Vincent Gardner – The Good Book Chapter Three (SCCD 31741)

Since his highly successful debut album “Elbow Room” SCCD 31580 – “… a top-flight maiden voyage for Gardner .” (Terrell Kent Holmes – AAJ) in 2006 trombonist/composer/arranger Vincent Gardner has been pursuing to compile series of theme albums based on great compositions from the past. This third chapter, a book of Bebop showcases again Vincent’s unique talent as arranger and his musicality to reflect that exciting era of jazz’s history 70 years ago. “ a unique flavor, a quality that pretty much permeates the entire disc. This, of course, elevates the recital beyond your typical tribute album and bodes well for Gardner's further development as an individualist with something important … Continue reading

Marcus Printup, Joe Magnarelli, Ryan Kisor – Jam Session Vol. 25 (SCCD 31639)

1. Three And One (Thad Jones)2. Triple Talk (Andy LaVerne)3. Scandia Skies (Kenny Dorham)4. My One And Only Love (Mellin/Woods)5. Never Let Me Go (Jay Livingston/Ray Evans)6. Imagination (Jimmy Van Heusen)7. Impromptu (Andy LaVerne)8. Ca-Lee-So (Lee Morgan)9. Take The Coltrane (Duke Ellington) UPC/EAN: 716043163922 … Continue reading

Ryan Kisor, John McNeil, Brad Goode – Jam Session Vol. 17 (SCCD 31593)

“ The choice of trumpeters proved to be inspired because Ryan Kisor, John McNeil and Brad Goode worked together beautifully and formed a clarion-clear brass choir on the ensembles. Each does his own thing and they are different enough to ensure a constant flow of surprises. They obviously had a ball, and there is no question of anyone "carving" his fellows; rather it is a story of mutual inspiration .” (Mark Gardner) On previous SteepleChase Jam Session series, Derek Taylor of All About Jazz wrote, “ The Danish SteepleChase imprint has long recognized the fertile dynamics of jam sessions, fronting the resources for many in its roster of players to … Continue reading

Ryan Kisor, Jimmy Greene, Jim Pugh – Jam Session Vol. 8 (SCCD 31547)

Vol. 8 features three foremost instrumentalists Ryan Kisor on trumpet, Jimmy Greene on tenor sax and Jim Pugh on trombone on the theme of the 1960’s concept of modality. “ The players assembled for a collective review of iconic pieces from that time were all attuned to the spirit of the music and familiar with the patterns and procedures best suited to it …” (Mark Gardner) Derek Taylor of All About Jazz wrote of the previous volumes of this series, “ The Danish SteepleChase imprint has long recognized the fertile dynamics of jam sessions,…Volume 5 and 6 in the continuing series offer up vernal combinations and surprises while upholding producer … Continue reading

Steve Slagle – Alto Blue (SCCD 31416)

SCCD 31416 Alto Blue / Steve Slagle Quartet This is the third alto-trumpet quartet recording Steve Slagle has made for SteepleChase and the first one with all the settings in blues. As Steve puts it, “ You know, when you get to the bare bones, what you hit is the blues …”. 1. Blues not to lose (Steve Slagle)2. Hail-Bop (Steve Slagle)3. Full moon (Dave Stryker)4. Jaco time (Steve Slagle)5. Detour ahead (Carter/Ellis/Frigo)6. Peacefully (Steve Slagle)7. Jump Monk (Charles Mingus)8. The midget (Lee Morgan) UPC/EAN: 716043141623 … Continue reading

Ronnie Cuber – N. Y. C.ats (SCCD 31394)

SCCD 31394 N. Y. C.ats / Ronnie Cuber Quintet “… Today <Ronnie Cuber> is among the few leading exponents of bop baritone and for many he remains the most exciting and listenable of the lot with his huge sound, adroit agility and harmonic awareness…His music is jaunty, robust and passionate…We do not look to Ronnie Cuber for genteel, gentle or polite back ground music. To him we turn for gut-wrenching, virile sounds that express a relish for living and a defiant optimism which take the ears by storm …” (Mark Gardner) 1. Mirage (Ronnie Cuber)2. Do Nothin' Till You Hear From Me (Duke Ellington)3. Mimosa (George Benson)4. Humacao (Ronnie Cuber)5. … Continue reading