Pierre Dørge & New Jungle Orchestra “Ubi Zaa” Featuring Kirk Knuffke (SCCD 31819)

SCCD 31819 Pierre Dørge & New Jungle Orchestra “Ubi Zaa” Featuring Kirk Knuffke Danish avant-garde, modern jazz guitarist/composer and most famously leader of “one of Europe’s most sophisticated bands” (Norman Weinstein) has always prided himself on the longevity (since 1980) of his constantly active New Jungle Orchestra. On this new live recording Dørge features his favourite American cornetist Kirk Knuffke and writes music with Kirk’s sound in mind. With the help of engaging audience in Copenhagen NJO delivers one amazing concert here. PIERRE DØRGE guitar, conductor KIRK KNUFFKE cornet JAKOB MYGIND tenor- & soprano saxophone ANDERS BANKE tenor saxophone, clarinet, bass clarinet KENNETH AGERHOLM trombone IRENE BECKER piano, synthesizer THOMMY … Continue reading

Pierre Dørge, New Jungle Orchestra – At The Royal Playhouse (SCCD 31693)

“ Wonderfully creative work from Pierre Dorge and his New Jungle Orchestra — a set that often features gentle, sensitive musical moments — although always handled with the sort of offbeat style we’ve come to expect from Dorge!” is the opening comment on Dørge’s previous album Whispering Elephants (SCCD 31652) by DUSTY Groove America. One month prior to the above studio recording Dørge and NJO gave a sold-out concert at the newly opened Royal Play House in Copenhagen, from which this latest album is compiled. The orchestra is enhanced by three international soloist: Sweden’s Josefine Cronholm on vocal, India’s Shashank Subramanyan on flute and Dawda Jobarteh from Gambia on Kora … Continue reading

Pierre Dørge, New Jungle Orchestra – Whispering Elephants (SCCD 31652)

Since Pierre Dørge and his New Jungle Orchestra made an impressive “home coming “ CD (Jazz Is Like A Banana SCCD 31636) last November, the orchestra has been touring extensively and energetically through different continents. The experience gave Pierre’s imaginative pen to put together “…… another typical potpourri of the unexpected from a soloist, arranger, composer and band conductor beyond category. His musicians are loyal to his cause because they love his music…” 1. A Night In Hong Kong (Pierre Dørge) 2. From The Same Tribe (Pierre Dørge) 3. Whispering Elephants (Pierre Dørge) 4. Oda Eugenia (Pierre Dørge) 5. Moonlight In The Woods (Pierre Dørge) 6. Malamin Jobarteh (Pierre Dørge) … Continue reading

Pierre Dørge, New Jungle Orchestra – Jazz Is Like A Banana (SCCD 31636)

1. Taranaki (Pierre Dørge) 2. A Minor Disturbance To Mr. Nielsen (Pierre Dørge) 3. Forgotten Highway (Irene Becker) 4. Café Central (Pierre Dørge) 5. Landscape With Animals (Pierre Dørge) 6. Blue Mask (Pierre Dørge) 7. Jazz Is Like A Banana (Pierre Dørge) 8. Tilo Akandita (Pierre Dørge) 9. By The Foot Of The Mountain (Pierre Dørge) 10. Great Grief (Pierre Dørge) 11. Tibetan Dream (Pierre Dørge) UPC/EAN: 716043163625 … Continue reading

Pierre Dørge, New Jungle Orchestra – New Jungle Orchestra (SCCD 31162)

SCCD 31162 PIERRE DØRGE & NEW JUNGLE ORCHESTRA This is the first recording ever by Pierre Dørge’s famous world music big band. The orchestra had been on an extensive world tour in the past three years as the State Ensemble of Denmark. “… New Jungle Orchestra, the nearly-big band under Dørge’s leadership which is among the most enterprising and unpredictable outfits of its kind …” (The Penguin Guide To JAZZ) 1. Wobra zebra (Pierre Dørge) 2. Jungle rituals (Pierre Dørge) 3. Mister Suso (Pierre Dørge) 4. 254, Bowery (Pierre Dørge) 5. Fullmoon in Brikama (Africa) (Pierre Dørge) 6. Bo Bo Sanneh (Pierre Dørge) 7. New tiger rag (Pierre Dørge) 8. … Continue reading

Pierre Dørge, New Jungle Orchestra – Brikama (SCCD 31188)

SCCD 31188 Brikama / Pierre Dørge & New Jungle Orchestra Guitarist and bandleader Pierre Dørge formed this nearly-big band, New Jungle Orchestras in 1980. The music is diverse as its members nationalities. “…Brikama is absolutely stunning, with vivid voicings and a bewildering range of instrumental characters…” (The Penguin Guide to JAZZ) 1. Monk in Africa (Pierre Dørge) 2. St. Louis blues (W.C. Handy) 3. Dawda’s dream (Pierre Dørge) 4. A rainbow over the bamboo forest (Pierre Dørge) 5. Nuages (Django Reinhardt) 6. Sunday in Zürich (Pierre Dørge) 7. To Alhaji Bai Konte (Pierre Dørge) 8. To Mr. Dolphy (Pierre Dørge) 9. På tirsdag (John Tchicai) UPC/EAN: 716043118823 … Continue reading

Pierre Dørge, New Jungle Orchestra – Johnny Lives (SCCD 31228)

SCCD 31228 Johnny Lives / Pierre Dørge & New Jungle Orchestra As its name suggests the undertone of this almost big band is African music, for which the South African bassist Johnny Mbizo Dyani had been a great contributor. A few months after Dyani’s untimely death, the guitarist/bandleader Dørge dedicated this recording to the bassist. “… In Pierre Dørge and Jungle Orchestra, jazz and the world music meet in harmony…the best band in today’s universal jazz …” (Jens Gjedsted, Det Fri Aktuelt) 1. Flying out with SAS (Pierre Dørge) 2. Smiling at the foot of the ladder (Pierre Dørge) 3. Lilli goes to town (Pierre Dørge) 4. Manila, Manila (Pierre … Continue reading

Pierre Dørge, New Jungle Orchestra – Even The Moon Is Dancing (SCCD 31208)

SCCD 31208 Even The Moon Is Dancing / Pierre Dørge & New Jungle Orchestra “… Led by young Danish guitarist and composer Pierre Dørge, its earthy sounds are a universal hybrid that set you off dancing regardless of your national or cultural background…These sounds move you, feet to mind .” (Peter Kostakis, ***** DownBeat) 1. The mooche (Duke Ellington) 2. Suho ning samo (Pierre Dørge) 3. Bambla jolifanti (Pierre Dørge) 4. Very hot/Autobahn Tchicai (Pierre Dørge) 5. Mirjam’s dadadance (Pierre Dørge) 6. A rose for Laurent (Pierre Dørge) 7. Even the moon is dancing (Pierre Dørge) UPC/EAN: 716043120826 … Continue reading