Peter Zak – Nordic Noon (SCCD 31744)

Pianist Peter Zak has in a relatively short time since his arrival at the NY jazz scene firmly established himself as “ a top-flight modern mainstream player who appears regularly with respected artists …” (Joel Roberts –AAJ) On this his eighth album Peter Zak continues his ever-evolving approach to piano trio jazz. (Thomas Conrad AAJ on “Seed of Sin” SCCD 31641) 1. Rara Avis (Peter Zak)2. Joshua C (Woody Shaw)3. Legs (Peter Zak)4. So Sweet My Little Girl (Duke Pearson)5. Herzog (Bobby Hutcherson)6. Out Of The Night (Joe Henderson)7. Nordic Noon (Peter Zak)8. The Touch Of Your Lips (Ray Noble)9. East Of The Sun (Brooks Bowman)10. Love Letters (Victor Young)11. … Continue reading

Vincent Gardner – The Good Book Chapter Three (SCCD 31741)

Since his highly successful debut album “Elbow Room” SCCD 31580 – “… a top-flight maiden voyage for Gardner .” (Terrell Kent Holmes – AAJ) in 2006 trombonist/composer/arranger Vincent Gardner has been pursuing to compile series of theme albums based on great compositions from the past. This third chapter, a book of Bebop showcases again Vincent’s unique talent as arranger and his musicality to reflect that exciting era of jazz’s history 70 years ago. “ a unique flavor, a quality that pretty much permeates the entire disc. This, of course, elevates the recital beyond your typical tribute album and bodes well for Gardner's further development as an individualist with something important … Continue reading

Tom Guarna – Bittersweet (SCCD 31720)

For his 5 th leader album Tom Guarna selects his favourite titles from the bop repertoire. Backed by pianist Peter Zak who is well versed in bop and Zak's regular trio, bassist Paul Gill and drummer Willie Jones, Guarna achieves brilliant results with authenticity and creativity. “… Peter (Zak) shares with Tom a love and familiarity with the bop repertoire and has great admiration for such players from the genre as George Wallington, Bud Powell and Elmo Hope. Not forgetting hornmen like Sonny Rollins, Jackie McLean, Miles Davis and John Coltrane. All those men were products of the well-spring of music that signalled an evolutionary, rather than revolutionary, surge towards … Continue reading

Peter Zak – Down East (SCCD 31715)

Peter Zak continues his high quality trio recordings, this time, with bassist and Zak’s old friend Peter Washington and Rodney Greene on drums providing a strong new entry to his impressive discography. Thomas Conrad of JazzTimes wrote on Zak’s earlier release “Seed of Sin” (SCCD 31641), “ To “get” Zak, you have to pay close attention. The surfaces of his music seem conventional until you notice how imaginatively his improvisations are developed, and how intelligently they tie. Zak invariably comes upon lovely notes you never anticipated …” On Zak’s solo album “My Conception” (SCCD 31619) Terrell Kent Holmes of AAJ commented, “ Zak always makes the right choices, and audiences … Continue reading

Peter Zak – The Decider (SCCD 31690)

Peter Zak has chosen for this his sixth album a quartet format for the first time. Saxophonist Walt Weiskopf who works regularly with Peter Zak enhances Zak’s imaginative and intelligent approach to music. Karla Cornejo Villavicencio wrote for AllAboutJazz-NY, “ For Tomorrow (SCCD 31592 ) is chameleonic to the point of being startling. It is organic and tight, with no loose chords and no loose strings. It's the sort of satisfaction for pure spontaneity that setting your iPod on shuffle would never justly accomplish. You find yourself tapping your foot long after the last note is played, and the resonance is as striking as the music.” 1. The Decider (Peter … Continue reading

Peter Zak – Blues On The Corner (SCCD 31672)

