Andrew Rathbun “Character Study” (SCCD 31862)

SCCD 31862 Andrew Rathbun “Character Study” All About Jazz once stated, “Andrew Rathbun is an artist who takes chances with his recordings. You don’t hear any paint-by-the-numbers jazz discs from him.” This latest release proves again how accurate this statement is. Canadian-born Rathbun has established himself as one of the most compelling voices of American jazz scene today both as performer and as composer. While the composer’s socio-political awareness is manifested in the tune titles, the music which is intellectually emotional speaks louder to our consciousness. “Reedman Andrew Rathbun’s recording dates — dependably rhapsodic, songful, rational — each have plausible logic and worked-out thematic.” (Fred Bouchard – Downbeat on SCCD … Continue reading

Vic Juris – Walking On Water (SCCD 31788)

SCCD 31788 Vic Juris “Walking On Water” Vic Juris’ versatile and innovative mind finds a perfect setting for his latest album here in the relatively seldom heard guitar/trumpet quartet (without piano). Vic has been collaborating in trumpeter Tim Hagans’ Norbotten Big Band for several years to lay down the ground work for this creative album. “Vic Juris is a versatile and impressively accomplished guitarist. His playing exudes warmth, intelligence and respect for the tradition. Perhaps best of all, he seems to understand that the foregoing positives also apply to a legion of contemporary guitarists, and he looks for ways to set his work apart, in terms of sound, approach, or … Continue reading

Dave Ballou, Greg Gisbert, Tim Hagans – Jam Session Vol. 22 (SCCD 31614)

1. One Finger Snap (Herbie Hancock)2. Like Someone In Love (Jimmy Van Heusen)3. Mamacita (Joe Henderson)4. Body And Soul (Johnny Green)5. Stella By Starlight (Victor Yount)6. Angel Eyes (Matt Dennis)7. Joy Spring (Clifford Brown)8. Solar (Miles Davis) UPC/EAN: 716043161423 … Continue reading

Marc Copland, Tim Hagans – Between The Lines (SCCD 31488)

SCCD 31488 Between The Lines / Marc Copland & Tim Hagans Pianist Marc Copland and trumpeter Tim Hagans need no introduction, having been in the fore front of international jazz scene in the past two decades. In the intimate duo setting, the two great talents found in each other the perfect match to bring the unique approach and daring harmonies to the jazz repertoire. 1. Nefertiti (Wayne Shorter)2. Passing giants (Tim Hagans)3. Three in one (Thad Jones)4. I loves you Porgy (George Gershwin)5. When will the blues leave (Ornette Coleman)6. Estaté (Brunos Martino)7. On Green Dolphin Street (Bronislav Kaper)8. Rainy night house (Joni Mitchell)9. Canteloup Island (Herbie Hancick) UPC/EAN: 716043148820 … Continue reading

Ron McClure – Concrete Canyon (SCCD 31391)

SCCD 31391 Concrete Canyon / Ron McClure Quartet Bassist and composer McClure put his dream quartet on his latest recording for SteepleChase. “.. .Being in the studio with Tim Hagans, Marc Copland and Billy Hart playing this music was glorious…The excitement of spontaneous, collective improvisation with players of this level is a high with no equal. This is our art. I don’t care what they invent, nothing could ever replace this wonderful process known as jazz …” (Ron McClure) 1. All that's left (Marc Copland)2. Lock (Ron McClure)3. Deception (Ron McClure)4. Sing your song (Ron McClure)5. Nighty nite (Ron McClure)6. Sem Herbie (Ron McClure)7. Over and over again (Ron McClure)8. … Continue reading

Andy LaVerne – Serenade To Silver (SCCD 31388)

SCCD 31388 Serenade To Silver / Andy LaVerne Quintet This is the third release of Andy LaVerne’s ongoing series of tributes to jazz’s great pianists/composers. (Earlier releases: In The Mood For A Classic – dedicated to Bud Powell SCCD 31342 and to Tadd Dameron – Tadd’s Delight SCCD 31375 ) The music of Horace Silver, the major influence of the 1950s’ hard bop is put into contemporary perspective by Andy and his super bop quintet. 1. Nica's dream (Horace Silver)2. Strollin' (Horace Silver)3. Song for my father (Horace Silver)4. Summer in Central Park (Horace Silver)5. Nutville/Cape Verdean (Horace Silver)6. Silver's serenade (Horace Silver)7. Gregory is here (Horace Silver)8. Peace (Horace … Continue reading

Steve Slagle – Spread The Word (SCCD 31354)

SCCD 31354 Spread The Word / Steve Slagle Quartet “ The alto saxophonist’s quartet is pianoless. It impresses you with its clean logic and taut, substantive lines… An excellent album .”, commented JazzTimes on Steve Slagle’s debut CD ( SCCD 31323 “The Steve Slagle Quartet ”) which has also enjoyed equally enthusiastic reviews by other major jazz magazines. This is Steve’s second leader album with the same pianoless quartet which has been performing actively in New York area for several years now. 1. First strike (Dave Stryker)2. High life (Steve Slagle)3. Daydream (Billy Strayhorn)4. Easy does it (Steve Slagle)5. Spread the word (Steve Slagle)6. What could be (Steve Slagle)7. Let's … Continue reading

Steve Slagle – The Steve Slagle Quartet (SCCD 31323)

SCCD 31323 The Steve Slagle Quartet / Steve Slagle Quartet “… Slagle is an exceptionally clever and erudite improviser…Slagle’s new CD richly repays careful listening .” (Cadence) “… He’s a developed soloist, with smooth phrasing and an affinity for speed…..fine record .” (Down Beat) 1. Leadbelly sez (Steve Slagle)2. Mondo (Steve Slagle)3. Dream life (Steve Slagle)4. Sphere itself (Steve Slagle)5. Four in one (Thelonious Monk)6. Remembrance (Jim Pepper)7. Up time (Steve Slagle)8. Lonely woman (Ornette Coleman)9. Out of bounds (Dave Stryker) UPC/EAN: 716043132324 … Continue reading

Ron McClure – Sunburst (SCCD 31306)

SCCD 31306 Sunburst / Ron McClure Sextet “ McClure leads a crew of bright, fresh musicians through a program of bright, fresh compositions…The music sparkles throughout …The lines are not simple to start with, yet the sextet roars through them…This is very fine neo-bop, indeed .” (David Dupont, Cadence) 1. Sunburst (Ron McClure)2. Count your blessings (Ron McClure)3. No false idols (Conrad Herwig)4. Renegade (Ron McClure)5. Scorpitarius (Ron McClure)6. Ray Charles Ives (LeeAnn Ledgerwood)7. Her warm touch (Ron McClure)8. Flannel Tommy gun (Ron McClure)9. Shorts (Tim Hagans) UPC/EAN: 716043130627 … Continue reading