sought after drummers on NY scene. With this strong backbone duo New York’s foremost instrumentalists present this inventive and creative set here. LOREN STILLMAN alto saxophone MATT RENZI tenor saxophone, … Continue reading

Rich Perry – Nocturne (SCCD 31776)

SCCD 31776 Rich Perry Quartet “Nocturne” Rich Perry’s newest album Nocturne marks the 21 st release in his 21-year-tenure with SteepleChase and for the first time Rich employs guitar (by Nat Radley) instead of piano for his quartet. Rich Perry still is arguably the best-kept-secret of today’s modern jazz scece inspite of all the talks of admiration by the critics and the fellow musicians such as tenor player David Valdez. To quote Valdez from his blog, “ . . Rich never plays down to the audience, never compromising his advanced harmonic and rhythmic concepts in favor of wide accessibility…. Even though he stays on the cutting edge Rich's sound is … Continue reading

Nate Radley – Carillon (SCCD 31758)

SCCD 31758 Nate Radley Quartet “Carillon” Although guitarist Nate Radley is a relatively new name on SteepleChase label, he has been an important member of the NY jazz scene since 2000 when he moved there with a master’s degree in music from New England Conservatory. He has made impressive appearances on this label in Eric Rasmussen’s “School of Tristano” albums SCCD 31623, SCCD 31644 and SCD 31663 as well as on Andrew Rathbun’s “Where We Are Now” SCCD 31665. For his SteepleChase leader-debut album Nate Radley presents highly personal music style both as performer and composer. 1. Carillon (Nate Radley)2. Checkered (Nate Radley)3. Hornin' In (Thelonious Monk)4. Whiteout (Nate Radley)5. … Continue reading

Andrew Rathbun – The Idea Of North (SCCD 31695)

Andrew Rathbun’s fourth leader album on SteepleChase reflects his musical ideas inspired by fellow Canadian Glenn Gould and looks into the implication of his homeland Canada on his music. “… he displays his growing maturity as a player and more of his acclaimed talents as composer/arranger .” ( Mark Corroto – AAJ-NY on his previous release SCCD 31665 Where We are Now), “ The result is consistently thoughtful, well-crafted music in a mature idiom.” (Ken Dryden – AAJ-NY on SCCD 31589 Shadow Forms) 1. Echoes (Andrew Rathbun)2. Harsh (Andrew Rathbun)3. Across The Country (Andrew Rathbun)4. December (Andrew Rathbun)5. Teru (Wayne Shorter)6. Rockies (Andrew Rathbun)7. Minuet and Dance of the Blessed … Continue reading

Andrew Rathbun – Where We Are Now (SCCD 31665)

Andrew Rathbun, a Canadian-born multi-instrumentalist (primarily on tenor saxophone) who is also an accomplished composer has firmly established himself on the world jazz scene. On his previous release “Affairs of State” (SCCD 31630) Stuart Broomer of allaboutjazz wrote, “…. The result is consistently thoughtful, well-crafted music in a mature idiom .” 1. Son Suite I (Andrew Rathbun)2. Son Suite II (Andrew Rathbun)3. Son Suite III (Andrew Rathbun)4. Son Suite IV (Andrew Rathbun)5. Film Under Glass (Andrew Rathbun)6. A Stern (Andrew Rathbun)7. Wheel (Andrew Rathbun)8. Lament (Andrew Rathbun)9. No Longer (Andrew Rathbun) UPC/EAN: 716043166527 … Continue reading

Eric Rasmussen – School Of Tristano 3 (SCCD 31663)

“… This final volume, completing a remarkable trilogy, included further musical milestones from the pens of Tristano, Konitz and March plus further contributions by Eric and Nate….Job well done …” (Mark Gardner – from the linernotes) 1. Sax Of A Kind (Lee Konitz)2. Leave Me Alone (Eric Rasmussen)3. Playa Del Ray (Warne Marsh)4. Requiem (Lennie Tristano)5. Lennie-Bird (Lennie Tristano)6. Just Way There You Are (Nate Radley)7. Palo Alto (Lee Konitz)8. Lennie's Pennies (Lennie Tristano)9. Sop Goes The Leasel (Warne Marsh)10. April (Lennie Tristano)11. Line Up (Lennie Tristano) UPC/EAN: 716043166329 … Continue reading

Eric Rasmussen – School Of Tristano 2 (SCCD 31644)

Forrest Dylan Bryan of JazzTimes commented on the successful first volume SCCD 31623 “School of Tristano 1” , “… Alto saxophonist Rasmussen …. pays tribute with an airy set of tunes written by Tristano, Warne Marsh and Lee Konitz. …..Rasmussen’s quartet updates and personalizes the sound, keeping the proceedings intimate as well as respectful .” -Forrest Dylan Bryant 1. Earfull (Ronnie Ball)2. Sound Lee (Lee Konitz)3. Progression (Lee Konitz)4. Line Up (Lennie Tristano)5. Victory Ball (Lennie Tristano)6. April (Lennie Tristano)7. Marionette (Bill Bauer)8. April Fool (Lennie Tristano)9. Hi Beck (Lee Konitz)10. Tautology (Lee Konitz)11. Leave Me Alone (Eric Rasmussen)12. Smog Eyes (Ted Brown) UPC/EAN: 716043164424 … Continue reading

Eric Rasmussen – School Of Tristano (SCCD 31623)

SteepleChase’ new recording artist Eric Rasmussen is among the young elites of New York jazz scene. His debut album here casts refreshing light on the special music evolved through the teachings of pianist Lennie Tristano and turns its inspirational source into deeply personal and emotional music of his own. . 1. Friendlee (Lee Konitz)2. I Can't Remember (Eric Rasmussen)3. Dixie's Dilemma (Warne Marsh)4. Background Music (Warne Marsh)5. It's You (Lee Konitz)6. 317 E. 32nd Street (Lennie Tristano)7. Marshmallow (Warne Marsh)8. Kary's Trance (Lee Konitz)9. Every Breath (Nate Radley)10. Wow (Lennie Tristano) UPC/EAN: 716043162321 … Continue reading