Stanley Cowell “No Illusions” (SCCD 31828)

SCCD 31828 Stanley Cowell “No Illusions” New Release, shipping June 15, 2017 Pianist/composer Stanley Cowell at age 75 is having an on-going renaissance as a performer since his retirement from Rutgers University in 2013. The group presented here is scheduled to have a three-night stint at New York City’s renowned live jazz spot Smokes in May. This is Cowell’s 15th release from SteepleChase. “…Cowell’s recording career now spans more than thirty years….an impressive consistency of purpose and the highest level of musical thought.” (Richard Cook & Brian Morton – The Penguin Guide to Jazz) STANLEY COWELL piano, thumb piano, Kyma Bruce Williams alto saxophone, flute Jay Anderson bass Billy Drummond … Continue reading

Stanley Cowell Trio – Reminiscent – (SCCD 31809)

SCCD 31809 Stanley Cowell Trio “Reminiscent” Since his retirement in 2013 from the professorship at the prestigious Rutgers University, where he led its jazz department, pianist/composer/educator Stanley Cowell has been increasingly active on the scene both in concerts and recordings. This new album with a featured program of Christmas melodies (Xmas Suite) will be introduced to the audience at New York’s Smoke Jazz & Supper Club. “…it’s a great pleasure to hear Stanley Cowell’s It’s Time: a finely crafted collection of mostly originals that is at once sophisticated, both aggressive and pensive, and simply fascinating to listen to.” (Greg Simmons – AAJ on “It’s Time” SCCD 31740) STANLEY COWELL piano, … Continue reading

Stanley Cowell – Are You Real? (SCCD 31790)

SCCD 31790 Stanley Cowell Trio “Are You Real?” Stanley Cowell during the last five decades has not only been active on the jazz scene but also devoted himself in the musical education of younger generation. Now his well-earned retirement from teaching at the Rutgers enables him to spend more time in performing and recording. The latest album, which is his 13th release on this label, Stanley Cowell presents himself as a supreme interpreter of jazz’s standard titles. “…it’s a great pleasure to hear Stanley Cowell’s It’s Time: a finely crafted collection of mostly originals that is at once sophisticated, both aggressive and pensive, and simply fascinating to listen to.” (Greg … Continue reading

Stanley Cowell – Welcome To This World (SCCD 31757)

SCCD 31757 Stanley Cowell & Vic Juris “Welcome to This New World” The decade long collaboration between pianist Stanley Cowell and guitarist Vic Juris as fellow faculty members at the renowned Rutgers-Mason Gross School of the Arts produced here a fantastic “new world” of sounds of contemporary jazz. The latest and most powerful version of sound design soft wear called KYMA in the hand of creative artists dazzles us with the unique real-time music with no after-production touch-ups but expanded horizon of improvisation. The rhythm section of the quartet is two enormously talented former students of Cowell: bassist Tom DiCarlo and drummer Chris Brown. 1. An Overseas Memory (Vic Juris)2. … Continue reading

Stanley Cowell – It’s Time (SCCD 31740)

After his active performing/recording period in the 80s and 90s Stanley Cowell has devoted his enormous talent in music education at the renowned Rutgers University in New Jersey, USA. Cowell’s previous release SCCD 31704 “Prayer For Peace” in 2010 was his first album in over a decade which evoked Mike Shanley of JazzTimes to comment, “… his phrasing, chordal voicings and use of space are impeccable….a hard-swinging trio never goes out of fashion …” Here on his new album Stanley formed a new trio with his two former students from Rutgers University to reveal that he remains a master of his material and instrument. 1. Cosmology (Stanley Cowell)2. El Space-O … Continue reading

Stanley Cowell – Prayer For Peace (SCCD 31704)

One of the greatest American jazz pianists Stanley Cowell has been more active as a dedicated educator than a recording artist in the last 10 years. Cowell now makes his recording comeback to delight us with his finest works. “ After more than a decade away from the recording studios, that fine and highly-regarded pianist/composer Stanley Cowell returns, and at the same time unveils a shining bright talent in his 20-year-old daughter Sunny, a fresh-sounding vocalist and accomplished viola player ….” (Mark Gardner – from the liner notes) 1. When Lights Are Low (Benny Carter)2. Blues For Rama (Stanley Cowell)3. Time Can Only Tell (Sunny Cowell)4. Japanese Tea House (Stanley … Continue reading

Stanley Cowell – Hear Me One (SCCD 31407)

SCCD 31407 Hear Me One / Stanley Cowell Quartet “… A supremely gifted player who bridges Bud Powell with the free movement of the 1960s …” (Penguin Guide to Jazz) “… Hear Me One reveals that Stanley Cowell’s exceptional imagination and keyboard skills are converging to produce improvised music of taste, substance, feeling and lasting value ….” (Mark Gardner) 1. Hear me one (Sunny Cowell)2. Ruby my dear (Thelonious Monk)3. Quartet (Stanley Cowell)4. Banana pudding (Stanley Cowell)5. Anthropology (CharlieParker/Dizzy Gillespie)6. Tinged (Stanley Cowell)7. Photon in a paper world (Stanley Cowell)8. Ferrell (Bruce Williams) UPC/EAN: 716043140725 … Continue reading

Stanley Cowell – Mandara Blossoms (SCCD 31386)

SCCD 31386 Mandara Blossoms / Stanley Cowell Quintet On his latest album here, Stanley Cowell integrates his music with words and introduces a new formidable talent in jazz vocal, Ms Karen Francis. “… Karen’s intonation is exceptional and she invests each piece with real feeling. She uses her well trained voice, with its enviable range, with the same skill and insight that we associate with the best instrumentalists …” (Mark Gardner) 1. A whole new world (Menken/Rice)2. Daydream (Billy Strayhorn)3. This life (Stanley Cowell)4. Equipoise (Stanley Cowell)5. I think it's time to say goodbye again (Stanley Cowell)6. Mandara blossoms (Stanley Cowell)7. Winter reflections (Stanley Cowell)8. From the rivers of our … Continue reading

Stanley Cowell – Live (SCCD 31359)

SCCD 31359 Live / Stanley Cowell Trio Pianist and composer Stanley Cowell (b. May 5, 1941 in Toledo, OH) has been a central figure in the jazz scene since the late 60s. The Stanley Cowell Trio here is his working group for several years. April, 1993, found the trio in Copenhagen, where Stanley has been a regular guest in the past three decades. “… Stanley teaches us a great deal about himself and his love and respect for, and dedication to the music every time he puts his fingers on the keyboard. That Jazz House audience knew it. And we share it with them .” (Mark Gardner) 1. Anthropology (CharlieParker/Dizzy … Continue reading

Stanley Cowell – Setup (SCCD 31349)

SCCD 31349 Setup / Stanley Cowell Sextet Pianist/composer Stanley Cowell (b. May 5, 1941 in Toledo, OH) for this latest recording chose sextet format, which displays his highly personal writing style and his tremendous talent as an arranger/bandleader. The front-line consisting of Henderson, Margitza and Griffin makes a great contribution with their performance of fire, fluency and finesse. 1. Departure (Stanley Cowell)2. Setup (Stanley Cowell)3. Varions (Stanley Cowell)4. Bright passion (Stanley Cowell)5. Bip bip bam (Stanley Cowell)6. Sendai sendoff (Stanley Cowell)7. Carnegie six (Stanley Cowell) UPC/EAN: 716043134922 … Continue reading