Paul Bley – Rejoicing (SCCD 31274)

SCCD 31274 Rejoicing / Paul Bley Quartet Paul Bley is undoubtedly one of the most compelling figures in today’s jazz scene. This is a live date from his series of concerts at New York’s popular club “Sweet Basil”. Along with his regular trio, Michal Urbaniak is featured on violin. “.. .voil� un bien bel album .” (Jazz in Time) 1. Bolivar blues (Thelonious Monk)2. Rejoicing (Ornette Coleman)3. I can't get started (Vernon Duke)4. All the things you are (Jerome Kern)5. When will the blues leave (Ornette Coleman)6. Ictus (Carla Bley) UPC/EAN: 716043127429 … Continue reading

Paul Bley – Bebop (SCCD 31259)

SCCD 31259 Bebop / Paul Bley Trio “… Far from a nostalgia album, or an easy ride for soloist and sidemen, Bebop is a taxingly inventive and constantly surprising run through a dozen kenspeckle bop tunes…This is one of the finest piano trio records of the last ten years – or the next, depending on how you view its revisionism.” (The Penguin Guide to JAZZ) 1. Now's the time (Charlie Parker)2. My little suede shoes (Charlie Parker)3. Ornithology (Paul Bley)4. A night in Tunesia (Dizzy Gillespie)5. Don't blame me (Jimmy McHugh)6. The theme (Traditional)7. Bebop (Dizzy Gillespie)8. Ladybird (Tadd Dameron)9. Tenderly (Hoagy Carmichael)10. Steeplechase (Charlie Parker)11. Barbados (Charlie Parker)12. 52nd … Continue reading

Paul Bley, Niels-Henning Ørsted Pedersen – BLEY/NHØP (SCCD 31005)

SCCD 31005 PAUL BLEY – NHØP This is Paul Bley’s first SteepleChase recording over 25 years ago. “ Another excellent album from the never less than stimulating Mr. Bley …” (Melody Maker) “ (NHØP) complements Bley’s haunting chords perfectly…The piano is appropriately well recorded and the bass is well forward …” (The Penguin Guide to Jazz) “ Un disque parfait, une rencontre extrêmement cohérente …” (Jazz Magazine) 1. Meeting (Paul Bley)2. Mating of urgency (Paul Bley)3. Carla (Paul Bley)4. Olhos de gato (Carla Bley)5. Strung out (Paul Bley)6. Paradise island (Paul Bley)7. Upstairs (Paul Bley)8. Later (Paul Bley)9. Summer (Paul Bley)10. Gesture without pilot (Annette Peacock) UPC/EAN: 716043100521 … Continue reading

Paul Bley – The Nearness Of You (SCCD 31246)

SCCD 31246 The Nearness Of You / Paul Bley Trio “.. .Bley seems to really be enjoying himself on this date…Bley has been extraordinarily prolific in the last half of the 80s. And he’s made some exceptional recordings. This is one of the best .” (Robert Iannapollo, Cadence) “… we shouldn’t waste the chance to listen closely to these latest findings from the man who is among the most investigative of today’s pianists .” (Jonathan Coe, Wire Magazine) 1. This can't be love (Richard Rodgers)2. The nearness of you (Hoagy Carmichael)3. What a difference a day makes (Grevers/Adams)4. These foolish things (Marvell/Strachey/Link)5. Blues in the closet (Oscar Pettiford)6. Lullaby of … Continue reading

Paul Bley – Live (SCCD 31223)

SCCD 31223 Live / Paul Bley & Jesper Lundgaard “ .. .if you appreciate Bley’s quintessential lyricism and Lundgaard’s singing lines, this one and the other (Live Again SCH 31230) are noteworthy albums …” (A.G., Compact, September 1989) “… The Rapport between Bley and Lundgaard is perfect …” (Birger Jørgensen, Aarhuus Stiftstidende) 1. Blues (Ornette Coleman)2. Ostinato (Paul Bley)3. The theme (Traditional)4. Ramblin' (Ornette Coleman)5. Albert's love theme (Annette Peacock)6. Ida Lupino (Carla Bley)7. Music matador (Prince Lasha)8. When will the blues leave (Ornette Coleman)9. Vashkar (Carla Bley)10. Ictus (Carla Bley) UPC/EAN: 716043122325 … Continue reading

