Chris Byars – Music For Forever (SCCD 31743)

Following the successful tribute album to Lucky Thompson’s music “Lucky Strikes Again” Chris Byars and his 8-piece band dedicate this latest album to the music of Freddie Redd. Chris Byars notes, " Everything he has written is meaningful and has his own special perspective on beauty. I feel that this was an overdue tribute to an admirable artist, who continues to perform and write with great spirit at the age of 83 ." “ Lucky Strikes Again coaxes a huge sound out of five horns, a credit to the quality of the arrangements. They're musically expansive, getting the most out of the instruments at hand, but are also compact and … Continue reading

Chris Byars – Lucky Strikes Again (SCCD 31713)

Chris Byars-saxophone/composer/arranger in continuing his pursuit of tapping into the rich musical legacy of unsung heroes of jazz pays tribute this time to Lucky Thompson. “Chris Byars, who leads an octet through the enclosed tribute to the compositional achievements of Thompson, studied Lucky's canon with the same love and understanding that he has brought to the music of Gigi Gryce, Teddy Charles and Jimmy Cleveland…… I hoped that Lucky's spirit was hearing it too, for he had good reason to feel pride in this creative music.” (Mark Gardner – from the linernotes) 1. Theme (Lucky Thompson)2. Munsoon (Lucky Thompson)3. Old Reliable (Lucky Thompson)4. Passionately Yours (Lucky Thompson)5. Tiptop (Mark Lopeman)6. … Continue reading

Scott Wendholt, Dave Ballou, Greg Gisbert – Jam Session Vol. 5 (SCCD 31536)

“… Dave Ballou, Greg Gisbert and Scott Wendholt pooled their considerable instrumental resources to fashion the fifth session in the SteepleChase landmark series documenting where contemporary jazz and some of its most distinctive voices are at these days. The contents of this CD, its predecessors and the sets to come suggest, most emphatically, that the music and its proponents are in fine shape and good heart …”. (Mark Gardner) On previous SteepleChase Jam Session series, CD Review’s Rick Finlay wrote, “… SteepleChase’s series of jam sessions drawing together the cream of the contemporary jazz world makes a refreshing change these days. ….highly recommended .” 1. Dig (Miles Davis)2. Up jumped … Continue reading

Kevin Hays – Crossroad (SCCD 31324)

SCCD 31324 Crossroad / Kevin Hays Quintet For his third CD here, Kevin Hays leads a quintet with outstanding New York musicians. “ Kevin Hays shows on this set that he is not an overbearing leader but he exhibits a happy knack of drawing out the best from those in his company….No wonder he is rapidly making such a mark on the New York scene .” (Mark Gardner) 1. P.S. the blues (Bryant)2. Gaslight (Duke Pearson)3. Garden view (Scott Wendholt)4. Woody's call (Bryant)5. Quartet (Kevin Hays/Pat Zimmerli)6. Crossroad (Scott Wendholt)7. Nature boy (A. Eden/Ahbez)8. Softly as in a morning sunrise (Oscar Rombers/Hammerstein) UPC/EAN: 716043132423 … Continue reading