Rick Margitza, Joshua Douglas Smith, Rich Perry – Jam Session Vol. 19 (SCCD 31601)

SteepleChase´ on-going jam session series is recognized by critics and public as a dynamic reflection of contemporary jazz scene. 1. Tenor Madness (Sonny Rollins)2. Without A Song (Youmans/Rose/Eliscu)3. The Nearness Of You (Hoagy Carmichael)4. In A Sentimental Mood (Duke Ellington)5. Nancy With The Laughing Face (Jimmy Van Heusen)6. So Long Ago (Andy LaVerne)7. Cool-De-La (Andy LaVerne)8. Take The Coltrane (Duke Ellington) UPC/EAN: 716043160129 … Continue reading

Andy LaVerne – Serenade To Silver (SCCD 31388)

SCCD 31388 Serenade To Silver / Andy LaVerne Quintet This is the third release of Andy LaVerne’s ongoing series of tributes to jazz’s great pianists/composers. (Earlier releases: In The Mood For A Classic – dedicated to Bud Powell SCCD 31342 and to Tadd Dameron – Tadd’s Delight SCCD 31375 ) The music of Horace Silver, the major influence of the 1950s’ hard bop is put into contemporary perspective by Andy and his super bop quintet. 1. Nica's dream (Horace Silver)2. Strollin' (Horace Silver)3. Song for my father (Horace Silver)4. Summer in Central Park (Horace Silver)5. Nutville/Cape Verdean (Horace Silver)6. Silver's serenade (Horace Silver)7. Gregory is here (Horace Silver)8. Peace (Horace … Continue reading

Rick Margitza – Work It (SCCD 31358)

SCCD 31358 Work It / Rick Margitza Quartet Rick Margitza (b. 1963) is already an accomplished tenor and soprano saxophonist, having recorded three leader albums for Blue Note. Margitza’s contribution as a sideman on two of Andy LaVerne’s “Frozen Music” SCCD 31244 and “ Severe Clear” SCCD 31273 and Dave Stryker’s “Blue Degrees” SCCD 31315 impressed Nils Winther so much that the recording of a leader album was a matter of time. “… He puts together an impressive array of musical assets here, working them faithfully in keeping with the title, to ensure satisfaction between the ears. His leadership and organization are impressive …” (Mark Gardner) 1. Steppin' out (Steve … Continue reading

Stanley Cowell – Setup (SCCD 31349)

SCCD 31349 Setup / Stanley Cowell Sextet Pianist/composer Stanley Cowell (b. May 5, 1941 in Toledo, OH) for this latest recording chose sextet format, which displays his highly personal writing style and his tremendous talent as an arranger/bandleader. The front-line consisting of Henderson, Margitza and Griffin makes a great contribution with their performance of fire, fluency and finesse. 1. Departure (Stanley Cowell)2. Setup (Stanley Cowell)3. Varions (Stanley Cowell)4. Bright passion (Stanley Cowell)5. Bip bip bam (Stanley Cowell)6. Sendai sendoff (Stanley Cowell)7. Carnegie six (Stanley Cowell) UPC/EAN: 716043134922 … Continue reading

Dave Stryker – Blue Degrees (SCCD 31315)

SCCD 31315 Blue Degrees / Dave Stryker Quartet Having worked in the Brother Jack McDuff’s band in the 80s, it was an obvious choice for Dave Stryker to record this his second album for SteepleChase with organ (played by the excellent young organist Larry Goldings). Following the highly acclaimed debut album (Strike Zone SCCD 31277) on SteepleChase, Blue Degrees is firmly confirming the formidable talent of Stryker. “… This is organ combo music for the 90s, very strong and very resilient. Recommended .” (Cadence) 1. Blue degrees (Dave Stryker)2. Scorpian dance (Dave Stryker)3. Alfie (Burt Bacharach)4. Out of bounds (Dave Stryker)5. Spirit in the wind (Dave Stryker)6. Talkin' about J.C. … Continue reading

Andy LaVerne – Severe Clear (SCCD 31273)

SCCD 31237 Severe Clear / Andy LaVerne Quintet “ Here’s a group of young and talented musicians with Andy LaVerne in the center creates the renewed art of jazz on the tradition …” (M.A. Midi-Libre) 1. Severe clear (Andy LaVerne)2. No guts, no glory (Andy LaVerne)3. Plasma pool (Andy LaVerne)4. Fact or fiction (Andy LaVerne)5. Rick's trick (Andy LaVerne)6. Trajectory (Andy LaVerne)7. Three times twice (Andy LaVerne)8. Ethereal spheres (Andy LaVerne) UPC/EAN: 716043127320 … Continue reading

Andy LaVerne – Frozen Music (SCCD 31244)

SCCD 31244 Frozen Music / Andy LaVerne Quartet “ Frozen Music, Andy LaVerne’s third album for SteepleChase, is a solid, modern blowing session…he makes skilful use of suspensions, pedal points, and ostinatos, which along with the music’s floating harmonies, give the soloists a wealth of elbow room …” (Mark Stryker, Cadence) 1. Numero uno (Andy LaVerne)2. Nitewriter (Andy LaVerne)3. Is not my problem (Andy LaVerne)4. North country (Andy LaVerne)5. Satan doll (Andy LaVerne)6. Decorative trends (Andy LaVerne)7. The bundo credo (Andy LaVerne)8. Frozen music (Andy LaVerne)9. Blue cycle (Andy LaVerne) UPC/EAN: 716043124428 … Continue reading