Paul Bley – Solo Piano (SCCD 31236)

SCCD 31236 Solo Piano / Paul Bley “.. La musique de Paul Bley, c’est une lettera amorosa .” – DIAPASON D’OR (D.R. Diapason “… Fünf Sterne, alle Sterne !” (Günter Buhles, Jazz Podium) 1. If I loved you (Richard Rodgers)2. So hard it hurts (Annette Peacock)3. If I should lose you (Robin/Rainger)4. Gladys (Paul Bley)5. Someone to watch over me (George Gershwin)6. Ostinato II (Paul Bley)7. Tin tin deo (Dizzy Gillespie)8. Mariona (Paul Bley)9. The C2003Lady of Chet (Paul Bley)10. Peace pipe (Paul Bley)11. Blues reconstruction (Paul Bley)12. Slipping (Paul Bley)13. Gee baby ain't I good to you (Don Redman)14. And now the queen (Carla Bley)15. You go to my … Continue reading

Paul Bley – Live Again (SCCD 31230)

SCCD 31230 Live Again / Paul Bley & Jesper Lundgaard “ Triumph de la formule piano-basse….Essentiel .” (Pierre Schavey, The Lion en francais) “… The beautifully clear recording captures Bley’s incisive touch to perfection…recommended to both confirmed Bley addicts and anyone in need of a representative introduction to the startlingly focused genius of the most lucid of romantics .” (Michael Tucker, Jazz Journal International) 1. Ictus (Carla Bley)2. Pent-up house (Sonny Rollins)3. Diane (Rapee)4. If I'm lucky (J. Myrow/E. DeLange)5. Blues waltz (Paul Bley)6. Rebecca (Paul Bley)7. All the things you are (Jerome Kern)8. If I loved you (Richard Rodgers)9. What'll I do? (Irving Berlin)10. Willow weep for me (Ann … Continue reading

Paul Bley – My Standard (SCCD 31214)

SCCD 31214 My Standard / Paul Bley Trio Paul Bley is probably the most original piano player in jazz and most influential one. Keith Jarrett for example would not have been what he is without Bley. Almost 15 years went by after the first recording by Bley for SteepleChase (SCCD 31005 Paul Bley & Niels-Henning Ørsted Pedersen), when Nils Winther and Paul Bley got together in the recording studio to produce his second on the label (SCCD 31205 Questions) which was to be followed by many releases this time without long absences. For the third album here, producer Nils Winther talked Paul into playing something less abstract. It did not … Continue reading

Paul Bley – Questions (SCCD 31205)

SCCD 31205 Questions / Paul Bley Trio 11 years after the first SteepleChase recording (“Paul Bley/NHØP” SCH 31005), Paul Bley returned to studio for this trio recording and has since been recording regularly for the label. “ Questions , with Bley leading a trio featuring the world-class Danish bassist Jesper Lundgaard, is more typical of Bley’s work and as bracing as his mid-’60s Savoy, Fontana and ESP disks …” (The Philadelphia Inquirer) 1. Lovely (Paul Bley)2. Adventure 1 (Paul Bley)3. Adventure 2 (Paul Bley)4. Adventure 3 (Paul Bley)5. Adventure 4 (Paul Bley)6. Beautiful (Paul Bley)7. The pause is not rhythmic (Paul Bley)8. Questions (Paul Bley)9. Here and gone 1 (Paul … Continue reading

Chet Baker, Paul Bley – Diane (SCCD 31207)

SCCD 31207 Diane / Chet Baker & Paul Bley A SteepleChase recording that has become a classic, not only due to the strong music created by two of modern music's most original talents, but also for bringing pianist Paul Bley back to playing standard material. 1. If I should lose you (Robin/Rainger)2. You go to my head (Coots/Gillespie)3. How deep is the ocean (Irving Berlin)4. Pent-up house (Sonny Rollins)5. Everytime we say goodbye (Cole Porter)6. Diane (Rapee)7. Skidadidlin' (Chet Baker)8. Little girl blue (Richard Rodgers) UPC/EAN: 716043120727 … Continue reading