Peter Zak has admired and studied McCoy Tyner’s music for many years. On his fifth album he realizes his dream project of interpreting his idol. On his previous release “My Conception” (SCCD 31641), allaboutjazz ’s Terrell Kent Holms wrote, “ Zak plays with richness and fluidity, artfully blending the many colors on his palette to create bright landscapes. Zak plays with a confidence born of his undeniable skill. …Zak always makes the right choices, and audiences will continue to reap the benefits of hearing this wonderfully talented piano ma n.” 1. Blues On The Corner (McCoy Tyner)2. Three Flowers (McCoy Tyner)3. The Man From Tanganyika (McCoy Tyner)4. Sunset (McCoy Tyner)5. … Continue reading

Tom Guarna – Major Minor (SCCD 31657)

Guitarist Tom Guarna for his fourth leader CD puts together a beautifully executed album of intriguing music with his long-term collaborators. “…. all the participants shared a respect, familiarity and belief in the tenets of what goes to make good jazz . …” (Mark Gardner – from the linernotes) 1. Huey Dewey And Lewis (Tom Guarna)2. Isfahan (Billy Strayhorn)3. Johnny Come Lately (Billy Strayhorn)4. Sunset And The Mockingbird (Duke Ellington)5. Simone (Frank Foster)6. Brake's Sake (Thelonious Monk)7. Little Melonae (Jackie McLean)8. My Ideal (Whiting / Chase)9. It's Allright With Me (Cole Porter) UPC/EAN: 716043165728 … Continue reading

Peter Zak – Seed Of Sin (SCCD 31641)

Thomas Conrad of JazzTimes wrote of the Peter Zak Trio, “… constitute one of the most polished, intelligent, swinging piano trios now playing jazz in New York or anywhere else .” Here on his third trio session, Peter Zak displays again his total command of conceptual and artistic approach. 1. All Day Long (Billy Strayhorn)2. Minor Apprehension (Jackie McLean)3. Propinquity (Peter Zak)4. Poor People's March (Harold Land)5. Horace's Dream (Peter Zak)6. Shala (Peter Zak)7. Perhaps (Charlie Parker)8. Seed of Sin (Wayne Shorter)9. Memories Of You (Eubie Blake)10. King Cobra (Herbie Hancock) UPC/EAN: 716043164127 … Continue reading

Peter Zak – My Conception (SCCD 31619)

SCCD 31618Andy LaVerne “Intelligent Design” The instrumentation of piano/organ/drums may be highly unusual but with Andy LaVerne and Gary Varsace on the keyboards the format is a sure winner as their earlier collaboration in “All Ways” (SCCD 31569) – “(LaVerne and Versace) sound absolutely natural and complementing together….two equally appealing keyboard voices…” (Thomas Conrad – JazzTimes) 1. Shala (Peter Zak)2. These Are Soulful Days (Cal Massey)3. Mahmoud's Memory (Peter Zak)4. Fungii Mama (Blue Mitchell)5. Propinquity (Peter Zak)6. Circling Columbus (Peter Zak)7. My Conception (Sonny Clark)8. The Camel (Peter Zak)9. Witchcraft (Sy Coleman)10. With A Song In My Heart (Richard Rodgers)11. Serenity (Henderson, Joe)12. By Myself (Dietz/Schwartz) UPC/EAN: 716043161928 … Continue reading

Peter Zak – For Tomorrow (SCCD 31592)

SCCD 31592 Peter Zak Trio "For Tomorrow" Terrell Kent Holmes of allaboutJazz commented on Zak's CD debut (SCCD 31578 The Peter Zak Trio) last year, "Pianist Peter Zak is something of an unknown quantity to New Yorkers, but on his SteepleChase debut, he makes a considerable first impression. On this disc, which is comprised mostly of originals, he displays a style, which, although clearly touched by his major influences, remains vibrant and singular. During a great gig last month at Smoke, Zak showcased several of the tunes (and one that isn't on the disc, a burner with the hilarious title "The Cream or the Clear," which hopefully will be on … Continue reading