Andrew Rathbun – Shadow Forms II (SCCD 31762)

SCCD 31762 Andrew Rathbun “Shadow Forms II” Toronto-born and NY-based saxophonist/composer Andrew Rathbun returns to studio with his core group of “Shadow Forms” (SCCD 31598, 2006) to explore further his musical concept of improvisation forming into written music. Ken Dryden of AAJ wrote on “Shadow Forms”, “This outstanding release remains fresh with each hearing, as new facets of these performances become apparent to the listener .” “ Shadow Forms is a wonderful album and, in typical Rathbun fashion…” (Budd Kopman – AAJ) 1. Long And The Short Of It (Andrew Rathbun)2. Add And Subtract (Andrew Rathbun/Scott Lee/Jeff Hirshfield)3. Harmonicalls (Scott Lee)4. Meltdown (Andrew Rathbun/Scott Lee/Jeff Hirshfield)5. Drums And Symbols (Scott … Continue reading

Skip Wilkins – Father And Son (SCCD 33102)

SCCD 33102 Skip Wilkins “Father & Son” Renowned educator, composer/pianist Skip Wilkins teamed up with his son Daniel, a new talent on tenor saxophone to present “Father & Son” album with Skip’s working trio: Scott Lee on bass and Jeff Hirshfield on drums. Tenor saxophonist, Daniel Wilkins is young artist on the New York jazz scene. Entering his Senior Year at the Manhattan School of Music, Wilkins has been studying with alto saxophonist Steve Wilson, tenor saxophonist Rich Perry, drummer John Riley, pianists Phil Markowitz and Garry Dial. He plays lead tenor in the Grammy-nominated MSM Afro-Cuban Jazz Orchestra. Skip and Daniel toured in Europe and perform regularly together in … Continue reading

Scott Lee – Leaving (SCCD 31687)

Bill Smith of JazzTimes comments on Lee’s previous release “One Thought” (SCCD.) ,” Leader and bassist Scott Lee offers simple yet thought-provoking music on the aptly titled One Thought…. Those who feel that jazz is losing its creative edge should hear this album and other basically mainstream offerings of the last few years .” 1. Taxed (Scott Lee)2. Two Ways (Scott Lee)3. Musing (Scott Lee)4. JGB (Scott Lee)5. Old Friends Talking (Scott Lee)6. Choice (Scott Lee)7. The Connection (Scott Lee)8. Leaving (Scott Lee)9. Drummersome (Scott Lee)10. What's Up (Scott Lee)11. Shamrock (Scott Lee) UPC/EAN: 716043168729 … Continue reading

Scott Lee – One Thought (SCCD 31649)

For this his leader debut album New York City’s quintessential bassist Scott Lee features two of the elite saxophonists of the younger generation: Loren Stillman and Andrew Rathbun both of whom Scott has long been collaborating with. Originally from North Carolina Scott Lee has been a major player in New York scene for two decades and has been performing with Chet Baker, Lee Konitz, Al Cohn, Anita O’Day, just to mention a few. 1. A. R. (Scott Lee)2. Thistle Dew (Scott Lee)3. One Thought For Joe (Scott Lee)4. Father's Day (Scott Lee)5. Give It A Tri (Scott Lee)6. Hymn For Aria (Scott Lee)7. The Lope (Scott Lee)8. Form And A … Continue reading

Andrew Rathbun – Shadow Forms (SCCD 31598)

1. Street Talk (Joe Lovano)2. To The Matt (Scott Lee)3. Scatter Scott (Andrew Rathbun)4. Drewsie (Scott Lee)5. Pass It In (Andrew Rathbun)6. Herbie At Sixty (Scott Lee)7. Ripple (Andrew Rathbun)8. This Fall 9/11 (Scott Lee)9. Elmo (Andrew Rathbun)10. Look Again (Scott Lee)11. Fifteen Minute Drill (Andrew Rathbun)12. Onmo (Kenny Wheeler) UPC/EAN: 716043159826 … Continue reading